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  1. Love your set up!!! What shafts were you playing prior to these? If PX 6.5 did you notice a huge difference in weight? I am currently in the PX 6.5 shafts and I am intrigued by going to the 105 TX, but am concerned about the weight difference throwing me off. Thanks in advance!
  2. Tough to beat the V1 SIM. It’s an amazing driver. This is coming from someone who didn’t get along well with TM drivers in the past.
  3. To those of you who have been able to test/hit both, what (if any) differences did you notice between these two? Was the difference in weight extreme?
  4. I’d like to know if the black and white staff bags will be available this years as well!
  5. Following up in case I missed it... I haven’t heard of any other big names moving to Callaway? Is this not happening?
  6. Always look forward to tour pics. Hoping there is more from Wednesday (today)!
  7. I have an older Ping Anser putter that has a light head weight. For whatever reason I do not like the looks of lead tape and wanted to check with the gurus to see if there are any after market putter shafts that will increase swing weight?? Thanks in advance.
  8. To all of you shaft experts...... which steel shafts would have the same/closest profile to the: MITSUBISHI MMT 105TX & MITSUBISHI MMT 125TX Thanks in advance!
  9. Is your ranking on spin from high (Max LS) to low (TSI3)?
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