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  1. Yes, and congrats to him. When he’s on, he’s got game. However... the tools on Golf Central just now (Chief tool Chamblee, plus supporting tools Diaz and Rolfing) went off the deep end tonight, comparing him to Tiger, Hogan, and Palmer. I mean, come on.
  2. Interesting tidbits from that story: The experts found it puzzling that Villanueva had determined it to be an accident already without having examined the vehicle’s “black box” computer, which could reveal his steering, braking or acceleration actions prior to impact. Villanueva said Wednesday that information had not been pulled yet. Regarding an examination of Woods’ blood to see if he was medicated, Villanueva said Wednesday the hospital might have that information. “We’ll assume that in the course of the treatment they draw blood and they have to do that obviously b
  3. Could have sworn I heard Jake on Thursday or Friday calling it on GC. I know everyone seems to love Bones McKay as an on-course commentator but John Wood surpassed him first time out and is already the best in that department. A great addition. I quite like watching the pros play this course. Seeing them having to hit out of palmetto bushes after errant drives, and trying to go for the flag on 13 and not only failing, but then being baffled by trying to get on the green from over the back is very entertaining.
  4. Any talk of playing and competing again is totally premature. There are certain realities that need to be dealt with first. Right now he is laying in a hospital bed in Cedars-Sinai with an open leg wound and multiple broken bones along with other indeterminate damage. Let's all get a grip and let him heal, assuming that can happen.
  5. I guess the Genesis must have been shod with Michelins.
  6. Some additional background on yesterday via Geoff Shackelford: https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2021/2/25/tiger-woods-catastrophic-crash-in-los-angeles-has-cast-a-spotlight-on-a-low-budget-documentary-series-that-featured-golfs-biggest-star
  7. One of the dumber stories I've seen on the subject. It seems highly unlikely that Tiger is even capable of grasping what the challenges ahead may be, since the doctors themselves don't know. One suspects the source close to Tiger was Steiney, who doesn't want his meal ticket to retire.
  8. The other thing to keep in mind is what one of the doctors in one of those Youtube videos upstream mentioned. The surgery yesterday dealt with only the most serious and obvious injuries. But given the impact, all parts of his body took a hit. He has has a number of previous knee procedures and the energy that did such damage to his lower leg transferred up to the knees and possibly even his hips. Knee damage could be possible, maybe even likely. His upper body was restrained by the shoulder belt but there could be shoulder/arm damage and his neck likely was whipped around as well. Then of cour
  9. Thanks to the mods for stepping in and hopefully cleaning up some of the trash. Any talk of a return to golf at this point is very premature. Not only are the leg and ankle injuries severe, but keep in mind that the impact itself may have caused other issues that are as yet unknown. Before the details came out, I found myself wondering how such a jolt might have affected his recently-repaired back, for instance. Seems likely that we will not be seeing him at a golf course for quite a while without crutches or a chair. Wishing him all the best for recovery to let him live a normal l
  10. If you listened to one of the officials after the press started peppering them with questions about why they sent him to UCLA-Harbor instead of the closest hospital - questions that began to sound like they were trying to create a story for themselves - they were very clear on that point. He was breathing on his own, was awake and lucid, and their examination did not indicate anything life-threatening that would mean he needed immediate emergency care to save his life. But he was in a situation that injured him in such a way that he needed the services of a trauma center with things like advan
  11. At this stage (10 hours after the incident) there is still a vacuum of information leading to all sorts of speculation - not just about the cause of the accident, which will likely be weeks into the future, but more immediately, about Tiger's status. What were his injuries? Is he out of surgery? Will he need more surgeries? How long will he likely be in hospital? What is the prognosis? All sorts of more immediate questions like that. I imagine Steiney and his team are having a very bad day, but at some point they will need to make a statement beyond their typical non-statement.
  12. From watching the coverage and news conference the most mystifying point for me is that there were no skid marks on the road and no suggestion of hard braking being used. I believe the vehicle computer data will be able to provide those parameters along with many others though.
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