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  1. I have the HD in driver and IZ in 4 wood, 7 wood and hybrid. Can’t go wrong with the IZ or the DI. I tried both and had better dispersion with the IZ but (marginally) better feel with the DI. I went with the IZ for the tighter dispersion. Both IZ and DI felt better than Ventus blue imho.
  2. Ereim


    I believe they are for the TSi2 Fairway
  3. Ereim


    Ordered it through my club. I think any club with a Titleist account can order them.
  4. Ereim


    Weight kit did the trick for my TSi3!
  5. I am in love with my new SM8’s, but I had them shipped stock directly to Will Peoples and he installed the shaft I wanted and bent the heads to my specs.
  6. As much as the shaft, look at the driver head too. Go with a higher loft and crank it down to open the face.
  7. Ereim

    2 ball ten

    Rolling her well so far
  8. I just went through a shuffle at the top of my bag. Old setup went Driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid 5 iron... New setup is: Driver 4 Wood (16.5* @ 15.75*) 5 Wood (21*) 4 Hybrid (24*) 5 Iron (26*)
  9. I opted for a 3-wood, 5-wood, 24* hybrid. It was the best setup for gapping at the top of my bag. I would have gone with the TSi3 hybrid if they made it in 24*, but had to go with TSi2 hybrid since that wasn’t an option.
  10. Only about 110 on driver SS. I’ve had to retire them after 18 holes each time. Don’t think I’ve hit any cart paths, but maybe a tree limb in one of my rounds. I’m on sleeve 3 of my first box already since getting the 4 for 3 box deal. Kind of nervous as I have new wedges being put into play tomorrow. Played yellow Pro V1’s all season last year, this year I switched to White Pro V1’s.
  11. Playing the 2021 Pro V1 this season.... The cover is definitely not as durable as last years from what I can tell. Anyone else have the same experience?
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