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  1. Could we see Tiger at his event in the Bahamas in 2.5 months? I would think if he is coming back that it would be by the Masters. No golf attempt in 2018 would basically indicate the official end although he would still only be 42 turning 43. So who knows, maybe he gives it a legit go in 2019 at 43.
  2. everyone is making it sound like a felony to be out at 3am...is it really that unusual for a 41 year old single celebrity billionaire to occasionally or even randomly be out at this hour? really? He owns a restaurant nearby, has a yacht nearby, has a family nearby, presumably has social contacts many or some who may be attractive women. There are many reasons he may have been out, especially for a guy who is a known insomniac. Sure its probably not something you want to do often but after further thought i don't think this is that unusual.
  3. Remember, Golf Channel is the giant it is, because of him. Prior to Tiger, it was non stop infomercials and Peter Kessler whispering and waxing poetic about the Masters in the 1960's. and since tiger's decline the golf channel would be off the air if it wasn't for the NBC deal. no way it could ever sustain itself financially covering todays tour, it needed a super hero, had one then lost it.
  4. so many questions.....what was he doing? he was driving south of his home by quite a ways. who was he with? who are his friends in palm beach? most of the tour lives there and none of them hang with him socially or ever have any clue what he's up to beyond casual round at medalist. Does he have a ton of hot young girls in his life? Best case story for him is there was a gathering at his restaurant and he was tired and on his prescribed pain meds. But driving miles south of his place? He looked trashed but I understood he doesn't even drink. Would love to know the answer to any of these
  5. That resort in southern Sicily is literally a stones throw from lawless Isis infested Tripoli, Libya. Doubt the masses are going to flock to that location to watch a European Tour golf event.
  6. looks like another "current state of the pga tour?" thread. Strap in for this weekends battle between Ben An, Peter Malnati, Willy WIlcox and Cameron Triangle. Sponsors, media and sports fans must be salivating. Then on to the next one. We are all golf fanatics and will watch and play regardless but the game as a highly marketable product to sports fans is struggling. Many sponsors are locked into multi year to long term deals but when and as they come up this will and has been an issue that will only get worse. We are just now entering the true reality of a post tiger era while also real
  7. Parity is when rory, day, spieth, thomas dont win or even contend for many weeks because their 68 isnt as good as 10 other guys 66. Thats not the case, these guys disappear and dont even contend or even miss cuts. What we have today is not parity. Parity would be incredible to see, if all these talents were even semi consistent and rory didnt win for 10 months because his 67 wasnt as good as say Adam Hadwin or Hudson Swaffords 65. We are not seeing that. None of the top guys can claim they lost the players because of parity, they lost because they could barely break par.
  8. i'm sure the sponsors were thrilled with that entire presentation, you could hear the remaining tv's that were still on being shut off.
  9. In my opinion the tour is struggling and sponsors must be concerned. Interest is at an all time low, the so called once marketed young guns are erratic and streaky at their best, the world #1 is falling down stairs at the masters, rory cant stay healthy or putt, Jason Day is nowhere etc etc etc. Look at the top 10 from the players which has the best field in golf. hmmmm 1 Si Woo Kim -10 View WITB T2 Ian Poulter -7 T2 Louis Oosthuizen -7 View WITB T4 Rafa Cabrera Bello -6 View WIT
  10. this 110%. most bizarre press conference i ever heard from a guy in position to win a big event. Was basically telling us when i dont win sunday it's no big deal, im still a multi millionaire with a great life and i go on to next event. I was blown away by what he said
  11. TPC is basically a public course that offers membership for i think 2k annually. For this you get preferred tee times, i think you only pay $30 a round (great when its $100+ in winter) and unlimited practice, maybe a locker. They have tournaments and so forth, some decent players and good guys hang around there. It does get crowded weekends as it is a public course. Great range, putting green and chipping areas. In 2k range it might be an option, not sure what else is in that range honestly.
  12. the floodgates never open, the analysts always think so but it never happens. With Sergio's shaky putting i'm really surprised he won the Masters but thrilled nonetheless. At 37 I could see Sergio easily winning another major or 2. One of the all time great ball strikers who never messed with his swing, never bulked up with weights and has rare natural talents. Was always a fan.
  13. Call in's should be outlawed or illegal, its not fair to the entire field as only a handful are shown in detail on tv. Who knows what all the other players did along the way? So they get a free ride? Its absolutely ridiculous, im sure that kind of thing happens all the time and is not noticed nor intententional. Who are these psycopaths calling in? Just really bad scene, make call ins illegal or ignore them.
  14. There is some really good public golf in suffolk especially compared to Nassau which is basically a jammed pack Eisenhower or Bethpage 5-6 hr round where unlimited patience is paramount. Willow Creek, Spring Lake, Middle Island, Pine Ridge, Swan Lake all very good. R u guys playing already up there?
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