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  1. For anyone that doesn't know, that Ping tour shaft is essentially a replica of the Elements shaft. Very good and underrated shaft.
  2. Curious for offers 4-pw. Mizuno standard if possible
  3. How is he swinging stiff shafts with 130 club head speed haha. If this was 8.0 I'd know someone who'd buy this immediately.
  4. Watcha got in the bag now? I saw you unloaded some t100 last week. Back at Erie as well? I hit the zx7 yesterday with x100. Felt pretty good. Standup guy whoever decides to pull the trigger on these
  5. Up for sale is a good condition Bushnell Tour X rangefinder. Comes with all accessories (at least I think they are there, if not, let me know). A little scuff on the slope attachment. Non slope looks basically brand new. Battery gauge is showing full. Carrying case shows it's age but still functional. Comes with the box(a little beat). Sold(thanks!) shipped or best offer. Not looking for trades.
  6. Sounds kind of redundant but what type of weather would you say the TM is for?
  7. Not going to lie. Lold when I read the title. My buddy and I say that all the time
  8. TXG reviewed them the other day. Ian was under the impression there are only like a dozen out there. I believe they are more fade biased, tolerances, 450cc and shape is different. Could be wrong about fade bias but I thought the previous gen ones were.
  9. Those Arnold Palmer polos look nice, is Rivers Edge the logo on them or just the "model"?
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