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  1. I've had about 4 pairs. All 4 needed to be replaced for water in less than a year. I used Reshoevn8r and Kiwi to try to avoid. No help. The pairs purchased through my club were no problem to replace but dealing direct they would not replace. They only have a 6 month waterproof guarantee. Water comes straight through the bottom and was building up mold under the insole. They are awesome shoes but not being able to wear with morning dew makes them useless half the time.
  2. For relatively low cost PGA Superstore is good. I get instagram ads for Primo Golf and Ghost Golf all the time. They look like they'd be fine
  3. Looking for a left Scotty Squareback
  4. Nice deliveries last couple weeks. Original One with Hulk, SM7 PW and a headcover from Robert Mark Golf for my Spider X
  5. > @CSmithAMG said: > I ordered one of these from JDs clubs last week. They’ve been great to work with. I believe the release date is 6/10. DM on instagram worked for me. I’d be looking for an excuse to upgrade from Rogue SZ to Epic Flash SZ and this shaft did it. Been playing the HZRDUS yellow 76 6.5. Going with the Smoke Green 70 6.5 in the “Hulk”. Thanks. TT said 3 weeks but I hope it is 6/10
  6. I was just fit into this shaft today. Utterly amazing. But I can’t find it anywhere to order and it wasn’t even in Club Champion’s system yet even though they had it for me to be fit. 6.0 flex instead of my usual 6.5 but that makes sense given it’s profile and in the One Mini. What a combo. Beat everything out and not even close.
  7. To achieve the swag bag accessories that'll bring all the boys to the yard you’ll need: Bubba whips Tyson Lamb Oreo cookie ball marker SSC Pimento caddie towel Maybe a Stymie divot tool or Tyson Lamb Seamus bag tag and headcover Dormie Workshop headcover SWAG headcover Vessel bag
  8. Rocket Mortgage - "What does PMI even mean, Rick?!" GX7 - "That thing is crushed!"
  9. New Dormie 3 wood “blacked out camo” cover. Now just need a putter headcover.
  10. That’s essentially exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!
  11. Anyone know of a brand that makes something similar to the Titleist shag bag?
  12. Was just placing an order, but $300 then another $26 to ship? C'mon man
  13. I think Overpeck is open
  14. Butch Harmon. If allowed to bring someone back to life, Bobby Jones or Harvey Penick.
  15. Definitely not. No one wants to accuse a +1.7 of sandbagging. Strange question in the first place. In what world do a multitude of + guys enter a net event, such that the possibility of sandbagging even comes into question? Agreed. Feel like + handicaps only ever are accused of vanity handicaps.
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