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  1. Ereim

    New ProVs

    When do they have the buy 3 dozen get 1 deal again?
  2. NDMC +4 Align up until my wedges. Just wish they made it in more colors like the other NDMC grips.
  3. Where does dude work that his inventory management system is so trash those have just been sitting there
  4. My club pro said he could order through their Titleist account.
  5. I tried the IZ in both driver and 3 wood. Kept it in the 3 wood and went with an AD HD in the driver. Didn’t hit the VR but the HD is worth taking a look at if you’re in that space.
  6. I quit TG after a year, just don’t travel enough to use it. In one year I had 25+ requests to play my club, and I hosted one request. I like the concept and would revisit if I travel more in the future, but it got rather annoying having to reply to so many requests when I never once sent a request.
  7. Preferably head only, but I’m open to all offers!
  8. found the Adams this reminds me of in the garage! New TM obviously has a more square toe at address, but this was one of my favorite Adams that I played! Will definitely hit these TM when my course opens back up.
  9. Face shape reminds me of one of my favorite Adams hybrids. Can’t remember which one!
  10. TSi2 beat out my Sim Max. First Titleist driver that will grace my bag since 2010.
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