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  1. https://www.pinedunes.com/ Fantastic course ... pretty rural.
  2. I played Burnt Pine this past spring and played Raven about 5 years ago. Raven was nice and I would play again. It had a cool look off the tee, bordered by pines with ground off the fairway covered in pine straw in many areas. It was a solid "B" course at the time I played it about five years ago. It hosted a Korn Ferry tour event this year (couple weeks after I was in town this spring), so it must be plenty of golf course from the tips. Burnt Pine is in a different league from a conditioning standpoint and I enjoyed it very much. It was fun and interesting, mix of length on holes. Some good bunkering and places you have thread tee shots or approached due to water. I would say its the best course I've played between San Destin and Orange Beach, AL (though I'm only comparing to Raven, Emerald Bay, and Regatta Bay). I've heard good things about Kelly, but have no first hand knowledge. If you're willing to drive ~30 minutes and shell out ~$200+, and have connections with a private club you may be able to play Camp Creek near Seacrest. It tops Burnt Pine (IMHO) and is my favorite course in the area (many folks on this board call it the best course in the panhandle area). I played it several years ago when staying in a rental associated with the company that owns the club (St Joes). This year we weren't in a St Joe rental, so I tried to have my pro arrange a tee time. He was turned down (they said they had limited times due to construction work on facilities there and were prioritizing members ... not sure if my pro just didn't have the stroke or if they really were turning most outside play away). Another long drive is Windswept Dunes (~30 minutes inland back-up to Freeport). Its a fun course, wide fairways, multi-tiered greens. Looks a little "link-sy" but the two times I've played it has been pretty soggy (so it doesn't play like a links). I would call it a good fit for higher handicappers because the fairways are wide and they have six sets of tees from ~5,200 yards all the way back to ~7,700 yds, so you could more length if you want it and they could play shorter tees if needed. They don't have much in the way of facilities like restaurant or clubhouse, but they have a great practice area (range and short-game). Conditions were less than perfect last time I was there (this spring), but i remember them being great the first time I played (a few years ago). So in summary I would rank my experiences in the area: 1. Camp Creek 2. Burnt Pine 3. Windswept Dunes 4. Regatta Bay (tough call here, but Regatta edges out Raven mostly on conditions, generally a higher end vibe and a great finishing hole: par 4 with all carry approach shot over water to a dangerous green ... you feel like you played a shot if you're on this one in regulation!) 5. Raven (bit of a weird mix of holes, I feel like there were quite a few really easy holes then the hard holes were really hard ... not much in between. Maybe I'm just an inconsistent golfer! ) 6. Emerald Bay Enjoy you're time out there. I'm anxious to hear how the golf (course conditions) and weather are this time of year. I would love to spend more time in the area and understanding what the fall is like would be good to know!
  3. @Emc894 what's the weight on the canvas? Any different than the 'leather'? Had any experience with due or rain? Does water run off or soak in? How do you like the bag so far? Thanks!
  4. @TheBear95, Great feedback. Thanks for the thorough discussion. How are you liking the Carbon? Appreciate any and all feedback, so keep it coming Wrxers.
  5. Hello all, In the market for a new bag and I'm all over the board. I like the retro "simple" vibe of the Jones Original Carry, but really want a stand mechanism (dew, dirt, and general convenience of a stand). I like the weight of the SM 2.5+ and Mizuno K1-L0, but don't love any of the colorways (and hear people talk about durability issues with them being so light weight). The Hoofer and Hoofer lite seem like decent options, but aren't particularly light (btw, I'm that golfer who rides most of the time, but tells himself he's going to walk more ... so I want the ability to walk with a light bag). So I look at the pics and videos of the Classic Stand bag on Jones website and I like it: the look, the size, the stand. Does anyone have any personal use reviews? I hear lots of discussion of the Utility Trouper and Utility Trouper 2.0 (dual stap and balance are bad, cooler pocket seems to be a love it or hate it thing), but don't hear much on the Classic Stand. Does anyone know if the 3-way divider is full-length or just the top? How does it carry with the single strap? Weight, balance? https://www.jonessportsco.com/collections/stand-bags/products/copy-of-classic-stand-bag-3?variant=16875629569 Thanks Wrxers!
  6. Just because it’s fun to update (and not because it holds prophetic meaning about the future return of the vaunted 4-piece), but the Tulsa Costco had a full pallet of 3.2s. This was a restock, because several weeks ago there down to about two layers of boxes on a half pallet.
  7. Regarding stock, the 3.2s are getting low at the Tulsa store. Maybe 30 boxes left. First time I’ve seen low stock in quite a while. I bought two boxes.
  8. I just did this comparison for myself over the weekend. Hit some off of a mat with a launch monitor and and then played a few holes with each. For me I came away liking the Sim2 Max better. They performed similarly on well struck shots, though the Sim2 did come out slightly ahead on total distance (maybe 5-10 yards as I try to remember and "average" both launch monitor shots and shots on the course). Regarding the "soft feel" comment for the TSi2, I would agree, it feels softer and maybe even a little more pleasing. For me that came mostly from the sound difference (a lower thud from the Titleist and a higher pitched 'ting' from the Sim2). The Sim2 seemed more forgiving to me. It produced a more repeating, higher flight with a consistent draw. I normally hit a draw so I'm not sure if I saw it as 'draw-biased' but it drew more often and more consistently than the TSi2. I think both perform well and probably close enough that its hard to go wrong, but I'm favoring the Sim2 Max at this point. Filter all of this knowing that I am about ~8 HC who struggles to consistently hit a three wood off the ground really well (like my driver abilities and a 2 hybrid I have but the 3 wood is a hole i need some help filling). The Sim2 Max gave me some confidence and performed pretty darn well.
  9. @bgeorge24 thanks so much … exactly the sort of thing I was wanting to understand.
  10. Hey cbbaron, Thanks for dropping by ... yes, I was hoping to get some intel on both recommendations for good private courses to consider and any help in setting my expectations (ie don't try Desert Highlands they are very restrictive or Troon CC doesn't allow unaccompanied guests, even with a call from your pro so that's a dead end ... or hopefully responses on the positive side: XYZ club is a great course and they have a pretty accommodating reciprocal policy in the summer, give it a shot). A ton of views on this topic is great, but appreciate anyone who can provide insights. if you prefer to PM me that's great, too. Thanks all for any input you have.
  11. Hello GolfWRX community, I'll be heading to the Scottsdale area the week of the 4th of July, and wonder what the experts would suggest are good spots to check out on the private side. I've spent time on the forums and heard all the talk on good publics, but very little on privates. I'm also not sure how far "up the food chain" I could go with it being summer. So would appreciate any feedback from folks who have an idea of how open the reciprocal policies are. I would say my club is basically a middle of the road private club, nothing "top 100" or anything. Of course, I'll ultimately ask my pro to set something up, but wanted to narrow down the universe (based on good courses and potential for success on the reciprocal side), before approaching him. I guess the "big game" like Estancia would be amazing, and I see just using Google maps that places like Troon CC and Desert Highlands are close to where we are staying, but again I have not idea what's really possible and what's not. Appreciate any input.
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