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  1. I have to look to see It should cause I have to mark it every hole, I would think it tracks. That’s gonna be my goal today lol
  2. That’s where I thought I was lacking. It’s funny my driver is usually really hot or just shakey. I actually struggle off tee on par 5s, trying to get at it too much I would assume. It’s funny how my scores are relatively consistent my game is not, I will have different parts of my game clicking at one time but will always struggle in one area.
  3. So I just logged round 76 since I had my skycaddie 500. And just started to access my sky golf 360 and wanted to see stats verse my handicap. My low round was at a familiar course and that was 71(-1) and my high round 93 a course unfamiliar and hates the setup lol. the stats it shows is a scoring avg of 85, 360 handicap of 5.5, 40% of fairways hit, 41% gir and 1.9 putts. Now I did play in two other golf leagues that just tracked my handicap regarding those rounds. The one is a league that plays the same course and I’m 4.4, the other is a traveling league and I play 12 courses with most of them being new to me and I’m a 10.5. just seeing if stats match with handicap, me personally I feel like I scramble. I do tend to struggle more if I can’t get off the tee. Driver is mavrik subzero my SS is 97-103 pending day and have realized I’m either really solid with it or just bad . Maybe time for driver fitting
  4. mdhacker123

    Cobra 3d

    Any longtime reviews since these putters first came out. Currently gaming og odyssey 7 not unhappy but not in love lol
  5. Realistically will there be any difference comparing the mavrik subzero verse the new sim2 or new Callaway drivers. Has anyone tested. im intrigued as I’m a drawer of the ball and will have my worst misses left or a block. I read that the new max ls from Callaway has the moving weight to help and the sim2 of you deloft the club becomes fade bias. has anyone compared
  6. Like new only used 4 times outside, just not for me. 34.5 inch, 69 degree lie, kbs black shaft with upgraded press no. II 3 grip. New retail this putter is $569. Pictures will speak for themselves. If you would like anymore pics let me Know. Asking $425 shipped
  7. Very true I will add pic, did not even think of that.
  8. Practically brand new Evnroll 1TS 34in only used a few rounds. Asking$250 shipped
  9. Soooooooooooooo major update well for me. So golf game is in a great spot, putting could be better but overall very happy with game. Played a local course called Ruggles not difficult but long on paper and I know it well. Last week conditions were soggy with winter rules with left clean and place when need, which was a lot. I hit 8 fairways and 15 greens, 28 putts. I made sure not to pay attention to my score. Hole 16 a shorter par 5 that I’ve played well dogleg left so it fits my shot shape from tee. Well I proceed to go left in the trees, 2nd shot good punch out thru trees and clear all but 1 and it middled it and actually goes 30yds behind me. 3rd shot from a mile away i fat 4wood, 4th shot 226yd to pin I block 4 wood to trees right but pin high. 5th shot Hit a low chip and proceeded to hole it for par. Avoided my nemesis a blowup in last 3 holes. Proceeded to par 17th missing a 7 ft birdie and got up and down for par on 18 for a 71, -1 under. Still haven’t shot par but I’ll take 1 under. I am putting an asterisk with the winter rules but still struck it well and got the ball in the hole.
  10. Play to a 9hcp and not a bad putter( at times)44 rounds played and I average 1.8 putts per hole each round, however if I hit a GIR I average 2.1 putts on those. My low end was 26 putts and high end 38 in a round. Now I’ve been cross grip for cpl of years and from 15ft and in I’m pretty confident in holing it. My issue is longer putts cross grip I will tend to be off with my speed and have to grind on 5-7 fters. So last 2 rds i tried conventional with decent results. 28 putts( good short game day)and 32 putts. No 3 putts so I immediately notice my speed and lags putts were better but the 7-15 fters I definitely am not making. Perfect example was the round with 32 putts, back 9 I had 4-5 birdie putts that ranged in that 7-15 ft range and made one. Will trying to put conventional on longer putters and go cross grip on shorter putts cause any issues for those that tried ?
  11. I’ll try and keep it short, I’m a 9.5 hcp who has been playing well with a low round of 75 this year. I’ve come close to shooting par a few times and can’t close in the last 3-5 holes. So just recently got a new driver marvik subzero(not saying this is way) over my ts2 and distance is a big increase for me and the game has been solid. Didn’t play a tough course wetlands in md and the front 9 I made 2 birdies and an eagle and 1 bogey on 9 to finish with my personal best 33. back 9 I start with a birdie then hole 11 a massive tree in the middle I smoke a driver nice little draw and of course hit the tree and make bogey. I ended up making a double bogey on 14th missed a 3 footer. Go into 18 even par, tee shot is to a narrow fairway with hills and trees left and water right. I could hit driver through fw so I hit 5 iron and did not catch it. It hits in the rough and ran towards the water. My buddy finds it and I’m not at the edge with a miracle shot needed. I take an unplayable and make double to finish :(. Closest I ever came to shooting par. Shooting a 73 Lucky I took unplayable cause I put a ball in that lie and was not able to do anything with it and would made at least a triple
  12. Had a ts2 and recently did several days of testing both indoor and outdoor with the tsI3, sim and mavrik subzero. For me hands down the mavrik sub was a clear winner, then sim and for new clubs tsi3 was last. The tsi3 actually gave me a touch more distance then the sim but I struggled with strike. When I caught the tsi3 it was right up there with the subzero I just couldn’t consistency keep the results up.
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