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  1. My expectation is that as one issue gets better, another will be exposed. It could be a situation where the newly found issue was there but not as important or the new issue wasn't really an issue because that situation did not come up much. My short game issue is a blend of the two. Recently I have had a number of partial wedges into the green because of not hitting the ball well with my full swing. I have been doing pretty decent with those shots. That meant I was not pitching and chipping much, so my issues there were "hidden". I didn't need the shot that often, so it didn't matter that I s
  2. All I can say is LOL. I did well off the tee today except for two holes. The driver was pretty decent including a 255 yard drive. My par 3 tee shots went the right way for a change too. I almost had an ace in 16. I hit a high draw with my 8i that landed behind the flag and took the slope of the tier back to the flag. My ball was just inside a foot of the hole to the right, low side. Short game was murder. I had more chips than usual because I was getting the ball near the greens in regulation. Also had a bunker shot or two from hard pan that cost me. So junk sc
  3. Lessons are great if you have a good teacher. The pro I used to work with and I used to talk quite a bit, so I knew why we were doing something and what the goal for it was. That helped quite a bit. You need to have confidence in your teacher as well. It took me a long time to "fix" my swing but I saw steady results over the years as we worked on things. They are also not silver bullets. I would expect it to take a fair amount of work to sort everything out since you already have an elite game. There's just not as much room for improvement for you like there is for a hacker like me
  4. Are any of you seeing predominantly fades? That seems to be my prevalent shot shape at the moment with a push for a miss especially with irons. I have not experienced shots going way left for the most part. There have been a few here or there but they are outliers.
  5. I had an interesting experience playing this weekend. I warmed up on the range and focused on cast B at the start of my downswing. I was hitting some nice high fades with my 8i. I get on the course and try to avoid swing thoughts which is normal for me. My irons were a mess, low pulls or weak pushes were common. Hole 15, I decide to use the cast B and there's the solid high shot again. I know some people have mentioned that starting the downswing with the cast B thought made a difference for them and I seem to have experienced the same thing. Still a long ways to go for me but it a
  6. Saturday was up and down. I played a course that I've only played twice before. Weather was sunny but cool, started the round in the 40s and it was mid 60s by the end. There's some wind but I don't recall which way it was going on the various holes. I warmed up at the range using my GW and 8i, focusing on cast 2 from NTC at the start of my downswing and I'm hitting nice high fades. On the course, I don't use that swing thought until hole 15. 1 - par 5 dogleg left, I hit driver off the tee and it's an okay fade that goes 194 into the fairway on the right side. I hit my 4w and it's
  7. I hope they didn't impact you too badly. I've only had to deal with a couple of hurricanes over the years since they rarely hit Maine. Atlanta is also safe from them. At the end of the day, I don't care if I hit a fade or a draw, just as long as it's down my target line and I get reasonable distance from it. I may care more someday if I ever get good enough for it to matter. Right now it's just small steps. I was quite happy with my non-par 3 tee shots. Sure a few could have been better but they were all playable which is big. Consistency is also creeping into my game.
  8. Context really matters with number of putts. Two putts are not always bad. I believe the make average is 50% from 3 - 6 feet. So it's not the end of the world if I miss one of those, provided I am not missing everything beyond 3 feet. 6 feet and longer and the odds of a 2 putt go up. So to look at my putting game, I need to understand what's my first putt length because 36 putts isn't bad if I hit every green but was putting from 20 feet. This will also tie into my short game. That last 9 hole round I had 4 one putts because I chipped it inside 6 feet. I also had two chips that had me putting
  9. So close yet so far.... I took the afternoon off and played 9. I ended up on the back because there was a fivesome teeing off on 1 when I arrived. I'm not going to get into every shot today since while I saw signs of life and some good things the final score is lackluster. Weather was nice, sunny, low 70s and a bit of wind but nothing terrible. I played bogey golf, literally, for the first 6 holes of the round. Yup, 6 straight bogeys. I only had one realistic shot at par when I chipped to 5 feet on #15. I got excited and sent the ball high, two feet past the hole... Th
  10. I didn't break 90 on a 6300 yard course until I could use my driver off the tee. I wasn't great with it but I kept it in play and got it out there probably about 220ish. The extra yardage over a 3w made a big difference. My game at the time was such that I could mess up any shot, so laying up didn't help me any. I wanted to get as close to the green as I could since the odds of success were higher the closer I got. I documented my attempt to break 90 on these forums back in 2010-12. The link is Journey to break 90 in case you're curious or want a good laugh.
