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  1. As a B60 loyalist, this is all I want as well.
  2. As along time Z-Star fan, the crack is whack. It bothers me to look at it, but it has never affected performance. And with Srixon's twice annual BOGO, you're getting these for $20/dozen. Nothing else comes close, crack or not.
  3. Japanese site also has a Z-Star Diamond. https://sports.dunlop.co.jp/golf/srixon/zstar2021/diamond/
  4. Definitely clean. Love the fairway, irons, and wedges.
  5. I have to say, G425 driver did sound...unappealing to me. The winter has done nothing for my swing, so it was not the best test, but the sound was noticeable. I do like the look of the driver, much better than the crown of the G410. My favorite of the line was the fairway. I don't miss the turbulators on it at all. As a fan of shallow face fw's, these will get serious consideration from me.
  6. You've got two and a half months on me.
  7. He's been spotted testing the Srixon ball as well. I hit the ZX7's today. 'Wow' comes to mind. They are great.
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