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  1. I hear ya. I started using Gamers because they were a 'poor man's Pro-V1'. No way was I gonna pay $5 a ball for a Pro-V1 back in 2008 nor would I now. Lose too many balls. I'm sure there's a 'perfect' ball out there for each of us but I don't have the time or resources to bother trying to find it. I have no complaints with my ball even if I am losing some distance since I've always been willing to trade distance for green side reaction. And like you said, are we even good enough for it to matter enough in some cases? That doesn't mean it's not worth trying what your doing though. I'm sure if I was playing the old 'Top Rock' distance balls, I'd do better with something else, lol.
  2. This is just my opinion because I do not have any empirical data. I think the ball plays a role. Every type of ball is going to react differently off the putter and in the short game, long game too but that's out of scope. A hard ball won't spin off a wedge as well and will come off the putter faster than a softer ball. I have used the same two models of ball since probably 2008, TopFlite Gamers and Noodle Long and Soft+. Are these balls the best possible for me? No clue. Because I don't change my ball much, I don't need to think about it after a while though. It just becomes part of my short game/putting feel. I'm sure if I switched ball right now that I would need to adjust for a bit and then it would become second nature. I do know that there was a brand of ball I tried once that I didn't use after the first box because of how it affected my putting, lol. I felt like I didn't have as much 'touch' with them. So yes, I think changing the ball could have an impact on your putting, especially speed control. Is it enough to cause 41 putts? No idea but it is a new variable and can't just be brushed off. I would suspect that with enough use and practice, you'll get used to how the Snell comes off your putter and thus your speed control will be better. As an aside, I have never understood the people that play whatever random ball they find in the trees. How do you build feel and consistency with your short game and putting if the ball varies from round to round or even hole to hole? I know the price is great on those balls but still, lol.
  3. Great drive on #6! Now you know you may be able to reach it in the future off the tee and it'll become more likely as you straighten out your drives and get better face contact. What was the trend with your putting or were you all over the map with the misses? Proximity to the hole plays a big role in total putts in my experience. The days when it looks like I'm putting good because total putts is low are the days when my first putt is inside 5 feet a lot. If I'm averaging say 25 feet for my first putt, it'll be more of my normal 2 putts/hole. Sure, sometimes the longer putts drop but it's not something to count on IMO. Three putts suck but will happen especially when you're 50+ feet from the hole or it's a tricky first putt because of slopes/tiers. It sucks but accepting it was a likely outcome, after the fact, can help prevent someone from letting a three putt derail their confidence. I try to avoid looking at my first putt and thinking it's gonna be a three putt but it happens more than I'd like when I FUBAR an approach or short game shot.
  4. Dr Scholl's is what worked for me. The Kroger brand I tried first didn't dry well and it didn't really leave powder on the face that you could see.
  5. Agree with this. BroomForce has drills that made me actually understand what Monte was talking about with regard to transition in both NTC and Efficient Swing. That part never clicked for me before. NTC is also simpler than Efficient Swing. YMMV of course.
  6. I was about to type 'guys like us' but it really applies to everyone that's trying to improve. Score is the end all be all, no way around that, but it's not the only measure of improvement. I would posit that if score is the only measure of improvement a person uses, they will likely have a frustrating time. Nothing is linear with a golf score. Too many things go into it. So we look at other areas to help determine our progress. It could be almost anything, less three putts, more distance off the tee, less penalties, etc. That 7i on #9 led to a double bogey which is not a good score. The shot itself was superb. The guy who said nice shot was surprised I went into the bunker. I told him my yardages are based on my normal mishits, so a pure shot is likely to cause me issues. If score is all that mattered, I should be mad I carried the green and got a double because my sand game sucked. Not gonna happen, I am gonna relish that shot. I have been a fan of the partial wedge swing ever since I saw Pelz talk about it on the GC back in 06-08. It made sense to me and I got his Short Game Bible. My half shot is what I would practice the most, so I never got real good with the 1/4 or 3/4 swings. What will take me some time is understanding when/where I can use it. The ball flight is different , mainly it's lower than a full swing. So I just need to build more confidence with it before I try them in more risky situations like trying to carry a pond that fronts a green. Logically, it's a smarter play but I gotta make sure I can carry the junk.
  7. Well, I almost had a great day putting Saturday. 27 putts on 17 holes( took an X on a par 5 after hitting two tee shots OOB). Seven one putts that were all inside 3 feet. One three putt from 44 feet but I also missed three putts from three feet... My limited putting practice is focused on short putts. Arccos confirms that inside 10 feet is the biggest weakness of my putting game, so I'll just keep at it.
