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  1. I have hit all 3. I went with the HD in driver, until the UB was released and it replaced the HD. I found the UB was harder to turn over and if I missed left, my miss was less severe. I actually went with the UB-5x in the driver. I found the IZ to work really well in my 4 wood and 7 wood. Felt a little loose in Driver.
  2. Same photo as earlier. Haven’t played a ton of golf since this was taken (September 9th), so it’s a good representation of the wear so far.
  3. That is the QPQ finish after about 30 rounds. I didn’t strip the finish, just the white paintfill.
  4. Robert mark https://www.robertmarkgolf.com/collections/mallet-putter-covers
  5. Loving the 5x so far. At 59 grams it’s not that far off from some lighter “60” class shafts.
  6. Bump, just ordered four covers from Dormie. How are yours holding up, @mattseb ?
  7. The UB and the Ventus Blue are in the same ballpark with the Ventus having a stiffer tip.
  8. Just a thought, you could try the AD-HD 5x (which is 61g).
  9. Yes, dry clean only. The RLX ones are “washable cashmere” and I’ve had success washing them in laundry bags on delicate, then laying them out to dry...
  10. Member guest earlier this year had Greyson as the swag partner. I went with the Koko Hoodie. Just got it, it’s just as nice as my RLX cashmere hoodies.
  11. If it’s in stock it’s a quick turnaround. Custom orders are a different story.
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