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  1. I liked it but have moved on to a new combo for 2021. Graphite Design Tour AD HD in driver, Tour AD IZ in 3 wood.
  2. 1) Titleist TSi2 10* - $old 2) Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6s. Plays 45” - $old 3) Titleist TSi3 9* - $old 4) Graphite Design Tour AD-HD 6s. Plays 45” - $old 5) Odyssey Triple Track Ten. Plays 33” - $175
  3. Oh lord, haven’t added it up yet… This year is a bit excessive, but I’d guess around 2k average per year. SM8’s ~ $600 TSi2 Driver ~ $831 TSi3 Driver ~ $550 TSi3 Driver ~ $400 TSi2 4 wood ~ $558 TSi2 7 wood ~ $499 TSi2 hybrid ~279 Miura TC-201 QPQ ~ 2275 Will People’s various shafts for above TSi clubs, shafts for SM8’s and club work~ $1250 Odyssey 2-ball tour lined Ten ~ $360 I think that’s ~ $7,602 so far this year. Don’t tell my wife.
  4. I have the s400 black onyx in my Slate blue wedges. I’m happy to snap a photo this week (I leave my sticks at my club). Best I have now is a photo of them in the bag, which might be helpful if you haven’t seen the Slate blue in person!
  5. Ereim

    7 wood

    I went with the same shaft (graphite design tour AD IZ) in both 4 wood and 7 wood.
  6. I have the HD in driver and IZ in 4 wood, 7 wood and hybrid. Can’t go wrong with the IZ or the DI. I tried both and had better dispersion with the IZ but (marginally) better feel with the DI. I went with the IZ for the tighter dispersion. Both IZ and DI felt better than Ventus blue imho.
  7. Ereim


    I believe they are for the TSi2 Fairway
  8. Ereim


    Ordered it through my club. I think any club with a Titleist account can order them.
  9. Ereim


    Weight kit did the trick for my TSi3!
  10. I am in love with my new SM8’s, but I had them shipped stock directly to Will Peoples and he installed the shaft I wanted and bent the heads to my specs.
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