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  1. Thanks for the pics! Where is the range finder pocket (magnetic closure)? I thought it was the pocket above the ball pocket, but then you described that as “The small pocket above the ball pocket is just the right size for tees and ball markers.” (And it looks to be a zipper rather than magnetic). Thanks for the pics and info @Jarlaxle!!
  2. I'll add a few thoughts: Initiation fees (as of my last investigation about a year ago) are small to non-existent at Indian Springs and Meadowbrook, and with some incentives offered are less than the sticker price of $5,000 at Golf Club of Oklahoma Meadowbrook (new entrant on the list) is in the same ballbark cost as Indian Springs, and is now sort of semi-private as you can book tee times on Golf Now. Good location, decent golf course, but there are rumors it will be shutdown and redeveloped as housing. (These rumors are now 2+ years on, so hard to tell what's really going
  3. So I went out today for a chipping and putting comparison between the Kirkland "v2.0" and Srixon XV. On the putting green the Kirkland had a slightly softer feel than the Srixon. I couldn't tell that there was much of a performance difference (ie the Srixon putts did not seem to roll farther). Similar issue with chipping and pitching. I could not tell a spin difference between the Srixon XV and Kirkland Performance v2.0, both spun moderately. With this test, I'm not seeing any meaningful difference between the two. Anxious to try full swings, particularl
  4. They have the v2.0 ball, wedge set, and putter in the Tulsa, OK Costco. I like a firmer lower spinning ball, but I grabbed a box. Can’t pass up a “tour quality” ball for $1 each. @TonytheTiger, I guess I’ve got a ball and glove deal with Kirkland! Two dozen balls and four gloves for <$50 is hard to beat. I’ll report back with some thoughts and maybe some comparisons to a zstar xv.
  5. I can't give you a direct comparison to the Snell MTB-X, but I bought two dozen Maxfli Tour-X (when they were 2 for $35 earlier this year ... kicking myself for not buying more!). I was very happy with their performance, no noticeable distance difference between Bridgestone Tour B X and Srixon Z-star XV (which I had played most often before), lots of spin on full shots (backing up wedges a few feet, longer irons staying where they land), and plenty of grab on chips and pitches. I think this is the best deal in golf ... and if they ever go back to 2 for $35, I'm loading up. I would note, I d
  6. it's been a few years, but when I played as accompanies guest I recall something in the $150 range. Not sure what unaccompanied might be, but I would expect quite a bit higher.
  7. Bump. Anyone? Would love some input.
  8. After buying a SLDR 3 wood that I still have and LOVE, I bought a SLDR 460 with the bright green Oban Revenge shaft off of eBay mostly because I had heard so much about Oban shafts and wanted to try one. The combo was ~$100 and it seemed like a steal. (side question: was this a Revenge a 'standard' upgrade shaft at one point or was it a 'made for'? When I bought this there seemed to be a ton of these on Ebay ... maybe ~5 years ago?). I tried the driver a few times right after buying it and the lack of forgiveness took it out of rotation ... even though good strikes were longer than my 8.5* P
  9. Reviving an old thread ... wondering if anyone has current conditions input on Craft Farms and Gulf Shores Golf Club? May hit up one of those next week while in the area. Also, I've played Craft Farms twice, but can never remember which course I played which time (I actually think it was the same one). Anyone have a recommendation between the two?
  10. ... one more bump here before our trip next week. No one every mentions Perdido Bay on this board. Does anyone here have a thought? Current conditions? Perdido Bay vs. Lost Key? Conspicuous by its absence so I'm guessing the opinion is that it trails Lost Key and others.
  11. This is an interesting debate for me. I do think a pro tour where guys only drive the ball 350 and hit lob wedges is less entertaining. I mean was Corey Pavin's 4-wood (or whatever it was) into 18 at Shinnecock not a cool shot to watch? I also get thicker rough and tougher pin placements aren't sure to have the desired effect. Maybe pro courses should be set-up with graduated rough closer to the hole (and or generally narrowing fairways closer to the hole)? We had graduated rought right to left off the fairway (so a slightly errant shot was not punished as much as a more errant shot) ... m
  12. Thanks for the info and the pics, Tim. Looks like a great course. I sent you a PM. Anyone else played these two (Lost Key and/or Pensacola Country Club) and have any thoughts comments?
  13. Newgs, Thanks for the info. We've been to Orange Beach / Gulf Shores before and played Kiva and Peninsula. Those were my two favorite courses when were on that side of Gulf Shores. Hoping to stay a little closer to the condo this time around, so closer to Perdido (or possibly Navarre). Appreciate any other thoughts on PCC. I've never use this reciprocal thing and kind of want to try it out, but it's hard to beat a 5 minute drive to Lost Key.
  14. Hello all, Thinking about a week in Perdido Key and was wondering what the current thinking is on best places to play. Older threads all point to Lost Key (which looks very close to the condo we are looking at so that's great). How are current conditions? Also, wondering what anyone knows about Pensacola Country Club? Recently joined a private club at home, so I think i could go the route of asking my head pro to set-up a round there, but would be interesting to know how inviting (or not) PCC is to reciprocals (and what the guest fee might be). Thanks, OK_Golf
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