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  1. The only thing he dominates is the mind space he rents in the heads of his rabid fan base.
  2. That was before the numerous back surgeries/fusions and knee procedures. You might as well put a statue of him on the tee.
  3. Mere annoyances compared to what even he admits was a possible amputation of the leg. But sure, maybe he can can master a 1-legged swing with his fused back (which he admits is hurting still) and hit it 350.
  4. What he did in the past is totally irrelevant after the February crash. He is cooked like last week's turkey.
  5. That is what this thread has always been about since the day it was started. Just not in the way you are assuming.
  6. We don't know if that even is Woods. We don't know when that video was made. It could be from 2 years ago. Or it could be all CGI. Regardless, it doesn't look like someone who is a threat to anyone on Tour. As you were.
  7. When it comes to female golf broadcasters, there is Judy Rankin at the top of the list, and the likes of Paige Mackenzie at the opposite end.
  8. Remember that moving the GC to Stamford was totally a cost-saving/liquidation of assets move for NBC/U. The Orlando studios were deemed redundant and a few hundred personnel were cut loose. Now the GC production comes out of a single studio in the big NBC Sports Stamford facility using NBC people behind the scenes. As for GC not being affected by the moves mentioned, that overlooks their loss of early-round NBC major coverage. Without that, it makes very little sense for GC to do a "Live From" production from those venues either, so it seems likely that will be going away too. But don't give up hope! They are hiring a 2IC for Molly Solomon. Shape the future of GC broadcasts! https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2790637505/?eBP=NotAvailableFromMidTier&refId=wUa27eupgdUG8mPwzDdOAA%3D%3D&trackingId=wUa27eupgdUG8mPwzDdOAA%3D%3D Now whether this is a replacement for Mike McCarley, or Geoff Russell (Molly's husband BTW), or something else entirely, who knows. With the end of the Tiger era though, it sounds like you would be producing much smaller, lower-budget shows.
  9. Shortly after they started having programming coming out of Stamford near the beginning of the year, somebody took viewers on a tour of the NBC facility there. It is a giant former Clairol factory converted to TV production facility so it has all the charm you might expect of such a place. GC was at that point sharing a studio space with Football Night in America but was expected to get its own space later on. Don't know if that ever happened. Maybe all the former GC people that were in Orlando and did not make the move north turned out to be the lucky ones after all.
  10. Holy NBC Golf circa 1985! Is Charlie Jones coming back from the dead too?
  11. This is an excellent analogy. Many cable channels become far different from what they started out being. My favorite example is TLC, whose initials stand for the original name, "The Learning Channel". Believe it or not at one time they actually had programming on there that was of a light but somewhat educational nature. Now of course it is the epitome of TV junk food, the worst of the worst in terms of programming, but there is still a lowest-common-denominator market that laps it up. I can see Comcast/NBC at some point down the road wiping the slate clean of all golf-related programming and having GC stand for "Gentleman's Channel" with soft porn, UFC and other things of that nature that would appeal to a certain group here.
  12. No question he was well off-center in terms of his attitude. I have read some very odd accounts about how he claimed friendships and associations with some of the major figures in golf where those did not exist; about how he was a loose cannon internally at GC, to the point where near the end they kept Brian Hammons on-call in an adjacent room so he could take over from Kessler during the live telecasts he did in case he needed to be pulled off the air; and in Keith Hirshland's book about the early days of the Golf Channel, how Kessler left his marijuana roaches scattered in his wake. He became so bad a few years ago on Twitter and in some of his homemade videos I had to stop following him. It is sad.
  13. Yes, you seem to have missed that part. GC is losing the early-round major coverage they have presented of the events NBC carries. You last sentence is the only old news here.
  14. Announced yesterday, in Golf Digest's morning digest today. I had no idea you were so cutting-edge as to declare something like that "old". Your brain must be spinning fast.
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