  11. This is true if you actually hit your peak, only you would know that though. A question I would ask myself would be "is there nothing that I can improve upon?" I know I will eventually hit the spot that I'm not gonna get past. There is the physical limitations of my game such as I am a short hitter. I may be able to improve this some as I get better swing dynamics and impact, but this is a race against time. I'm getting older so that side of my game will eventually degrade, I just don't know when. So if I can't eek anything out with my full swing, what next? Well, I can look at my
  12. Made it out for 18 Saturday morning. There was heavy rain overnight and rain forecast during the day so all the guys cancelled. I was by myself, so I couldn't post my score. The course was dead and it was cart path only. I did not rush and played in 3 hours and 14 minutes. It was probably about 65-70 degrees out and damp. My shirt was wet just from the dampness of the air, it never rained or sprinkled while I was out playing. There was no roll in the fairways for the most part and I saw at least one splash of water when my ball landed in a fairway off the tee. The greens had been mown that mo
  13. @dmecca2Sorry to read about the struggles. I hope you sort it all out before the weekend. You're obviously good enough to compete and that 82 should just be a very rare outlier. @Warrior42111 That sucks about your stand bag. Any thoughts on what the replacement will be? It does sound like your game was solid though. We're all different in how we score but consistency is big. It builds confidence versus when I have wild swings in my game. It's rough when I have a card that's around bogey but somehow manage to throw in a couple quad+ blow ups to just hose everything. I end up feeling
  14. @yycpaulAnytime, I was a bit confused since I was doing it wrong until someone else mentioned what UD was. It works much better for me once I got it calrified.
  15. Hit the range a few days ago and it went very well IMO. I messed up Cast A from NTC last week. Luckily I caught my mistake from reading the thread on NTC here. I did the cast A drill correctly this time and the results were much better. I did notice that I am hitting fades. I broke out my driver and 7w and had good results with those as well. Again fades but they stayed on the planet. I also started to mess around with my PW and SW. I tried to hit different short game shots with them. It's about trying to understand how changes affect ball flight to become better in the short game. I think Obe
  16. @Warrior42111 I hear you on the time. There was a school across the street from me in Maine and I'd go hit balls there during the times of year the range was closed. I used these both in my basement and front yard. Never had a problem with them and they seem to work fine: Almost Golf Balls The ball position stuff, for me, is to just hit the ball and see what happens. I have a 'stock' pitch and chip from Monte's Use the Bounce. I started messing around for those other situations and maybe someday, I'll get good enough with my wedges to have some imagination around the green and imp
  17. @Warrior42111 All I can think of would be those foam almost golf balls that behave like a normal ball but don't go as far. Using that off something you can hit off without destroying any floors may help. Is there a school near you? Most of those have sports fields. One thing that has helped me some with short game is starting my warm-up for the range with pitches. I'll probably hit 10 or so before I move on to partial wedges. Doing it this way, I slowly improve and I don't regress from not practicing them. I was able to get in a range session yesterday to keep working o
  18. Monte explains the entire swing and it's pretty simple. The actual understanding and implementation may not be though. I think this video was the easiest to understand with regard to what to try and do during the entire swing that I have seen. Your mileage may vary of course since we don't all learn the same. The UD comments helped me realize I was working on cast A wrong last week, lol. I was just trying to bend my wrist inward towards my wrist instead of my pinky. I rewatched that section of the video yesterday and that helped as well. Today I made it to the range and did cast A
  19. Thanks for all of the additional info. @llewol007 I was trying to get to the short grass ASAP. I hit a skyball with my driver a real impressive 96 yards into the rough that fronts the tee box. Not knowing what I was doing it took me two more shots to get it about 35 yards into the fairway. I really should never have been in this area but I had a complete screw up with my tee shot...
  20. I mentioned earlier that Arccos changed their app and added in actual Strokes gained info and more breakdowns. So here is the state of my game per SG analysis as of the round on 10/4. I have it set to use my last 10 rounds and it is comparing me to a 0 HCP player. Here is the summary with the details posted below in case anyone likes numbers. Driving: any non par 3 tee shot regardless of club - I am -8.1 and this is trending down by -1.0. I am getting worse off the tee.I think this is related to not playing as much and the NTC work. I am thinking golf swing a fair bit o
  21. Is UD cast A? Sorry if I'm being thick.
  22. @ThinkingPlusThanks so much! I appreciate the info.
  23. I had a first recently and don't know how to play the shot. I ended up in deep Bermuda rough and the ball sat all the way down. I don't have exacts but I'd say the grass was 3+ inches above the ball. I attempted to hack it out with a 6i and it took two shots to advance the ball a whooping 35 yards to finally get into the fairway. There are only a couple places on my course with this and you really shouldn't hit a ball into it but I found a way to do so. I don't expect to get much distance on a shot from it but I'd like to think it's possible to advance the ball more than 20 yards. So how do yo
  24. @Twin2LSounds like a plan. Played 18 Saturday. I warmed up on the range beforehand and was hitting it good. That did not transfer to the course though, lol. It was sunny and in the high 50s when we teed off. Everything was wet from dew. 1 - par 4, Hit a decent drive 217 into the fairway. I was 190ish out and hit my 4w, 168, short of the green on the left side where there is no bunker. I chip on to 17 feet past the hole, lol and two putt for a bogey, 5. 2 - par 3, I tee off with my 7i and it's a low pull that goes 121 and misses the green short and left. I pi
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