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  1. I have not seen this posted in the thread yet but I'm sure some of you practiced this way(assumption on my part...) I had been doing the drills for cast A and B and noticed improvement with my ball striking, at least with driver. I had a pretty reliable fade going. My practice was pretty much just the drills and swings where the swing thought was cast B. I changed this recently based on some comments in a different thread. The last couple of sessions I have worked on the drills as before but added in some full swings with driver where my thought was to just hit the ball. I don't r
  2. I agree, I feel like I could do it with the current state of my swing but I would need to be competent in the other aspects of my game at the same time. The PXGs have piqued my interest from when you mentioned last year. Saturday's 18 with the guys was cancelled because of weather and the frost delay, so I went out on my own and played 18 later in the afternoon. It was about 41* out, 15+ MPH winds, and the sun was out for maybe 10 minutes or so. I will do my best to mention wind direction on the various holes. It's still cart path only. I never saw another golfer except the guy on
  3. 7i cast B is kinda odd looking. My guess is I'm changing my setup/ball position some as I go. I could tell just from feel and ball flight that I was not striking it well. maybe I need to work cast B with other clubs to try to get it down with them. 7i full swing is high flight. My irons always go high unless I catch it thin enough, even if i hit the sweet spot it's a very high shot that will drop onto a green. I am not the guy that hits most irons that are mid height and will run on landing, unless I do something on purpose to try to hit it that way.
  4. Lol, I wish there was one near me. An executive course would be real good to help hone the shorter tee shots and short game.
  5. Made it to the range today instead of trying to play. Routines was similar to last time. Warm up practicing cast B with my PW. Worked on the cast A drill with 7i. Hit normal shots with the 7i and these were very good. Worked on driver and it was a bit more hit and miss, had some nice slices at first and it settled down after that. I wrapped up with some 7i shots where I was trying to get more pressure left and finally I did some chipping with my PW. I also took more pictures on contact location! I have the right type of foot spray this time so it was so much easier. Again it was 5
  6. It's always good to try to get in shape regardless of the primary motivation. It makes life easier in so many ways. Too bad it's not as easy to drop lbs as it is to pack them on. I wasn't blessed with one of those can't gain weight metabolisms, lol. I will look at new clubs sometime after I feel like my swing is in a better place. I broke 100 and 90 with the current ones I'm gaming, and I shot under 90 with the blades. The blades, while used are in better shape. I know the blades thing is ego on my part but I do draw satisfaction from a pure shot with them... Regardin
  7. @MyherobobhopeYeah, impact was consistent and toe side has been my miss most of the last year. I'm to chapter 3 in the Practice Manual and it's a good read so far. It makes sense to me. Maybe someday I will look at new irons. I have a soft spot for these since they were my first 'real set' of clubs and they have served me well. I'd like to get to the point where I can game my MacGregor blades though. I would need to have the shafts looked at though and get my swing to a better spot. Pings would be nice though! Let me know how the putter session goes. I'm curious about that. There a
  8. Got in 9 walking and my score was not good at all but I'm not discouraged by it and never felt frustrated on the course. It was about 55* out, sunny with a 10 MPH wind that was in my face on every hole but 9. It was a good walk but I feel it now, lol. As for my round, I had a two way miss going, had issues in every phase and carded a 55, lol. 1 - par 4, mid height fade with driver into the fairway on the right, 189 yards. Bladed my 4w and it was a worm burner that I kept under the wind, lol, 155 yards, and short of the green. My partial SW was heavy and didn't make the
  9. I do suffer from early extension. It explains my blades and tops too. The hips and arms, is that at set up? Great news on your progress, even if it is hidden lol. That is probably why I had a hard time with it. It seemed like I had to lay it on very thick to see anything and it just sloughed off during a swing. I'll try to get a different version of spray to see if it's easier to see.
  10. I tried doing it with the driver and not let it dry and I found I couldn't tell where the ball hit. All of the spray flew off during the swing. I may of had it too thick though. What I have used years past which works well is masking or painters tape. The impact is obvious but the tape can unravel some on the bottom of the club. Where do I want to have the contact on driver? The 8i sweet spot is pretty much where that grass mark is, though I can tell based on sound and ball flight if I hit it pure with the irons.
  11. Got to the range and attempted to use foot spray which will be further down with the pictures. Low 40s for temps, so not super warm but also not terrible. It was on mats which is meh... I warmed up with my GW doing cast B from NTC and that went very well. Probably hit over 20 balls that way. I then went to working on the cast A drill with my 8i. That was a load of laughs since it involves starting your downswing from a static position. I did have some nice shots during the drill though, which is nice. Monte mentions in the video to not worry about what the ball does with this drill, so I won't
  12. My sensors are the sealed ones and I got them in Jan, 2020. I think the manufacture date was Nov 2019. I have had it miss some full swings but it's rare. Putting is where it seems to have the most issues for me. I am always adding/removing putts post round. I think most of the putts I need to add happened within 3 feet of the hole, so a bit more than just a tap in.
  13. I have had no real issues with Arccos killing my phone. Sure the battery takes a good hit when I play but I don't live on my phone, so no biggie. I expect to lose about 30% or so of my battery if I play 18 holes.
  14. The missed shot things seems strange to me because it's been very rare for me. I just started using Arccos a year ago, just over 8.3K shots according to the app, and I have probably had to manually add shots 20 times, outside of the putter. I always have to go back through the scorecard to verify each hole because of either the putts being off or it picked up a wedge I put down green side. For me the missed shots are mostly when I screw up and have a second shot from near the last one such as needing 2 to get out of a bunker or flubbing a chip. Is the GPS in the link better than t
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