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  1. That’s actually a good looking driver!!
  2. In the recent WITB for Brooks, what is meant by “38 1/4 cut on 4i?” Is the 4-iron measured at 38 1/4” and the rest standard or 38 1/4” 4-iron and -1/2” increments down the set?
  3. I would have to say Justin Thomas’ most recent one with the new “JT” irons.
  4. Not that it would make much of a difference, but I would love to see him move to a new brand of equipment. A “fresh start” so to speak.
  5. For those of you that are and/or have fitted high swing speed players.... what is your favorite graphite shaft for utility irons? Looking at picking one up and wanted to hear preferences to try out at a fitting.
  6. Really interested in these irons due to the thin sole. Torn between these and the 0311T.
  7. Any news on the release date for the MP22 irons?
  8. Has a release date been shared yet?
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