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  1. Looking for gently used 7 wood. Prefer Diamana 75 stiff to match my 4 wood
  2. Eugene is the best place to fly into. Lots of connections from diff cities. Can't state enough how important it is to use Ship Stix. Resort will have them ready for you as soon as you arrive and make it really easy to ship home after your last round. My buddy got to Bandon ok thru SFO but his clubs did not arrive for 2 days. Trip of a lifetime, don't try to do it on the cheap. Every golfer who loves golf needs to experience Bandon. I tell my wife not t buy me anything for my birthday or Christmas. Just let me go to Bandon! It is that special
  3. I have played 150-180 rounds a year for 20 plus year and have never had one...UNTIL MONDAY!!!! Temecula Creek Inn Stonehouse #5 7 iron, uphill 157 yards
  4. I have about 10 pair of Ecco's. I am 56 but gave both my 20 something aged sons a pair for Christmas and they wear them and love them as their old man does.
  5. I would just show up and go into pro shop and have them get you out on whatever is available, Whichever course they put you on will be on your all time list of courses. That is the beauty of the place. All 5 courses are the best...in their own way. One you play one, you will plan a return trip that you can take more time and play them all. Once you do that, you will be able to decide for yourself which one is the best. Your list will change with each subsequent trip. Your list will be different than mine and everyone else's. That is the beauty of the place. I am going net week and my list w
  6. I just booked solo trip July 20-21-22. Flying thru SFO into N Bend and taking shuttle to resort. 18 Monday afternoon on Bandon, then 54 on Tuesday Pac Dunes, Sheep Ranch & Old Mac then Wed morn on Trails before heading back to airport for journey home. My wife won't even notice I was gone! Have done Long Range sport fishing as a solo but this will be my first golf adventure by myself. Looking forward to meeting new interesting people who share my passion for this great game! Just bought "Scotland's Gift" to read on plane and in my room, Considering my last trip included a 14 hour drive, th
  7. Go when you can go. You will drive yourself crazy if you try and pick the perfect time to go based on weather. I have played in shorts in November and March and it can blow 50 in July or August. Weather is just part of the experience. I cannot stress enough the importance of having high end rain gear. I know guys who went to Bandon once with cheap windbreakers who had miserable trips. I have not had a bad trip and have played in every type of conditions imagineable. I am scheduled to go to Ireland in August. Because of Covid, I am calling the airlines and cancelling today. Hopefully, we will b
  8. Only issue we had was breakfast was a grab and go deal that was not worth 24 bucks. We just made PBJ in our room on home made bread from my wife and ate them at turn of first round every day for our breakfast which was a total winner. Everything else was perfect. Lost parts of 2 toe nails (which happened last year as well-just part of the Bandon experience) and my Big Max Aqua carry bag did not hold up so I am returning it. A couple of seams split. No Covid issues here. We had our masks in case we needed them. (my home course makes us wear them when we play). Everything about the entire exper
  9. 3 guys 13 hours from Temecula. under 2 grand a piece for everything. Last year we flew out of San Diego thru Portland and it was 13 hour door to door. We split the Chrome Loft, I slept on blow up mattress
  10. With our trip in March cancelled as I was walking out the door, I began to watch the resort for news on when they would re open. Originally, we had 8 guys going so with only 3 left, we made the 13 hour drive up from Southern California on Sunday. Drive is not that bad. Takes about the same amount of time as flying from San Diego/Portland then driving down to resort. Driving meant we could bring our own pushcarts and not be limited to what would fit in a travel bag. Arrived at the resort and at check in was told they were at about 40% capacity. In May! As more and more airports get back to norm
  11. A friend and I have trip to NW Ireland last week of August. We didn't book any golf as it is only 2 of us and figured we would wait a bit until we solidified our rota. I think its about a 20% chance we go. I think travel will be back by then but expect some sort of quarantine which obviously doesn't work on an 8 day golf trip. Hopeful but realistic
  12. I am scheduled to fly to Bandon from LAX next Tuesday. If flight gets cancelled, we have motor home full of fuel on standby. If we can get there legally, we are going. I also have a trip to Ireland in August that we are on as scheduled but who knows? My wife and I were in Maui on 9/11 and actually ended up playing the Plantation course the morning of the bombings. Surreal experience for sure. My church is closed indefinitely so I figure there is no place on earth I feel closer to God than on a fairway at Bandon. To go food in my room doesn't bother me at all.
  13. All upcoming events sponsored by the SCGA have been cancelled. We have had so much rain in the last week that our local course is empty except for us hard core walking Gore Tex'ns I am supposed to go to Bandon next week and have fingers crossed. Strange times. No more handshakes or fist bumps. Elbows only and leave the pin in
  14. I leave in 2 weeks for my Bandon Dunes trip and just got the following letter. Thought I would share for those heading there this year. Glad to see them being proactive in dealing with the issue. Dear Participants, On behalf of the staff at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, we look forward to welcoming you for your upcoming visit. The health and safety of our guests is our highest priority and we continue to monitor the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our region. The entire Bandon Dunes Golf Resort team considers your safety a primary concern. The following are increased sanitation measures we
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