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  1. I carry so I like to keep the bag a little lighter. Currently have 12 in bag: Driver, 21* 7 wood, 4-PW, 52*, 58* and putter. Not a long hitter, driver is a 250 yard average. At the top end, I can't hit a 3w off deck, so tossed that out. Any forced layups I use a 3/4 driver swing. No less accurate than a 3w. At the bottom, a 3/4 58* is a 75 yard shot for me (rarely go after it with a full swing). Between that, the 52* and the 45* PW and learning 1/2 swings, I have the bottom gaps covered. Only thing I may change is to go to 50*, 54*, 58* setup to tighten gaps a little.
  2. 82 today with 40 putts. Have absolute confidence in my ball striking and none in my putting. Putting defensively. So bad.
  3. Fair enough. From my perspective looks like a reasonable distribution but I get yours too.
  4. I shot 82-78 to finish fifth in the third flight of the Denver Amateur at City Park last weekend. Good for $185, which means I got the entry fee back. Lol. That’s a really good 2 day result for me. The stupid 13th hole killed me. Doubled it on first day and tripled it the next. I finished 5 strokes back. It’s a very short par 5 so I played it thinking I had to birdie it but there’s too much trouble off tee. Next year I’ll play it differently. Thinking 7 iron, wedge, wedge.
  5. It’s 2 Saturdays a month. Not like the men’s club is occupying that much of the tee sheet.
  6. Had an incredible ball striking round today. Had 43 putts. Golf bites.
  7. My bracket is 10.9 to 12. Top bracket is +3.6 to 0.2. We play this gross so nice to have tight range.
  8. Not sure of total, but 281 have played at least once. Also, 2 tournaments a month, not every weekend.
  9. Played in men’s club event today at CGGC. Finished triple bogey, bogey to finish 4 shots off leader in a not so good player flight. Yuck.
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