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  1. I saved a fair amount on a 5-W set of Apex 16’s going through their eBay site earlier in March. Listed as “Like New”, came wrapped in plastic.
  2. Grippy enough for me; I play Lamkin UTX cords. Never really have a slipping problem, even in the rain. Definitely not your traditional glove, as the main material is some sort of spandex/lycra. But incredibly cool and comfortable.
  3. This. Fit39’s stand up to Texas summers and last forever. Just be aware that there are fakes out there, believe it or not (I learned the hard way).
  4. Sure, many times. They weren’t closed for much more than a week, iirc. Flagsticks still stay in, no bunker rakes, but back to two riders per cart. Still the same good course and great greens.
  5. Our group usually plays Pecan Hollow every Sunday am, but because it’s closed indefinitely, we made a trek out to Waterchase. Only ones there when we arrived at sunrise, and the rain stopped just before we teed off. Fantastic course! First time any of us had played there and it beat us up bad; we all shot at least 10+ more than we’re used to. And not an easy course to walk, either... But we really enjoyed it, and will be back again for more punishment maybe until Pecan Hollow opens back up.
  6. I bought two Fit39 gloves in May ‘18 and just replaced them last week; not because I had to, either (structurally fine, just getting grungy looking). I play 50+ rounds a year, have Lamkin UTX cord grips, and don’t take off my glove for the entire round.
  7. Wilson Staff 50 Elite. All around great value ball that’s cheap enough to not worry about losing on stray shots, but good enough to play until you’re a single digit.
  8. Thanks for that! I was hesitant because i thought the white would get dirty easily, but i just bought one because of your info.
  9. Just ordered 6 dozen, thanks! I remember the blem deal, that was a good one as well.
  10. Bought a Garmin X10 gps watch for $99 ($70 off); same day delivery.
  11. In my 15+ years of golf, averaging about a round a week, i’ve never once played solo. I get why people do, and enjoy/prefer it; just not for me. I quite happily could spend hours at the practice area by myself, though...
  12. I also use xpand laces on my golf shoes, got a good deal for multiple sets on their kickstarter campaign a little while ago. I like them a lot, turns my shoes into slip-ons, you can pretty much set them as loose or as tight as you want.
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