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  1. I’ll try and keep it short, I’m a 9.5 hcp who has been playing well with a low round of 75 this year. I’ve come close to shooting par a few times and can’t close in the last 3-5 holes. So just recently got a new driver marvik subzero(not saying this is way) over my ts2 and distance is a big increase for me and the game has been solid. Didn’t play a tough course wetlands in md and the front 9 I made 2 birdies and an eagle and 1 bogey on 9 to finish with my personal best 33. back 9 I start with a birdie then hole 11 a massive tree in the middle I smoke a driver nice little draw and
  2. Had a ts2 and recently did several days of testing both indoor and outdoor with the tsI3, sim and mavrik subzero. For me hands down the mavrik sub was a clear winner, then sim and for new clubs tsi3 was last. The tsi3 actually gave me a touch more distance then the sim but I struggled with strike. When I caught the tsi3 it was right up there with the subzero I just couldn’t consistency keep the results up.
  3. I agree I just spent the last few days hitting my ts2 vs sim vs mavrik sub vs ping lst vs tsi3. Both inside and outside and the subzero was a clear winner. Now they all easily beat out my ts2, the ping wasn’t far ahead but the others were much better fit for me
  4. Just curious if Callaway is going to be replacing the mavrik in 2021. I’m looking to get the subzero and hate to purchase at full price
  5. Titleist TS2 9.5 degree, 6.0 hzrdous smoke stiff shaft which is 1/2 inch shorter then standard. $230 shipped or will consider driver trade. Prefer marvik subzero, sim or tsi3 TM m4 3 wood with 6-S shaft. $115 shipped Cleveland smart sole 3 basically brand new gap wedge, just not for me. $80 shipped cleveland cbx2 54 degree, asking $75 shipped
  6. Didn’t have much time today but managed about 30 swings total with my ts2, tsi3 and sim. Now my swing as of late has been kinda awful and I just finished up with a 5 rd trip to myrtle but of course my last round was the worst and it has seemed to carry over. So at least I’ll get to see what the drivers can do. I don’t have a High SS mid to high 90s. my ts2: first swing of course I hit it good 239 carry nice draw, made me giggle but then I started with over draws. I know more swing flaw then driver. Carry dropped about 15 yds. sim: actually loved the feel and sound, I adjust
  7. Curious if anyone has been out there testing the newer drivers or even last years models and if there was any increase over the ts2. I play a draw but if the swing is off I’ll fight a hook or push that day. Looking for a more fade bias driver
  8. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 in excellent condition 33” with Cameron oversized grip just put on a week ago. I still have the original pistol grip it came with. Asking $300 shipped
  9. As some of you i recently had a post with the topic of non-fitted vs fitted irons. not to get all into it again but it was mainly a test i did with my current fitted spec'ed out set of jpx 919 hm kbs c-taper lite 110 stiff, 2 flat vs my buddies rogue x irons. the performance was quite different and it helped me decide to locate a set of rogue x irons in light stiff steel no adjustments or anything. not gonna lie a set of rogue x irons to buy at the local stores proved to be difficult and i had to travel close to 50 miles to get a set. needless to say i have purchased and am updating on the rou
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