  8. @BigTerp1524I expect things to improve and eventually come together. The question is when? I'm seeing little glimpses and flashes here and there though. So I know there is improvement over the long run even when it may be a disaster on any given day like say Saturday. Driver went MIA on me. Push fades and a couple tops. I took an X on 14 after hitting my tee shot OOB and the provisional went even more OOB. Funny thing was there was a ball mark right in the middle of my club face on that second one. Gotta love hitting the sweet spot and having the ball start right and curve way right. A very solid and high shot though.... Driving was the worst aspect of my game by a lot. I did have some solid ones though. I didn't try changing clubs off the tee and it was likely just as well because of the following sequence. I have started to use the 7w on #10 after I have hit my driver through the fairway a few times. I hit a great drive with it, 217 yards thanks to the elevated tee shot, into the middle of the fairway and it led to a bogey on one of the holes I struggle the most with. I have been using the 7w on #11 which is also an elevated tee shot on a dog leg left for a few months now with great results off the tee for the most part. I tee off and top it to the left about 35 yards into very thick Bermuda rough on a side slope. My ball was sitting down at least 4 inches under the top of the grass. It took me two shots to hack the ball into the fairway with my AW. So I feel like I would have struggled regardless of club. All was not doom and gloom though. Hit a partial AW 89 yards to about 8 inches and a 59 yard SW to 3 feet. I had 3 chips or sand shots with my SW to 3 feet or less and the 4 times I used my putter to chip I got it inside 3 feet each time. 27 putts on the 17 holes I played. I had 7 one putts and I missed 3 putts inside 3 feet... So my short putting still needs work. BroomForce showed up on #9 by mistake. Decent drive into the fairway. The hole is back right and around 140ish. Arccos has my likely 7i shot to be 138 yards, so I use it. I make contact and it's a very high and solid shot at the flag. Another guy says 'that's a great looking shot'. I watch it land in the back bunker, 152 yards all carry except for the yard it rolled after landing... I struggled in said bunker and came away with a double. Don't really care though. I wasn't trying to hit the ball using BroomForce, it just happened and the shot itself was a thing of beauty. I hit a 7i like @BigTerp1524 pre BroomForce! lol I also made a change on #13 which is a par 3. Forward flag about 120 yards which is a full 9i for me. I decide to hit a partial 8i instead. Like all my partial shots that roughly means shaft parallel with the ground in my backswing. I call them half shots but whatever. The ball comes out nice and low hits the green and just stops. 120 yard shot and I'm pin high and 5 feet left of the hole. So lessons from this round: 1 - take the S&D penalty if I top my ball of the tee into the thick stuff that's short and left on #11. I cannot hit it out of there. I can be on the green in 4 with a normal tee shot with S&D. hacking it out of the rough likely means on the green in 5 for my best case scenario. 2 - start seeing if I can hit half shots into greens with other clubs. Almost all my wedge shots are half shots and some 9i as well. The half 8i on #13 was great. I wonder if I can tap into that more. 3 - I can reach the back left of 18 with a 7i if I'm just short of the stream. This gives me another option to try to hit that green if I have to lay up short of the stream. I feel good trying it with my 7w and can also consider the 7i if yardages permit. I wouldn't feel as good about trying to carry the stream and pond with my 5i or 6i yet though. I use my 7i a far bit on the range when working on irons, so I do hit a decent amount. Lesson goals this week( weather permitting, it's supposed to rain most of the week): 1 - short putts. 2 - BroomForce, Sweep it drill and maybe Countertop again. 3 - Smart Ball half shots and see if I can at least hit the ball for a change. I didn't have a hard time keeping the Smart Ball in place. I just couldn't hit the ball worth anything. 4 - Possible Bonus work on my posture. Narrow my stance some and see if I can get into a better set-up.
  9. I finally got a chance to try some Broom Force on the range today. It was awesome but I have a question. I did the sweep it drill with very good results. I'd say awesome results but you need to keep in mind I'm a 21 index, so awesome can be a low bar at times. I then tried the countertop drill and I think I'm doing something wrong. I take a massive divot behind the ball. I think I only tried the drill 4 times because I was just gouging a trench to China. I did follow it with 10 full swings and again very solid contact for me. For those of you who have done the countertop drill, have any of you experienced this? I know/assume this is highlighting a fault of some sort but I have no clue what it's telling me besides the fact I like to bury the club way behind the ball when trying this drill. I will rewatch the video in case I missed a step someplace with this drill. Overall though, my first foray in Broom Force was a great success and really helped me do the down in transition followed by pushing up of the ground for the first time. Broom Force seems to be gold and my only 'complaint' is Monte didn't create it sooner .
