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  1. TLDR, but, While Azinger is terrible, no one is more insufferable than Gary Koch. His incessant ‘every sentence is said in a chuckle/laugh’ is like nails on a chalk board.
  2. The original Rapture was the best feeling/sounding driver I’ve ever hit, but it was not forgiving at all. It would be nice to see Ping incorporate that feel and sound into a current model.
  3. Toulon was smart to sell out to Odyssey when he did.
  4. I am far from a premiere ball striker, and when I hit the iBlades, I found them surprisingly easy to hit and forgiving.
  5. THIS is THE strength of this forum: Someone following Andy Sullivan on Twitter, so I don’t have to.
  6. I was rooting for Phil and Brooks sounds like sour grapes, but what happened on 18 was ridiculous. The crowd control was was b.s. Never should be allowed to happen like that.
  7. Phil looks like he's laboring over every shot.
  8. 6i is my longest iron, so I'm excited about these. Have I mentioned I hope there's a matching UW?
  9. Their stock has left something to be desired. But their special head covers are the best, bar none. I have the Mr. Ping blade in black/multicolor and this year’s Masters release. Fits like a glove.
  10. I’ll be bummed if there is no 58.08. That is my sweet spot and love the current Glide Forged 58.08.
  11. The Glide Forged are as underrated as they come. Looking forward to seeing these in person.
  12. IF this is true, then make a matching UW and take my $$$.
  13. I could see my self with 6-PW. I knew a UW was too much to hope for.
  14. I'm looking forward to Bubba putting these in the bag...then going back to his S55's the following week.
  15. Hope so. I usually get at least a couple dozen.
  16. Couldn’t agree more. IMO, there’s never been a better Anser style putter. I’ve owned three or four 9306’s and am down to one. They have varied slightly in milling and feel and the one I have left is the sweetest of them all. Basically irreplaceable. I lead taped the sole to my liking and have one of his newer Pure grips on it. A little blemish from a lie angle mishap (lost sleep over it) but still mint. I don’t use it much but would never sell it.
  17. I would love for these to be solid and to have a matching gap wedge.
  18. The Z-Star's are my pick. And come Father's day, they'll be BOGO. For $20/dozen, there is nothing better.
  19. OG Maxfli Rev 90. I was a Freddy guy back in the day, so I played it along with an original Kevin Burns 9303. Nothing has ever felt better. Runner up would be the TM Lethal.
  20. They still offer multiple stock grinds and more custom grinds than any other manufacturer. Re: shapes, not sure what you're talking about. Their lines carry over and the shapes differ from one to the next, so they technically offer that as well. Outside of the GolfWRX crowd, no one is clamoring for Eye2 re-releases.
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