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  1. #1 Titleist TS4 8.5 head - Sold #2 Titleist 917 D3 9.5 head - 150.00 shipped #3 Project X HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 shaft with OEM Titleist adapter 44.5 inches - 70.00 shipped #4 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80X with OEM Titleist adapter 44.25 inches - Sold #5 Fujikura Speeder 757 EVO II with OEM Titleist adapter 43.5 inches - SOLD If you need more picture or want to bundle something send me a PM. Thanks
  2. ABOUT YOU =========================== CITY, STATE: Rochester, MN HANDICAP: 9.5 ROUNDS PER YEAR: 35 HAVE YOU TESTED FOR GOLFWRX BEFORE? NO CURRENT DRIVER MODEL================ BRAND: Titleist LOFT: 9.5 LAUNCH CONDITIONS=================== SWING SPEED: 120 DISTANCE: 290 BALL FLIGHT========================== LAUNCH EXAMPLES: MID CURRENT PREDOMINATE SHOT PATTERN: Straight DESIRED PATTERN: Straight SHAFT================================ MODEL: Graphite design BB WEIGHT: 76 SPECS================================ FLEX: X-flex LENGTH: 45.25
  3. Up for sale today 3 items. Sorry for the crappy pictures. If you need better pictures or have any questions let me know. Thanks David 1. Graphite Design Tour ADDI 7x with OEM Titleist adapter. Measures 44.25 plays 45.25 in Titleist head. Brand new Lamkin Ace 3 gen grip. Sold 2. Aldila Rip Phenom 70 stiff flex with OEM Titleist adapter. Used stock Titleist Golf Pride grip. Factory length. Sold 3. Aldila Rip Alpha 70 gram X-stiff flex with OEM Titleist adapter. Used Golf Pride Multi Decade whiteout grip. Factory length. SOLD
  4. I thought that was you. I like the looks of the new bridgestones. I used the J36CB for a while, I am playing Adams CMB currently.
  5. X-Flex please. Fitting Results Motore Speeder 757 FUEL 70 Motore Speeder VC7.2 Motore Speeder VC7.2 TS EXS 7.2 EXS 8.2
  6. [color=#282828]Speeder 757 tipped 1/2", X flex to play 45" 913 D3 9.5 [/color] [color=#282828]Thanks [/color]
  7. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/104872/jimmy-walker-witb/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/104872/jimmy-walker-witb/[/url]
  8. Live stream. [url="http://firstrowus.eu/watch/198543/1/watch--pga-tour:-wgc-bridgestone-invitational---day-2-.html"]http://firstrowus.eu...l---day-2-.html[/url]
  9. hintzd

    Michigan Trip

    Sounds good. The highland is east not west from the island casino. I'm heading up there in two weeks. Sweetgrass has the symetra tour out there the same weekend we are going. We are going to check out greywalls. Should be fun.
  10. hintzd

    Michigan Trip

    Highland golf course is about 10 minutes from the Island resort. Head west on highway 41. Its on the right hand side. When are you headed up there? [url="http://www.highlandgolfclub.net/"]http://www.highlandgolfclub.net/[/url]
  11. hintzd

    Michigan Trip

    Headed up that way in 2 weeks. Staying at the island resort and playing Sweetgrass. We also play the Highland golf club. This year we are making the drive up to Marquette to play Grey Walls. I hear it is a nice course with some cool views. David
  12. I am out of town that weekend. Please keep me posted on future outings.
  13. Sorry, I have to back out. I just realized that I am oncall that week. So I cant be too far away. I hope you guys have a good time. David
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