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  1. I changed the swing weight from d4 to d6 on the 8 iron and got zero performance gains. I think I have to re-learn where the shaft loads/unloads and improve my mechanics... this is weird right now. my old 7i was 170, I demoed the 130x kbs at 171 and the 120s at 175. and now i cant hit the nippon 120x past 164
  2. Hooorray, I finally got the irons. They are beautiful. Feel and turf interaction are amazingly good. I hit them through the correct windows so all green lights. They nailed the Swingweigt at D4 but the club feels lighter. Granted, I switched from the KBS Tour 130X to the Nippon Modus 120X, but I didnt expect to feel 15g in shaft weight. What would be the consequence of adding some lead tape to the heads and increase swing weight to let's say D6? Anyone have experience with that? thanks.
  3. well, I cant wait to try them out, but what I heard from the Rep: the 13.000 sets planned for Europe for the launch of the new P-series were sold out in 1 week... good for TM, bad for me.
  4. I thought the mat is a factor, but when I produce the numbers, it's just curious that the math doesnt add up. I hit the P7MB with almost 8.000 Spin and still didnt get the lang angle to 50deg. Granted, I didnt produce the ball speed with the blades... shame on me.
  5. @Howard_Jones since I had a good ballstriking day I matched those numbers with my 7 iron quite precisely. Ball 120, launch 16-17, my attack was -4, spin was 7000, it went 170, but I couldnt get the ball to land steeper than 47. Would physics suggest, if all numbers are equal, the land angle must come out at 50 as well? is 3 degrees something to worry about? Fitting conditions where outdoor, of the mat, balls where TM Tour Preferred. thanks
  6. the modus 130X is no custom option in Europe. I will try the 120X. my iron game is not my stronghold right now so there is little risk in making a change. I also chose to combo the 770 for 4&5. I am afraid of hot ones...
  7. Hi. sure. attack angle is -4 and path is between -1-2. love the little cut but yesterday was damn straight. Since I tested the kbs in 120S and 130X I could not tell a huge difference in feel due to weight. I could deliver both clubs well enough and so I just looked at the data and the softer one had a left long miss where I believe I felt the softer shaft. It‘s really hard to judge if you dont have all options. my Fitter/Coach has 20+ iron shafts but in X his options are naturally limited since he fits 80% in R...
  8. if anyone is interested I will share some data from yesterday‘s fitting session. I had a really good ball striking day so I am pretty pleased with my findings: my old P770, kbs tour X, +1/2 inch: 172yds, 7000 spin, descent 47, head 90,5, ball 120 P7MB, kbs tour 130 X (stock length) - I eliminated the blade since toe misses fell out of the sky like dead birds. 167, 7700, 43, 89, 118 P7MC, kbs tour 130 X (stock length) 171, 7150, 45, 90, 119 new P770, kbs tour 130 X (stock length) 176, 6500, 46, 90, 120.5 P7MC, k
  9. first, I have to admit that I dont know what a tip weight is. I will order them in D4 and usually TaylorMade Custom does a pretty outstanding job in delivering. second, the modus3 130 is not a custom option I will combo the P7MC from P to 6 and probably use the new P770 in 4&5 (as TM calls it „forgiveness level 2“). But that is subject to trackman data that i will get (but not with my shaft option).
  10. I am leaning towards the modus3 120X. I sometimes hit my irons stupid high and in the end I get new ones because the current setup is not delivering. I think a lower launch/flight could provide more consistent results. If I lose some spin I can still switch to a TP5 instead of the tp5x. Giving up 3 yards off the tee (due to higher spin) and have better iron performance is a worthwhile tradeoff in my books.
  11. Jebus, I really learned a lot right now. thanks. since i like the feel and flight of the shaft, I will order "blind" but still with a lot of confidence. I never had low spin issues so bring it on, golf gods ? What I will test before ordering is, whether I will play the new 770 from 6i or 5i. thanks Howard!
  12. The ball flight I am looking for is a little bit more penetrating (lower) and the Modus delivered just that. my concern is that I trade the lower flight with 1500 RPM and I feel like I should stay above 6.000 with my 7. I see team mates of mine hitting their 7 15 yards past me but cant get it to stop with 4.500 spin...
  13. Hi Guys, sadly in my area we have limited possibilities to test "exotic" shafts in x-stiff. I am switching Irons from the "original" TaylorMade P770 with KBS Tour 130X to the new P7MC. My current data (7i): 90mph, high ball flight, 7000rpm. 170yds I will switch to P7MC and would like to try the Nippon shaft but I will not have Trackman Data for that. I hit T100 with a Modus3 120 X and hit EXACTLY the ball flight I am looking for but I am a but concerned that the shaft would dial down my RPM too much. Any of you guys have experience with that? t
  14. Hi, firstly, I am very greatful for any advice. I am a dedicated TaylorMade fan and I am looking for a new **3wood**. I used to play the M2 Tour in 15 degree with a Kuro Kage x-stiff shaft. I will provide most recent driver data and I am just looking for some recommendations what shafts I should try in a fitting session - my coach isnt the best fitter, so I can use some external help ;) thank you very much in advance. I am a scratch golfer playing 30+ tournament rounds per year. Conditions are mostly rather soft. 1. existing set up? TM M5 10.5 playing at the lowest setting. Speeder 7
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