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  1. Not going to lie. Lold when I read the title. My buddy and I say that all the time
  2. TXG reviewed them the other day. Ian was under the impression there are only like a dozen out there. I believe they are more fade biased, tolerances, 450cc and shape is different. Could be wrong about fade bias but I thought the previous gen ones were.
  3. Those Arnold Palmer polos look nice, is Rivers Edge the logo on them or just the "model"?
  4. I'm pretty sure they weren't . I think chromoly got introduced in the 919 series. 900 series would be earliest. 64's were basically a muscleback. Had that diamond muscle or something. 64's are great clubs ha
  5. Curious what model miuras you ordered and how you like them compared to Mizuno. Only company I'd switch to other than Mizuno
  6. Just trying to offload some failed experiments and older equipment. Not looking for any trades other than an AD-DI 6x/7x with a Taylormade tip to play 45". Any questions feel free to ask. Everything is OBO, shipped and only within the Continental US. Ping G400 LST 10*(was told its actually 10.4) with Tour 65x shaft and Tour Velvet Grip - Bought it through the WTB, just didn't work out like I'd hope. Plays 44 7/8. Shaft is basically perfect and there is small ding in the turbolator(see pic). Grip feels like a 8/10 to me and normally I hate tour velvet but it still has some tack to it. S
  7. I have these. SUPER comfortable. Like pillows on your feet and actually a good performing shoe. GLWS. almost want another pair. But I wear 11
  8. I use the T7 46 and it's 6* and I have zero issues getting through the turf and I would consider myself steep. The PW for T7/T20 look to have the same sole. I'd make an offer but I already have an extra T7 47 laying around to use when my 46 gets worn out. GLWS
  9. Great towel and I have that tensei in my 3i, good shaft. GLWS
  10. Are you able to post better pictures? Just sort of hard to tell conditions of everything and what is what
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