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  1. I have a Sub Zero and love it. That said, it is the least forgiving of the heads you mentioned. I love it because toe and heel strikes are noticeably poorer than hitting it in/near the sweet spot. It has improved my game by forcing me to improve where on the face I hit the ball. If you want a club that forces you to learn face control, the Sub Zero is your choice. If you want something more forgiving, the Mavrik would be your best bet out of the three. A Mavrik Max or Epic Max may be better choices if forgiveness is a high priority. Good luck with your search.
  2. Harris English was as guilty as Bryson as far as being put on the clock. There were multiple conversations with his caddie and many looks at shots before lined up and fired. I understand much is at stake, but there has to be a reasonable standard.
  3. Up until last week I was playing Taylormade r7 irons and Burner 07 fairway woods. Replaced by Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver, regular Mavrik 5w and 7w, and regular Mavrik irons 5-AW. I had to keep my Vokey 2008 wedge (50 degrees) and r7xD sand wedge (54 degrees.) May be adding a 58 wedge as the last club.
  4. Just tried the MTB Black for the first time today. Love the feel of them off the putter, and it soared off the driver. Irons were great too. Good spin on the greens. I didn't think they would replace the TaylorMade Tour Response, but I think they will.
  5. I did a driver fitting at a local, independent golf shop for $75 2 days ago. I left with a Mavrik Sub Zero head, Hzrdus Smoke shaft, headcover, and adjustment tool for just over $400 after tax. I empathize with your pain, but also feel vindicated for not allowing Club Champion, Golftec, or Golf Galaxy to fit me.
  6. I must be a different type of unicorn, because I have to hit hybrids like I hit a fairway wood or I will hook them off the planet. I use the advice given in this video at the 1:30 mark. YMMV
  7. Condolences, Monte for you and your family.
  8. don28

    Austrian Open

    That bunker looks really good right now. Ugh, I feel for Kieffer.
  9. don28

    Austrian Open

    Catlin starting to like that bunker.
  10. don28

    Austrian Open

    I thought he was a dead man walking. That shot was top notch, and they play the hole for a 5th time.
  11. don28

    Austrian Open

    Catlin just gave this away on the 4th hole. At least it looks that way.
  12. don28

    Austrian Open

    John Catlin going for a third win in the last year. Wondering if he'll be playing stateside soon?
  13. That is a good point. The brick and mortar i was at yesterday has a 90-day guarantee on iron sets purchased at their stores. So, I will buy from them instead of via the web.
  14. The club pro responded that they only match prices from Golf Galaxy, which happens to have the same price as the MSRP. The plot thickens after today's events, however. I went to a brick and mortar national golf store today. I was able to hit 2 other irons that were last year's models. I hit one the same quality as the demo day clubs, and the other brand was close but a clear runner up. The price difference would be about $500 if I got what I hit today. What I have learned from this experience is that one year model may make a significant difference in price, but not necessarily in quality or performance. I can put together a new bag for almost 40% less money with models a year or two older, and not sacrifice very much if anything. I would give the club pro business in the form of lessons. I only met him at the demo, and he's a good guy. I just can't justify paying 40% more for equipment that will perform the same way as previous year's models. Hopefully getting lessons with him would ease any sting that not spending over $2000 on new clubs may cause.
  15. That's a big reason why I was thinking that if standard is what I'm going to get, then I can get that for $200 less since lie and length were never confirmed. I'm 5'9", 194 lbs, athletic build. Arms wingspan about equal to height.
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