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  1. I remember Bob Goalby being a foot soldier for NBC on their 1980s broadcasts. Always seemed like a very easygoing fellow.
  2. I am of the opinion that 95% of episodic TV (and about the same for what gets created for streaming services) is utter crap. It seems almost no writers, producers, showrunners or others responsible for what hits air are clever anymore. The same now holds true for feature films. Just recycling the same sci-fi fantasy, medieval warfare, wizards, monsters, superheroes, and similar crap. Throw in a large dose of CGI effects and you have a hit series. But it's virtually all garbage.
  3. The on-camera people like Roberts and Lerner just do what they are told by their producers, many of whom seem to like these emotional, heart-tugging features. The leading exponent of this sort of thing in recent years has been Tom Rinaldi, whom I find absolutely intolerable. Luckily, with him now at Fox, I see less of him than I did when he was with ESPN.
  4. Tiger throwing in with a bunch of high-finance sharpies in a health and wellness venture? Will we soon be seeing his mug on wall to wall commercials for the next Noom? Good luck with that.
  5. I mentioned the lack of chemistry and energy from Roberts when he was hosting Golf Central last week as well. My sense (this is all speculation) is that the cost-cutting execs at Comcast/NBC decided to give him a choice of an exit package like the other 400 poor souls who worked at GC in Orlando had to take, or to do this fill-in role at the Stamford HQ. He is ill-suited for the role, but took it.
  6. Mixed feelings over Ginella's podcast. He talked to a lot of people and included them in the piece, so that was good. But at over 2 hours it is a slog. It really would have benefited from some sharp editing by a producer. I don't think we needed the doctor's POV on the disease in general for example. I kept waiting for the music at the end to fade out but it never did. Really mixed feelings about hearing the private conversations he recorded between Tim and his friends too, where you could hear how the disease affected his ability to think and speak. That was a bit close to the bone.
  7. Because there is nothing of particular interest to watch on TV right now I am watching Golf Central for the first time in ages. It is utterly dead-feeling. Granted, there is not much going on given it is the eve of the Sony Open, but Jimmy Roberts is ill-suited to the role of host, his interviewing skills seem to have disappeared, and the presentation is not good. No energy at all.
  8. The story from the Palm Beach Post linked above told me some things I did not know, like how the disease first manifested itself at the US Open in 2019 and him being taken off the air as a result, and the connection to the Nantz Alzheimer's Center and their diagnosis. His disease really must have been aggressive. I first remembered seeing him on Golf Channel in the early days of its existence. In fact one of the things that came to mind when I read this news yesterday was him being on Viewers Forum with Kessler one time - probably around 2000 or 2001 - and the two of them having a very awkward moment when Kessler started bloviating about always submitting every score for his handicap and Rosie called him out, saying something to the effect that there were casual rounds where that did not happen, and Kessler took such offense that they had to go to commercial. When they came back things had settled down. Tim was always a credible and professional presence on that channel and for a long time was one of its mainstays. In watching the tribute piece they did on him yesterday they included clips from years back and it really brought home how the channel has regressed when they showed shots of him working with others who are no longer part of GC in the departed Orlando studio newsroom and on the anchor desk. RIP Mr. Rosaforte.
  9. In that case, it’s a good thing neither one of them calls golf. No worries about my interpreting anything from you as an attack or creating enemies, etc., and hopefully vice-versa. It’s all in good fun.
  10. Who is this “John Rahm” guy Sandsie was talking about? I wonder if he is related to the #1 player in the world, whose first name is Jon, coincidentally.
  11. At the end of the day we need to press the reset button and reinvent how we meet client needs.
  12. Too late! It pains me to do this, but Stephen A. works for ESPN, not Fox where your pal Joe B. is employed. Who knew this stuff was so hard?
  13. Not since Fox gave up the rights to broadcast it a few years ago. Try to keep up and maybe watch it sometime. It's on NBC. Last year's was pretty good.
  14. I don't even know why I'm even bothering to correct you but here goes. Joe Buck has never, ever worked for ESPN. He works for Fox. Fox gave up the US Open broadcast rights a few years ago and no longer covers golf at all. The rights went to NBC. Buck does not work there either. Nice to know that you have such deep knowledge of Joe Buck though. I'm sure you must be right. Fox is paying him millions a year because he is the son of Jack Buck. Who never worked at Fox either. Yeah, that must be the reason. And Notah is working at GC not because he was Tiger's college buddy and needed a job. Clearly he got that position totally on his own talents. Riight.
  15. This lot ^^^ still complaining about something from 6 years ago.
  16. His look is why I cannot root for him. Clearly some deep mental flaws there.
  17. I find it astounding that at least a couple of geniuses posting here think Begay does the same job as Jim Nantz and Joe Buck, who doesn’t even call golf. Criminy…
  18. Not a fan. He doesn't ever seem to add much, always seems on the verge of being lost for words, sort of the anti-Bones MacKay. Neither is ideal.
  19. Yeah, I like Rolf as well. He's been doing this job for a very long time and has always been good at it. Some may recall that he even got pirated away from NBC for a while by a good offer from ABC beck when they still carried golf. I know its fashionable on here to hate on anyone calling golf on TV but Rolf is a good guy.
  20. I wonder what Rich Lerner did wrong to have to stay slogging through the slush in Stamford while Steve Sands gets sent to Hawaii. It's this time of year when the old GC hands must really miss Orlando.
  21. The full and scary story: https://www.wisconsin.golf/men/mens_professional/lucky-to-be-alive-steve-stricker-fell-seriously-ill-after-the-ryder-cup-spent-weeks/article_a6d0e730-6f1d-11ec-9b89-3b6e2416850c.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share Sounds like he is on the road back. I had some similar heart issues and can tell you it is no fun at all.
  22. My opinion on this remains that it is a sickening waste of money that the Tour does not need to continue in this form. Having Woods finish #2 for nearly killing himself and potentially others is a very bad look. Take the $40 million, announce a program to provide hot meals or housing to those in need in the name of the players, and put the money to good use.
  23. That's unfortunate. I never liked Burr on GC and thought that Brian Hammons would have been the better voice to keep.
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