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  1. I never watched the original but the new one seems very good to me. He explains the various moves and it’s so simple conceptually. Reality is different. The ideas are simple but it’s not easy to implement with years of old swing to overcome. i have already seen good results after two range sessions but I also suck. I have plenty of room to improve and it will take me quite a while for it to be natural. That is when I’ll be getting the most out of the change. The IG Q&A is very good too but I am only part way through. Monte does talk about how the amount of ti
  2. There is a 1 hour 29 minute NTC IG video that showed up at the end of the free setup and grip video that Monte just put out a few days ago. I started watching it today after watching the setup/grip stuff which is probably 10 minutes or so long.
  3. I'm not surprised. My instructor and I probably had similar conversations about lie angles but it was close to 10 years ago, so I'm fuzzy on it. I do know that I had my irons bent after talking to him about it and we came to an agreement on what we thought they should be. It helps that my irons are forged, so it's not a big deal if they need to get bent one way or another.
  4. For me, I adjusted my lie angles after making a big change to my swing. I had gotten to the point where my natural flight was a draw and not an instaslice. This took years of lessons and towards the end of that period, I had my irons flattened and never looked back. I think this is an individual thing though. I would caution about making a change to clubs based on what you think you want versus what you have. Mainly because what if you change your mind or what you thought was a good target set of specs isn't. YMMV of course.
  5. I wasn't able to get to the range last week thanks to the rain. I am hoping to get out there this week to keep working on NTC. I like the simplicity of it and I've seen enough results on the course to convince me that it will work for me. I got in 18 Saturday. My phone didn't charge overnight, so while I have all my shot distances etc, Arccos did not do any analytics of the round. I guess finishing the last few holes with the low battery warning caused something to not happen. The "highlight" of the round is I got stung by something on #14. There's a restroom next to the tees for 1
  6. I'd invite him to join you and your friend. I've done it a few times as a single when someone in a cart catches me and there's no place to go. You can join me if you want or wait. If there was an actual gap such as I knew there's a twosome in front of me but I'm not waiting on them when I it, I'll let them through unless it looks like it'll cause more things to back up somehow. I play as a single a lot and never expect to be let through groups even if there is space. I have caught 4somes on tee boxes with open hole in front and they just finish hitting and drive off. I also have s
  7. Acceptance is something we all can learn and it will be a key thing regardless of skill level. The hardest lessons for me once I decided I wanted to improve and start breaking scoring barriers was the mental side of the house. I'm not a good golfer but learning that a bad hole doesn't mean a round is toast and to try to handle adversity on the course without it bleeding into future holes is probably the biggest lesson for me to date, if I go in the tank mentally, forget it. For me, that took time on the course and wasn't as easy as reading a book or post. I had to work on it and experience it.
  8. For me it's on a par 5 that curves to the right and it's an approach shot. Hit a decent ball in the fairway off the tee. I'm not long enough to clear the corner off the teebox. So if I fade my second shot, it'll follow the curve of the hole past the corner. If I hit it straight or a draw my ball will go through the fairway into the slope that makes up the entire left side of the hole once you clear the corner. If the shot was just ball below my feet or just a downhill lie, no problem. I understand those. Add both together and I have no clue. Think I need to just use a shorter club and try a si
  9. One keeps getting me and I need to figure it out. Ball below my feet, okay that's not too hard but the hole shape causes another issue. To hit at the green I have to angle myself a bit so my front foot is lower than my back foot. So it's ball below my feet with a touch of a downhill lie all mixed together. I recall hitting it fat before and yesterday I topped the ball in such a way that it went almost 90* right of my target line and traveled 40ish yards. I need to stop hitting my ball onto that slope....
  10. No range time since last week but I used my Orange Whip to warm up before a quick 9 yesterday. I did the casts from Monte's NTC video and it made a big difference. I actually hit driver and woods off the deck solid. I even made contact on the sweet spot with a couple woods shots and they went further than normal with a better ball flight. So I think I have found something to help with the feels. I really felt like I was slinging the club more aggressively than ever before. It's an odd feeling but the resultys spoke for themselves.
  11. I haven't been able to work on the drills since last week when I commented on I hit it real fat. I played 18 Saturday and I think I saw some overall improvement but nothing major. Yesterday I played a quick 9 before the rain that's part of Sally hits this area. I warmed up on the first tee using my Orange Whip and did Cast A and B with it. The weight of the whip really helped with the feelings, especially cast B. First drive was a strong draw about 238, I'm short and consider 220 to be good. On a par 5 into the wind I hit my 4w off the deck from the rough and it was another strong draw that w
  12. I got out for a quick 9 today. Wanted to get something it before the rain from Sally hits this area, if it does, later this week. It was overcast with 11 mph winds and some gusts hitting 20 MPH. I played the white tees and used the orange whip to loosen up preround. I did the moves from the NTC video with it and the weight of it really helped with the feelings. 1 - long par 4, the wind is blowing left to right on this hole. I aim for the left side of the fairway with my driver and hit this great looking draw, 238 yards, about a foot into the left rough. I really felt both casts fro
  13. I got my first round in since I started to actually work on NTC last week. I played 18, from the whites(just shy of 6000 yards). It was humid and pretty warm. I'd say upper 80s/low 90s. There was some wind to deal with as well but overall conditions were good. It did rain on us a couple of times and it definitely had an impact on a few holes. 1 - longer par 4 with an elevated teebox, maybe 10 yards, to a pretty flat fairway. I hit driver off the tee and it's a good looking fade that tarvels 214 yards and comes to rest in the fairway on the right side near the clump of trees. I'm ju
  14. Not me, wrx also means works in some online lingo from the 90s. So I consider this to be Golfworks when I see it, lol.
  15. I joined in 2008 after reading about Slicefixer's Encyclopedia Texarkana on a different forum. This became the only golf forum that mattered to me since the others didn't have the same mix of topics, posts, and knowledge.
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