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  1. I know they used to pull one in the correct size from a member's locker for the ceremony. Jack Nicklaus was given the jacket of former NY governor and presidential candidate Tom Dewey when he won in the '60s and that jacket stayed with him until the 1990s, apparently. https://nypost.com/2020/04/05/inside-story-of-masters-winners-favorite-green-jacket-moments/
  2. Maybe in addition to legends under the poster name like "Members", "Advanced Members", "ClubWRX", etc., the board admins could add one like "Dunderhead" or similar to refer to certain kinds of posters...
  3. Likely many of the same ones who slobber all over Tiger when he finishes -1, 19 strokes behind.
  4. I didn't see you complaining about a camera operator. I saw you complaining about one of the legends of broadcasting. He is still better than most, as the saying goes, including the guy who said that line. They can't leave the seat empty. You want someone saccharine like IBF to do that hole too? This isn't an easy job. Verne will know when it's time to leave. I'll take his judgment on that point over yours all day long.
  5. Well, if medical science perfects the back transplant I suppose that could happen. Otherwise, no. He might be able to win his own event or things like the Zozo with weak fields but that's about all. Look on the bright side though, it's just a few years until he can dominate the Champions tour.
  6. Nah, he's done. But nobody grinds to make a cut or shoot under par like he does.
  7. Thank you for your expert opinion. This is the only event he does all year as he is not on the CBS staff after retiring from that a few years ago. He has several iconic calls on his resume, not sure about yours though. Would you prefer DLIII? Luke Elvy?
  8. Glad to see DJ cruising to the win. Watching today, I wonder how young Mr. Im isn't always on the first page of every leaderboard. It would be nice if he got a charisma transplant though. On a slightly different topic, I do not like the constant changing of the title of the discussion on here. Please just leave it alone.
  9. I thought he already was a member, but maybe he was seen there as a guest.
  10. JT in the drink at 15. He hasn't played nearly as well as I expected today.
  11. But since they couldn't attend The Masters, now a bunch of them are posting here...
  12. You're wrong. The exact quote was "They don't cut the greens here at Augusta. they use bikini wax".
  13. That's when I'm grateful they are not in attendance.
  14. First of all, it's Nantz, not Nance. At least get the guy's name right if you're going to take shots at him to make your opinion have any merit at all. Secondly it may have escaped you that Miller was an analyst, not a host and main anchor. The requirements of the job are very different. Jim Nantz is the best at what he does, directing traffic, keeping the broadcast moving, and being the ultimate professional. Just imagine a broadcast with Miller and Feherty anchoring on 18.
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