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  1. All prices are shipped (continental US only) using USPS priority shipping. PayPal only payments accepted. I have a flawless feedback here over the last 12 years,just havent sold much lately..thanks Pitetti Cottonwood 2- 33.75” black pvd shaft,Scotty Cameron studio design Winn style pistol grip. 375 gram head. No nicks or abuse at all. Very nice condition. Looks like the original owner may have done a white paint fill on the lions ( I’ve never seen the white before on a stock offering) and some is coming off on the bottom lion,but that’s an easy fix to remove completely. Phenomenal putter.
  2. Thank you! Definitely is a fun little project to do!
  3. I stripped it down to where the dye will penetrate the leather and then I use an acrylic sealer to help protect from scratches and keep a little waterproofing still.
  4. I’ve been doing shoe customizations for a while now. But mostly on dress shoes and sneakers. Decided to do a couple pairs of my boost golf shoes with leather shoe dye.went for a bit of a patina on each. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. keep in mind some surprises may come up too. The current club may have a tip weight in it already to be at the swing weight its currently at. So you may have to account for that also
  6. Try anything from Galvin Green,it’s phenomenal and all of their stuff is on the slim side
  7. I Have the 56/10 its solid (not raw,satin chrome) . Not clicky at al,very pure and soft. the M grind is so playable. I will be upgrading my 60 too(TVD sm5 M grind), first thing ive found to kick it out of the bag. As far as the top line being thick,it doesn't look that way from address, but when you see it from behind i can see how you that would be said and how it might be hard to get that out of your head (only negative,if there is one).
  8. Couple things to clear out . Shipping is included in the price and I ship quickly usually next day after payment and I use USPS priority (assuming post office is open ). I don't need anything right now, no trades . I have perfect feedback here and want this stuff gone quick!! My prices are generally fair, if half of what I'm asking is what you think it's worth, then it's probably not for you ���� needs to sell ASAP 1. Brand new Callaway Rogue 3wd regular flex never hit won it at a tournament out of town and have no use for it. It's immaculate . No headcover but I will throw in this Utah Ut
  9. Sorry, was at a restaurant . You came Over first , sent you my PayPal info
  10. Just moving a few things I have out. I will ship usps (all prices include shipping). Only accept PayPal . Always open to trades, but there isn't anything specific I need . PM with any questions. I'll ship same day as payment (assuming post office is open still , if not, next day) my feedback has always been good.. thanks 1. M2 10.5 driver. Brand new Mitsubishi Tensi shaft stiff flex. It's the shaft form the new M3 I got. Also included is the head cover form the M3. Standard length , no idiot marks , still In solid shape. SOLD 2. SM6 58* M grind wedge black finish .Condition is almost
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