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  1. I think he was referring to using his hip rotation(core) to power the swing. It's the swinging a weight on a string idea. The faster you spin it the straighter it goes. moefan
  2. What did he mean when he said "the faster I swing the straighter it goes"? moefan
  3. It has been reported that Ben Hogan walked by Moe Norman one day when Moe was practicing. Ben was heard to remark "Just keep hitting those accidents." What could that mean?
  4. Ben Hogan said " The Secret is in the dirt". Many have said this means driving range practice. I would like to hear other ideas. moefan
  5. Yes I think that's right. I will try this next practice session. Goes well with some other things I'm working on. moefan
  6. Now that looks very interesting! I have noticed that in other players too. I don't know how it's done. moefan
  7. Thanks for your response. I was thinking that all muscles have to contract to move us in any direction. What about his comment that the secret is easy to see if I told you where to look. moefan
  8. Ben Hogan said many things that might be understood in different ways. I won't list them all off but I will start off by asking what does he mean by using the inside muscles to swing a golf club. How does one isolate and activate only those muscles. moefan
  9. I have always wondered how Hogan could have his clubs bent six degrees flat (some say more ) and also have a very down cocked look in his wrists at address. In all the pictures I have seen of him at address the lie of the club looks to be correctly fitted. Made great divots too. Did he have extra long shafts in his clubs? Did he have very long arms? moefan
  10. We have all seen many photos and video of Hogan releasing low and left. In Five Lessons the plate of glass showing the downswing plane is descibed as moving to the right of the backswing plane and the front edge off the ground a little. Sounds like this would produce a high and right release. Any thoughts? moefan
  11. I think this guy swings at 180 degrees away from the target and squares the club with body rotation. Probably not a new idea http://youtu.be/tA3Dqa7ImnI
  12. Could this be a pre torque move twisting the right forearm clockwise against a resisting left forearm?
  13. [quote name='drewspin' timestamp='1298752348' post='3010919'] Can you see it? [/quote] Thanks for postng that. Could you please explain what you are seeing? Thanks moefan
  14. I have never seen this video before. What an amazing example of connecting the right elbow to the right hip. Thanks for posting it. moefan
  15. This book is also interesting for what it does not contain. Many of the "secrets" from other books are never mentioned. moefan
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