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  1. Just realized original photo of bottom of SIM2 came out funky. Bottom is pretty clean
  2. 2 Driver Heads is all that is left 1st up is a SIM 2 9 degree head only. Used it for about 10 rounds. 250.00 shipped includes brand new headcover & wrench still in plastic SLDR 10.5 50.00 Shipped
  3. my best trip to Bandon was in April. Lots and lots of sunscreen! (even if its cloudy)
  4. I have been there when it blew 40 and your bag had to be laid down. The key is to keep hood downwind. It straps onto your bag so its not going anywhere but it may go full on Sister Bertrille (f you are over 50, you get it) on you if you stand it up facing a gale force wind. If it is blowing 40, all bets are off and you are going to be soaked no matter what kind of rain gear you have on.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Rain-Wedge-Easy-Access-Cover/dp/B000BT7E8Q/ref=asc_df_B000BT7E8Q/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312090062109&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=34097011694223105&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031519&hvtargid=pla-451241333415&psc=1 The best $20 any golfer who goes to Bandon will ever spend. Fits on any type of bag and way better than zipping on and zipping off every hole. Bet part is, when the rain stops, you can fold it up and stuff it in side pocket
  6. I played Portstewart in August and the first 4 holes are unreal. Enjoyed the entire day there!
  7. Been twice in November and have had one nasty day in 8. I am there the 7th thru the 11th. Only bummer is its the day after the daylight change so it gets dark early but the rates are pretty attractive. I will have pants, shorts and rain gear and will probably use/need all 3
  8. My wife drove the first green on Trails from the forward tees and had a blast (eagle putt came up 6 inches short). She is similar that she does not want to get in the way and feels self conscious but as others have stated, Bandon has a much more laid back vibe. Sometimes she plays (if the weather is right,) other times she chills with a good book and a cup of tea. We have been to several top resorts and Bandon just does not have that snob feel that some do. The fact that they do not are if there are walkers along, tells you how different they are.
  9. 4 of us just booked Lawsonia, EH, SV & WS for first week of June 2022. Can't wait to experience it!
  10. I played with 2 old guys last year who said they always fly into Medford, spend night and drive the 3 hrs, have a nice meal and tee off around noon. I am going in February with 2 nephews who live in Idaho and I am flying into Medford and they are picking me up and driving in early the next morn. They have 4 wheel drive so should be ok. I had never thought of it before I met those old dudes. Takes the panic out of it. I have literally been eating a Big Mac, changing into shorts or pants due to weather, driving one handed like a BOOH to make a tee time from either Eugene or NB instead of just chilling and enjoying it all.
  11. Spread my ashes on the Klondyke is the message I have given to my children. Lahinch is Heaven anyway
  12. Sheep Ranch is fastest pace of play in my experience at Bandon. Last year I was out on 17 by myself when it became too dark to play. Had quiet peaceful walk in. If it i a sunny day, you have a fighting chance to finish. Its so beautiful there, enjoy the solitude either way. Use your phone light to make your way back to parking lot.
  13. I'm there that exact same time as you with one of my large group trips. Favorite time of year to go. Longer days so 36 no problem. You will get room situation worked out. I have done similar thing as you, just call them once a month and you can move tee times up as they get cancellations. I had a 4 day trip where I had one room for one night, no room, a different room then no room and as it got closer, we got same room, same room same room & same room with no changes. I even got all my tee times adjusted so we had 36 no issue w the daylight short. They are so great to work with. I am going in February with 2 nephews who have never been and are jonesing to the point of nausea. We only have a room for 1 of the 3 nights as of now but I am sure it will work out. Issue is they have to flip coin for who gets the other bed! I told them not to lose site of one thing and one thing only: We are going to Bandon!!!!1
  14. 2 can get out. Won't get to play 36 unless you are really lucky but you will play.
  15. I leave my 60, gap wedge & 3 wood home when I go. Hit knock downs with PW on in between shots. I find that the down wind holes are reachable with a 7 wood and the headwind holes are 3 shot'rs no matter how hard you swing. I love the challenge of having to flight the ball. A small ultra light bag with only 11 clubs is ideal for 36 (I have carried for as many as 67 in one day) I have been several times as a single (even in high season) and you can always get out earlier than the time they assign you. Just ask them to look at tee sheet in BD pro shop upon arrival and they should be able to take care of you. I am going next month with my best friend of 45 years. His first trip after hearing me rave for the last 8 years. Will be interesting to hear what his favorites are. My list changes every trip. Now I don't rank them 1-6, I theme them and even that changes every trip Pacific-Best Test (You must stay focused the entire round or it will bite you) Trails-Most Authentic ( I think it is the finest golf course I have ever played and it doesn't need to be on beach) Old Mac-Most Imagination ( Sometimes gets a bad rap. This is the golf course that truly made me fall in love with links golf. ) Sheep-Most Scoreable (If you catch it on a day with no wind, you can shoot a good score & the views are not too bad) BD-Best Experience (My favorite golf course in the world) Preserve-Most joy (play this with your buddies and tell me you have had more fun on a golf course...ever!)
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