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  1. I like the looks of that slant neck WS.
  2. G425's didn't hit the conforming list until late August. Could still see something in February.
  3. These look exactly like the ones GP is selling. The ones on the P770's are below. They (P770 grips) feel better to me. Also prefer their look.
  4. I got a couple of the Z Grip Plus 2's today. Was going to put them on my wedges to test but, I don't know. The texture seems different than those on the P770's; a little softer and not as tacky. I also really prefer the grey/black of the P770's vs. the white/black of the ones GP offers. I may see if I can get some TM ones and install them logo side down.
  5. Looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be revealed before the spring so I can decide between it and Srixon ZX's.
  6. I'm still partial to the look of the ZX7's.
  7. I liked it but nothing about it stood out. The Zipcore's are much more impressive. That said, I grabbed a couple of Glide Forged on the cheap and am kicking myself for not going with them sooner. They are so good.
  8. There is no con to my 4 hybrid, or my 5 hybrid for that matter. I'll never use an iron longer than a 6 again.
  9. Looks and performs great, especially on longer putts. Doesn't affect feel at all.
  10. As much as I would like a matching AW, the 785 looks sweet. I'm sure the ZX7 will as well.
  11. I just noticed that he didn't cover Tiger's first round at the ZoZo. I would be surprised if Golf Channel shut it down without some kind of sign off.
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