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  1. Getting new Callaway Jaws wedges and trying to decide if I should go with the stock shafts or match my C-Taper Lites. Old Cleavland CBX wedges have 115g shafts and worked OK. Callaway’s stock offering are TT DG S200 115g weight.
  2. I am still using a Kusala Blue in my driver, now a Ping G400 LST, and have yet to find anything that’s better for me. Flex rating is 5544. I’ve had it in three different drivers over the last 8 years or more and have tried a bunch of newer offerings with little success. Would love to find something that works as well as I assume that it will eventually fail if I keep changing the adapters.
  3. I replaced my IS-K’s with the original P790’s and my handicap has gone from 10 to 4 in two seasons. Still have my old clubs and may take a couple out to see how they work with my improved swing. Biggest adjustment was definitely the change in offset as the ISI-K’s have a ton more than the P790’s. The only thing I don’t like about the new clubs is the turf interaction. Leading edge on the Pings make it much easier to get through the turf if you have a steep angle of attack.
  4. Looking for recommendations for a hybrid shaft that will match up with my iron shafts which are KBS C Taper Lite 105g in P790’s.
  5. The jury is still out on my new 4 & 3 DHY’s with the Diamana Limited shafts. I’ve played two rounds and four practice sessions so far and when hit in the middle of the face with a sweeping swing, they feel and sound great. The slightest steep swing or fat shot produces a horrible feel and clunky sound. Performance suffers greatly with miss hits. Was really hoping that these could replace my old hybrids, but so far, I’m not in love. Currently play original P790’s so I’m thinking that the UDI May be better suited to my swing. Also wondering if the 75g shaft is part of the problem as my irons
  6. Are these meant to be hit more like a fairway wood (sweeping swing), or more like an iron (steeper ascent angle)? Looking for something to replace my old hybrids that's not so spiny for short par 4 tee shots and 2nd shots in to par 5’s. I’m more of a digger than a sweeper so I’m concerned if these would be right for me.
  7. As a follow up, after changing my stroke to a longer, slower stroke than normal for me, I shot a 3 over 74 on Tuesday that included four three putts. All four of those 3 putts were on holes that had notorious pin positions that included significant amounts of break, and we’re at least 30 feet or more in length. Made four birdie putts which is a huge improvement for me and I had a lot more confidence on anything inside of 12 feet. Bottom line is that I will keeping the Vault 2.0 in play and figure out a way to spend more time on the practice green each week.
  8. Practiced today for a couple of hours using a number of different balls and found that it really didn’t make any difference except for maybe the sound a firmer cover makes. Also tried a number of set up changes and found that if I set up with a more open stance like I do on chip shots, putts longer than 20-30 feet were much easier to judge. Thanks for all of the replies, and yes, I agree that practice is probably the best solution.
  9. Currently playing a Ping Vault 2.0 Dale in copper finish that I love BUT, having issues with distance control on our super fast greens. Ball of choice at the moment is the Bridgestone Tour BRX which I would not consider to be soft off the putter face. Question is, am I better off going to a softer ball to get it to come off the putter face a little slower or look for a putter with a softer face insert? I’ve become so afraid of hitting it 6’ past the hole, which causes me to be very tentative, especially on anything even slightly down hill, that I now 3 putt multiple times per round. Have no is
  10. How accurate is it for dialing in short wedge shots? I’ve been working on dialing in two or three stock yardages for each of my wedges, and something like this could be very helpful if it’s indeed accurate.
  11. Played Raptor Bay twice and Old Corkscrew once over the last couple of weeks. Raptor was nice but Corkscrew was better in my opinion. Tough course with VERY fast greens. Booked Corkscrew on line for $160 something. Definitely worth the difference over Raptor Bay.
  12. Thanks! Will send a PM as soon as I figure out our schedule.
  13. Will be in Pelican Landing for the entire month of January and looking for folks to play with. Will likely be able to get out at least a couple times a week. Prefer mornings but day of the week doesn’t matter. The wife will likely make me spend a couple days a week looking at homes for sale as we’re contemplating a second home for the winter months. Would love to try out some of the private clubs as my intention would be to find a place on a course in a gated community. Quick player with a 6 index if it matters.
  14. Leif Erickson at Club Champion! He has been awesome to work with.
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