  10. I finally got to the range. Weather has not be cooperating 'til now and it still started to rain on me. This week's practice goals are: 1) short putts. I only hit a few of these because I started to work on this last and the rain started back up. The few I did were good though but I wouldn't really call it much in the way of practice since I didn't spend much time on it. 2) work on my takeaway with the smart ball. I put the smart ball between my forearms near my elbows and tried to hit partial shots with my 7i. It was funny... I had no problem keeping the ball in place in the backswing or follow through. I couldn't hit the ball though, lol. Tops, whiffs, and a few shanks. It was ugly but I will keep at it. 3) Hit full shots with a full turn aka feel my left shoulder near my chin. This worked very well. I followed the pattern Monte mentions in Broom force. Hit 5 balls using a drill and then 10 balls with a normal swing while trying to have the same feels as the drill(s). This pattern of practice was amazing. I used it for Broom Force and the NTC cast B drill. back to the full swing 7i, I did the hacker move of pausing at the top and looking at the club and it was in a much better position. I wasn't laid off at the top and the shaft was pointing down, inside the ball, for a change. 4) Try some BroomForce drills( this is just bonus practice if I have time). The reality is I really wanted to work on this above all else but I did my Smart Ball practice first. All I can say is holy crap, Monte has created something awesome that finally helped me "get" transition. I started with the sweep it drill and hit 5 balls. They didn't go far which is perfectly fine. I followed up with 10 full 7i shots and this was the holy crap moment. I felt myself do the little squat move that Monte talks about in both Efficient Swing and NTC to start transition. My legs then pushed up off the ground and the ball went flying. My contact was very crisp. Flight was very high, which is how I tend to hit an iron, and seemed longer than normal for me. Telling distance on the range is a crapshoot since it's downhill with range balls. The contact was money though. Very solid for me. Dispersion left something to be desired. Once in a while I hit it very straight but most were slight push fades. So if I aimed for the middle of the green, I'm probably near the right fringe. I did this set a couple times. I may have snuck in a Two Justins drill swing for the LOLs once. Over all it was superb. I then tried the countertop drill and I think I'm doing something wrong. I take a massive divot behind the ball. I think I only tried the drill 4 times because I was just gouging a trench to China. I did follow it with 10 full swings and again very solid contact for me. I am not saying that BroomForce is something magic that helped fix all my issues. I am saying that the drills gave me a set of feels that I know I need and never had before. The feeling of going down and then pushing up again. Very foreign to do but it didn't feel strange at all. The weirdness was just the fact it's different. I know it's not true but I felt like I have never hit so many crisp iron shots on the range before. How will it transition on the course and with driver and woods? I have no idea but I don't care. I think BroomForce is going to pay dividends and it may not take long to start seeing results. It'll take a long time for it to be automatic but that's cool. I built my current swing over years and it'll take time to overcome things. I'm kinda excited because maybe this will open the door to some more reasonable distance. I know from the rare on course shot when I hit an iron pure it goes about 15 - 20 yards longer than normal. It's also my typical high shot so it's not from blading it an extra 15-20, lol. It would be nice to not be hitting a 6i in that 145 yard range some day. Bonus NTC practice. All I did was work on Cast B, first with my AW and then with my 7i. Eventually I started to hit very solid partial 7i shots that were going straight. They are too low but down the target line and hopefully in time I'll get some height on them. Have a great weekend!
  11. I have found long misses to be worse than being short on the courses I have played. They are like what @smashdn is talking about. The green structures are almost always raised from fairway. They all slope back to front. So a miss long on many greens means a chip from the rough below the green to a green sloping away from you. It's even worse if there are bunkers behind the green since it's not a sand shot from a crappy bunker onto a downslope. Of course there are exceptions. 9 and 18 of my home course both have a pond short of the green. Short is terrible and so that back bunker to a green sloping away and with a tier doesn't look as bad. The talk about dispersion is pretty interesting with the lopsided oval. I was already familiar with the concept of the oval but never though of the difference a pull versus a pull has. As a high handicap, I don't worry or even know what my oval looks like. I tend to know my predominate miss with an iron but even that changes as I work on my swing...
  12. Clampett's book from the late 2000s was all about this. I can't recall the name and my copy is missing, must of lost it in a move or something. I don't know what the final view of what he wrote in that book is but I know there was a lot of discussion on it in these forums at the time. I think part of it had to do with even driver swings would have the low point in front of the ball. I don't know for sure though, it was a 'long' time ago and my recollection of the book isn't the best.
  13. Lol, glad people that know better chimed in. So even more for me to learn! Almost wishing I kept quiet but it's good to know where I'm off base, lol.
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