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  1. Well, they cut Breed loose because he didn't want to be part of Revolution Golf when GC bought that operation a few years ago. I wonder how well that's working out for GC now. But your comment raises the question of how GC will actually produce any instruction shows now, assuming they decide to try doing that at all. The old setup in Orlando had both an in-studio teaching set with lots of toys and of course the ability to drive the mobile unit down a few blocks to get on an actual outdoor facility 12 months a year. Good luck doing that in Stamford right now. I suspect the amount of instruction
  2. I'm surprised Notah's own back hasn't blown out by now given how much water he's been carrying for Tiger for lo these many years.
  3. Yeah, I noticed she attacked Alan Shipnuck of Golf Magazine/golf.com on there for some reason last week when she apparently misunderstood or misinterpreted something he posted. I couldn't even begin to figure it all out but Alan is usually pretty measured in what he posts. She doesn't seem to be in a good place right now.
  4. They have long been an extension of his PR people, so take that with a large grain of salt.
  5. I didn't watch the show much because I found his trying-too-hard-to-be-funny persona quite off-putting, right from the opening titles to the various desk or audience segments in-between the interview pieces. Which is a shame, because his interviews were often quite good. The difference being, I think, that the set pieces were either him or someone who wrote for him trying to be funny, whereas what came across in the interviews was his natural wit.
  6. Oh no, I read it and quite enjoyed it, since it wasn't the typical fawning sort of piece that was the norm for anything to do with Tiger up to then (aside from Haney's book, which was pretty tame by comparison). It sounds like you may not know that the HBO documentary is based on the Benedict/Keteyan book, and that they are executive producers of it.
  7. Hogan and Woods are really not comparable. Although both had childhood traumas that caused them to be the way they were as adults. Ben did not typically try to promote himself as a good guy while being a SOB the way Woods did in his prime years, and did not live a personal life totally at odds with his public image. As for the fans, what can I say? The Tiger worshipers are a special breed of fanatic. Which rhymes with lunatic (well not really, but you get the point).
  8. This gets to something I was thinking about reading the thread. I'm old, in my mid-60s. But the F-bomb was always the Word That Shall Not Be Said in terms of polite normal discourse. It was indeed a bombshell. Now it seems it is the F-word that *can* be said without much consequence. But in thinking about the other F-word that got JT into trouble, and the N-word, the R-word, and whatever other epithets that are now deemed offensive and can no longer be said, something occurred to me. I was born in the 1950s, grew up in the '60s and '70s. I never say those other words. Like, never ever, and nev
  9. We're never going to agree on this. Looking at Tiger from an overall perspective, he needed redemption on many levels. Even when he was performing at his peak, while all his fellow tour pros were in awe of his game, many did not like him simply because of his behavior both on and off the course. That killer instinct Earl instilled in him made him treat people poorly and behave in an obnoxious manner. It was totally opposite to the image his handlers and golf media cultivated. That now seems to have been tempered, thankfully. As for the concept that his personal life off
  10. Justin is not good but the sad thing is that he is still better than people like Azinger and IBF. And don't get me started on Paige MacKenzie. One of the big mysteries for me is who thought that putting Jaime Diaz on the anchor desk for Golf Central was a good idea? I think he is a fine writer, but he has almost zero skills delivering a script. It is a golf news show. You need pros to deliver it.
  11. A great opportunity for Ashworth to make a comeback with their oversized 100% cotton jersey knit shirts made famous by Fred Couples in the '90s. It's all about retro after all.
  12. I would disagree. He hit rock bottom in 2017 with the DUI thanks to his use of tranquilizers and sleep aids, so it had to be all uphill from there. In 2018 he found a way to get around the golf course again and won a silly season event near the end of the year, which caused much cheering from his worshippers, but most recognized it for what it was. It wasn't until he won the Masters in April 2019 that the new Tiger was embraced widely as a changed person and that's when the redemption chatter really took life. I don't buy all of that and suspect a lot of it was carefully crafted by Steiny &
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