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  1. I was lucky enough to get an ace in our member-member, but it was in the Modified Chapman format day of a 3-day tourney. We have a hole-in-one "fund" we pay into that pays out those that get one that year. I was told I wouldn't be eligible for that since it wasn't in the course of a stroke play 18 hole round, which I think is a little questionable given apparently the USGA recommends recognizing a hole-in-one when it occurs in match play or a scramble. I had 7 witnesses and it was a tourney with like 150 players. Thoughts on if I have a legitimate grievance? Seems a little petty to me.
  2. It's not a difficult head at all. Play the 13.5 set to 12.5 and have no problem hitting off the deck. Great club. Enjoy!
  3. Edel digger grind has tons of bounce, however I have not liked them on full shots because they spin a lot and my distance control isn't great with them. Love them on less than full shots and great in soft conditions though.
  4. Another vote for Ping G LS. I could not turn this over to save my life but hook every other club but the driver. Was not for me as my misses were off the planet right (yes, I need lessons to fix this yada yada). Would serve someone with a left miss with the driver well though I think.
  5. 13 or 16 model? Pretty sure 13 if those are the orange.
  6. I picked up a set off eBay for $275 (5-PW) with KBS tour stiff shafts to have a more forgiving offering while playing less through the PNW endless winter, coming from Hogans. I've had some of the best iron striking rounds with these. Flight a little high but holds line well, I'd probably prefer C-taper but the price was great and I've been very happy. I had a set of MX-300s back in the day and these are not dissimilar, great forged feel with plenty of forgiveness. Last three rounds have been 75, 80, 78 with some short birdie looks thanks to the irons (6 index) which are solid rounds for me, particularly in the mud.
  7. Great head but not for those who miss right. That's my miss with the driver and I had to put it in the penalty box.
  8. They had zero subzeros in stock at Puetz superstore in Seattle today, just beat up demo heads in 9* and 10.5*. Never seen that before there. Only a few of the standard Epics in RH, a few more in lefty. Nonetheless after a fitting I ended up ordering the SZ 10.5 with Rogue Max 75S as I was getting ridiculous #s for me. Reading this thread has me a little worried now, particularly if the Rogue Max is an issue. Still worth it if the results transfer to the course though.
  9. The tour spoon is such a great club. Nothing can kick the 13* TS with Kaili out of my bag.
  10. Another vote for the Apex. I also usually like heavier shafts in hybrids but the Kuro Kage 80 has worked out well for me with this; Callaway seems to have some heavier options available as well. I've also gotten along well with the RBZ stage 2 tour in the past, as well as with the RIP alpha 105 shaft that you like in your current hybrid, so that would be a cheap experiment, but I think the Apex is a great head. Can be had for reasonable on their preowned website.
  11. These are money. Got a 62 digger grind thinking it would be a good winter/wet weather wedge here in the PNW but found that it is great from tight lies as well provided one engages the bounce. Had a ton of tight lies today at Chambers Bay and was pulling off great shots that surprised me, never would have considered pulling lob wedge from some of the lies with other wedges due to confidence. Also great cutting through rough and from a variety of bunker lies. Have a 56 on the way now as well. These are knocking Hogan TKs out of my bag (at least the high loft ones- still like the Hogan 46-50 for full shots). If you're a player that likes to use the bounce I can't think of a better wedge/grind combo.
  12. Keep going back to my RBZ stage 2 tour TS with a Kaili 80 S. Have bought many 3 woods since and it just works for me.
  13. Sound and feel are both better on the G LS.
  14. Have both G30 LS and G LS, and the G LS sounds and feels way better for me. Maybe 5 yards longer for me on my home course on solid hits with same shaft (House of Forged Express). Both very forgiving but I prefer the look of the G. I personally think the G30 is more right biased than the G, this feels a little straighter and I just have more confidence in it so far. Both great drivers though. I only "upgraded" after winning some $ during a recent club tourney so I could hide the purchase from my wife.
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