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  1. The Jordan ADG 3 was/is awesome. Any plans for a Jordan ADG 4? I know they are releasing a Jordan IV shoe, but I'm more interested in the evolution of the ADG.
  2. I'll be interested in what comes after G430, as I don't believe Ping has ever gone to xx35.
  3. Taking a shot in the dark and wondering if anyone can compare them to the W/S Staff Model CB.
  4. Would you mind posting some more pics? Maybe a better address pic framing the ball? Thanks.
  5. This 17th is brutal. Wtf was Lowry doing? What a waste.
  6. I’ll say, I was wrong about the US team. I thought they would get shellacked.
  7. I mean...are they just going to keep making tons of PLD's they never release?
  8. Same. I’ll take closer to my target over distance.
  9. Likely the former, none of the latter.
  10. BD has done plenty to deserve criticism, and I'm not a fan of his behavior at times, but what's worse is the throngs of people who hide behind their keyboards or taunt from behind the ropes as he walks by (Nothing about the Bryson DeChambeau experience is easy these days (espn.com)). None of whom would dare say anything if they were face to face with the man.
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