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  1. I will be all over these if that weight port is interchangeable!!!!
  2. Looking for a mint SIM, SIM MAX, M6, or M5 3-wood (rocket or 15*). Head only or shafted preferably with an x-stiff. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a TaylorMade SIM 10.5 head or shafted with X-Stiff. Must be in mint condition. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for the responses so far. This is a tough choice!!
  5. Thanks for the review J13! Quick question: what made you go with the LST vs the Plus?
  6. Been demoing the PING G410 LST & G410 Plus. So far, I have found them forgiving and decently long. I have only been able to hit the TM SIM Indoors on a launch monitor, but the numbers are showing it as been 10-15 yards longer than the PING(s). I am a pretty good driver of the golf ball and am intrigued by the distance and lower spin of the SIM, but am concerned about forgiveness when playing courses with tighter fairways. Having not been able to hit the SIM outdoors, I wanted to check with everyone here and see what your preference was for these drivers?
  7. Did you ever test the G410 Plus? I keep hearing that the plus is just a couple hundred RPMs higher spin than the LST with a touch more forgiveness.
  8. I would like to see TM go to an every other year life cycle for their woods as well. EVERY year I contemplate purchasing TM woods, but EVERY year I go with other OEMs as I can’t get past the fact that after one season, the new TM line will come out. Just my preference.
  9. Excited to see the new TM blades. So far I am leaning towards a set of Titleist 620 or MP20.
  10. Time to clear out the office..... for sale are some great items! I am the original owner of each product. PayPal only for all items. Everything will be shipped USPS Priority with tracking number provided (CONUS). TaylorMade Spider Tour Black. Length is 33.5”. In mint condition and come with original head cover. SOLD Callaway Rogue SZ 3+ wood with Project X HZRDUS Yellow 83 (6.5). In great condition and comes with original head cover. $115 shipped. PING G400 Stretch. Shafted with PING Tour 75X. In wonderful condition and comes with original head cover. SOLD PING G30 LST Driver (head only). 9
  11. Yep, fully understood. I know I will not be a moving to low low spin set up. Thanks for the link!
  12. Looking to try an experiment. Going to try more “forgiving” driver head, but am concerned with spin (I am a mid-high spin player). What is the general consensus as to which of these two Driver heads is considered the lower in spin?? Thanks.
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