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  1. I have never been able get the 'squat' move. I've seen Monte describe it a few different ways but have not been able to get it down. I will eventually have to spend some time on it. Playing this weekend?
  2. Below is a picture of the hole from a round where I screwed up off the tee and managed a bogey somehow. The edge of the first FW bunker aka bottom one in picture, is about 191 yards. The other one is about 206. I have hit my 4w into the trees behind the bunkers but don't recall when and it's dead in there. No good shot except back into the fairway. The steeper slope that leads to the stream starts just past that 206 yard bunker and is around 100 yards from center. The bottom of the slope aka the flat area short of the stream is 40-50 yards from center. Left trees at the corner near my 5i shot
  3. It's not as much of an undertaking but it'll take some time to get down. However, it should help the rest of your swing. I find that chipping and pitches help my tempo. I don't know what it is but that's what happens for me. Also the part about accelerating through the ball probably applies to all other swings too. Oh, and I find it easier to get my whole body working together, which is likely that tempo thing I mentioned. Things stay in synch easier.
  4. I have done that a few times in the past. I played the ladies tees and had fun with it a couple times when I was playing a solo 9 in the evening. It changed the course where I didn't hit driver on every non par 3 and had shorter irons in. Can't say it made a huge difference to my score but I was also still trying to break 100 at the time. I've thought about moving up one tee box to our 'senior' tees just to see how I do with a slightly shorter course. The yardage difference isn't huge but it's all on 5 - 6 holes. I'm a bit curious how it would go since I feel that my game is quite different t
  5. Awesome! This is a great round on multiple levels. It clearly shows you are improving. All you need to do is point at that 45 on the front. That's bogey golf which is solid for guys like us. Your ball striking sounded solid as was your game plan. I will mention something because it's missing from your things of note, just in my opinion of course, mental game. It took me two years to break 100 once I made that a goal and worked on actually doing it. The biggest and hardest lessons for me were on the mental side of the house. First was learning to let go of a bad hole. I'd card a tri
  6. There is some merit to this since but like everything isn't one size fits all. For me playing more improved my game because I started to have to hit shots with different clubs and lies every single time I swung. I was also playing golf and not just hitting balls on the range. It sounds like for you it helps because you just swing the club and get out of your own way. End of the day is finding what works for you and having fun since the vast majority of us are not getting paid to swing a club.
  7. Got out to practice for about 35 minutes or so. It started to sprinkle and there were some dark clouds in the distance, so I left sooner than I wanted. I was likely fine but didn't want to deal with wet grips and possible t boomer rolling in. Guess I'm turning soft on more than just the physical level. The range was packed when i got there but that was fine since my plan was to work on putting first. It just made it even easier to follow through. I spent about 20 minutes hitting short putts. I had two balls and I'd toss them near a hole. Putt out and repeat with a different hole.
  8. Never thought I'd see Death mentioned in a golf thread..... I need some Spiritual Healing after some rounds....
  9. It's great to read that the clinic feedback is pretty much the same from various locations and dates. I'm hoping to be able to attend one at some point because it does sound like a great opportunity.
  10. Stats are useful if you have a good way to analyze them otherwise it's just data. I kept stats for years in OOB golf. I added every round after the fact. I think the biggest help it gave me was in writing my round descriptions back then. I didn't have how far I hit each club, just the driver since I marked that distance with my GPS all the time and then how far from the green I was for my approach and if I hit it or not. So the best I could do is try to track trends but it wasn't simple. Arccos makes it simple, lol. Broad trends are really all you and I care about right now. Our g
  11. Thanks! Things are changing for the better and I hear ya on the decision making. It will start to be more about what I can do versus what I can't. I can try to be aggressive but still need to be smart about it. 150 yard shot over water, okay I can probably do that. 200 yard shot with water, nope. It's related to my distances, I don't hit it far. Prior to the new irons, my 5i was my 150 club. So 170 was a 7w shot, which I have been able to hit. It's not a given though and the stream is probably around a 10 yard forced carry. The banks covered with chunks of rock and ther
  12. Makes perfect sense. To me, this is proof that all the work you are doing is making a difference. Back in the day I had an insta-slice especially with my driver. I took lessons for a few years from the same guy. Being in Maine the season was 6 months a year and sometimes we'd go a month or more without a formal lesson. So calendar time seems long but it really wasn't IMO. Over time my ball flight started to work more left. It eventually got to the point where we weakened my grip because of hooks, lol. Regarding your comment about it being not easy to forget the swing stuff on the
  13. Arccos is really helping me with where my 'issues' are. It's one thing years ago when based on my round descriptions I thought my full swing was the biggest issue. I averaged just under 2 putts a green, think it was 1.98, lol, so I was okay there. That was just my opinion though, Arccos, unless their metrics are all garbage, is giving me something solid to point to for a metric that says my approach game is very weak and other aspects are okay for now. Kinda nice to know where the holes in my game are. I am noticing something that I have read about and experienced many years ago. C
  14. On the course, you need to play golf, not golf swing. It sounds like you switched into that mode on the back 9. It's not always easy, at least for me, but just swinging the club and playing seems to have better results than taking all the stuff i work on the range to the course. Also playing more will help in the long run. You get reps in with actual playing conditions which are not the same as the near perfect lie we have on the range. You'll also start to learn to hit the required recovery and partial swing shots you need to navigate out there. Take punches from the trees as an
  15. I agree. In this case my ball never cleared the far side of the hazard. So I had to drop a few yards in front of where I had been and try again. I'll have to think about it and look at previous rounds. I know I have gone for it before from that distance with no problems a few times last year. It frustrating to play safe and proceed to screw up what should be an easy shot. One thing is the layup zone puts me inside the yardages i use for partial wedges. It's a pitch shot and I'm clearly not good with those yet.
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