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  1. Guys, I need your help here. This Malaska video on the left/right hip movement has added tremendous power to my game (eg: 3w from 240 to 295). But my iron game is lacking. Let me describe my feeling in the BS with irons: I push that hip backward and I usually feel my head lowering towards the ball. On great shots, on the DS, I feel my head lowering again towards the ball and usually I stay balanced. But on shots when I know I am rising up during the DS (EExtension), I miss my direction. I am pressure sure the right knee is kicking in early causing that rise up (that's why I try to drop during the BS). Maybe this is the wrong approach? I need to a better feel for the DS and I know Malaska says drive the left hip backwards. Would you say the feel of the left heel pressing into the ground is a good feel for the DS? Today, I noticed myself coming off balance but the distance is crazy...I put a lot of pressure on my chipping today since too many greens are missed. On the range, I'm the boss with irons but I need a feel to work off of. Thanks a bunch.
  2. I find that the glass marker is clean, cheaper, and better than any other method.
  3. By golly, there are TWO CLICKS!!! Softspikes should have made this clear on the back of the package. This is totally unacceptable. I had to go out and buy another pack of cleats. And yes, you will need a tool. I am usually mechanically inclined but that extra click was not on my radar since I did not want to mess up the cleat itselt.
  4. I've changed spikes many times in the past and I do have a tool. Perhaps snapping them in by hand is the issue. I will have to buy another set since I lost so many. I was just thinking it's a cheapish Nike shoe with a bad spike system. So you are suggesting the tool is needed to tighten and that initial snap by hand is not enough?
  5. Didn't think it needed two clicks. I am tightening by hand. I will try again.
  6. I have a Nike golf shoe that uses the Pulsar Fast Twist 3.0 Golf Spikes. After changing out the spikes, I played 1 round and like 6 of these spikes fell off! WTH!! I'm now thinking I should either glue all the spikes in and kiss goodbye to this shoe or switch to a shoe with a better spiking system, perhaps one with a screw-in spike. Help!
  7. I can groove this squat well with irons but with driver, I can only dip the head on the way back and pray it stays down during the journey back to the ball. I almost feel the harder I shove that tush back in the BS, the more controlled my driver dispersion!
  8. With the discussion about keeping tush back, would it be safe to to also think about moving the head closer to the ball on the way down? Many, if not all, great players have their head below starting position at impact: Bryson, Justin T, Tiger, Rahm etc. I like the idea of tush back too!
  9. Just reporting back to this thread - my 3rd round using this hip movement. To give your some reference, my avg drive has been around 260-265. Today, my avg was around 295 and I hit 79% of my fairways. A few were over 310. GIR was not so hot at 40% - I have to work on this a bit more. Most of my misses were pulls.
  10. I played today after many practice sessions with this hip move. Result: GAME CHANGER. I find, and this is just me but there is good justification for it, with the driver, the harder I move that right hip back to get deeper in the BS, the longer and straighter my drives. Holding back a little only gets in the way. Don't baby it folks! Have you ever rode a bike very slowly? Same concept. Irons: same thing but I flush them better when I get the feeling of my head moving DOWN as I get into impact. I hiit at least 4 drives north of 310 and I am typically around 265-275. My short game, which I don't mind messed up my score but this is much easier to fix than the long stuff.
  11. I've worked on this hip move again today focussing mainly on the downswing. I watch many of the long hitters (both guys/gals), and many are coming into impact with head dipping significantly. As a early extender, especially with driver, this is hard to achieve but really, in order for this to happen naturally, that bent left leg and hip need to move back and out of the way of the body. Today, with irons, i felt this dipping and man, I gained some serious distance. With driver, I can feel myself rising up no matter how hard try to move the left hip backwards and even intentionally move "down" towards to the ball in an effort to not goat hump. Anyone with tips for the driver? I wish there was a feel drill I can do for 30 minutes with the driver and this rising head/coming up out of spine angle can disappear from the face of the planet, for good!
  12. This is confusing as heck. 9 o'clock is face on view with your head at the 12 and your club at 9. If you are pointing at the target with the club, still face on view, the club will be at 3.
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