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  1. Proud for you Sammy. Loved you then love you now. GJ taught me knuckle fade driver .... it's all I hit now.
  2. My friend's custom one off Odyssey with tour only face ......... oh and he's putting it
  3. This is the revision to the DMD rule for 2016 ..... language seems easier to understand here vs other stuff written by USGA https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Equipment/notice-to-manufacturers-2016-guidance-dmds.pdf
  4. Turning off slope was good enough in 2020 in state and USGA Event in our state https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2019/rules/2019_UPDATE_USGA_DMD_FINAL.pdf This was handed out
  5. Subscribed. Had debate with another dad about "path to tour" this may provide some insight.
  6. Awww memories. That was mine in 2004. Wasn't my preferred style but man it felt solid. Soft and muted but solid feedback ... makes no sense but that's what I remember. GLWS
  7. Eccos lasted 3 years are were very comfortable for you ? Come on
  8. Glib comment but he regrets and apologized .... he's a funny guy who just tried to come off quick but screwed up. It likely comes from a place of frustration since he's from a state that did a horrible job with "flattening the curve" efforts. He's said as much. And this lack of effort continues today. I was just there and I was appalled.
  9. Nope WD is WD .... they don't give you money in tournament after WD, hole in one doesn't count unless full round (9/18) with attest etc .... he'll scream but he'll learn.
  10. Vast majority of AJGA events are 6000 -6800 ... did find a hand full 6900-7200. Play with 3 kids in top 20 in Rolex for last couple years ... one now in college, other played Junior Presidents Cup and will make Junior Ryder Cup, third turned pro. I can compare the 3 to each other. It's a three way coin toss day to day. So what does that mean .... not much until the kid who turned pro moved to FL and often plays with Lexi and a few other LPGA card carriers. Same tees they get the best of him. Wins some, loses most. That's all I got
  11. They cancelled for you .... put your refund in the bank
  12. You are, more often than not, low heel. M5 doesn't like low heel. Most drivers don't. Grip change still settling in ? Now changes shaft timing needs ? No idea. I know a fitter who knows my swing (my misses) and he can really play ... he takes out variables with tweaks and talks me off the ledge when I can't get out of my own way. I think your spin drops when you do hit it higher on the face - you do hit up quite a bit and that drop is a bit too much (sub 2000)
  13. GCQuad measures club head speed differently and at different point in swing vs Trackman. GCQ may err on the side of giving you an extra mph whereas TM tends to read a hair slower. So same swing you'll get a slightly lower smash factor on GCQ and a little higher smash on TM. Optimal smash on TM 1.50 and GCQ closer to 1.45. I simplified the numbers bc I don't know the specific testing truth, but I'm close. That being said .... you didn't middle that shot ... a few mm heel side and low .... turns your 1.45 into 1.43 right quick. Oh and BTW - you didn't really carry that shot 304 yards with 166
  14. I'm required to get the flu shot every year (would get it regardless). About 5 years ago they missed the mark on guessing US strains and I come down with the flu. Felt funky at 3:00 on a Friday ... by 3:30 I walked out of the hospital in full on rigors (I actually laughed bc I just couldn't stop shaking). Nurses in parking garage tried to help me but I just drove home. I'm not feeling "right" until Wed .... felt OK at work Thurs but hit a wall Friday by noon ... slept it off that weekend. 9 days of hell. Zero correlation with flu shot and GBS or any demyelinating disorder since 1976/1977 and
  15. Tested every new driver (multiple shafts) on market last Monday against my Flash SZ. The only one as good was the Mavrik SZ (with my shaft in it) felt/sounded better but numbers were identical. Nothing kicked OG Epic out of my bag until Flash SZ (2.5 years). My Flash has heavier weights to get headweight up a bit so with heavier weights in the Mav maybe I could squeeze a mph out of it but not worth it IMO. On a side note SIM and SIM Max launched too high with low spin ... tweaking to get launch down made spin fall to 1400 or so ..... no bueno for controlling curvature at all. Your mileage may
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