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  1. Looking for a mint set of Ping Blueprint irons. 6-PW. Shafted or heads only.
  2. Looking for a mint set of DG Tour Issue X100 or S400 shafts. 4-PW.
  3. Any news on the release date for the MP22 irons?
  4. Has a release date been shared yet?
  5. I would be interested as well
  6. Pretty big news if true . He’s been in the 680’s forever.
  7. Trying to think of who all that would be... Fowler, S. Brown, Ancer, Kisner, and who else????
  8. Anyone still gaming one of these drivers? I just dug one out of my stash that I haven’t hit in YEARS! I am tempted to get this thing shafted up and give it a try. Just not sure it is worth the effort.
  9. Love your set up!!! What shafts were you playing prior to these? If PX 6.5 did you notice a huge difference in weight? I am currently in the PX 6.5 shafts and I am intrigued by going to the 105 TX, but am concerned about the weight difference throwing me off. Thanks in advance!
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