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  1. Footjoy added a nice hoodie this fall
  2. Drirelease have a softer hand, feels like lightweight cotton. The featherweight polos a real thin, poly-tech feel.
  3. “Like spokes of a wheel...” (start at different spots but get to the same place eventually) BWeir
  4. Well...who won? (had a friend playing in it)
  5. Looking for recent course condition thumbs up for a friend that I recommended him not playing the same course over n over for course management reasons. Big Run Hilldale Chalet Hills Abbey (random I know) ?
  6. It’s similarly a silly design...angled creek, but without the bunkers
  7. Doesn’t Prairie Bluff have a hole like this? Seem to remember one...(played it once, many years ago)
  8. Trying to think of the 1st club to come out with a free matching model headcover...could it be the Callaway Bobby Jones S2H2-? I can only remember the vinyl stringed together covers & the poms before then.
  9. I remember carrying (caddie) that bag when the Taylor System 2 clubs came out early/mid 90’s...just before their 1st Ti driver.
  10. Is there a thread out there for music-loving golfers that are complaining that sometimes it takes the entire Stairway to Heaven guitar solo for traditionalists to line up and hit their 3rd putt on every green?
  11. According to website, stating to expect a few holes to be closed when coming out.
  12. Scratch that TPC...looks like they may be redoing their bunkers
  13. Orchard Valley is an easy choice for staying close...in 2 hours one could get to the TPC at Deere Run
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