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  1. 35” excellent condition and comes with head cover $500 OBO
  2. That is what intrigues me about his bag. I shy away from a strong 3 or a lob 60+ because they seem 1 dimensional to me. I wonder why hit 3 wood off the tee or even carry it since it is so rarely used. There are also so many that recommend 12 yard gaps between all irons and then they don’t have a full swing wedge that carries less that 100. PGS has me thinking. I only ask for selfish reasons because I wonder if I put a 62 in and consolidate a 3/5 wood with a 4 or just keep a lot of options for the longer shots (aggressive on par 5s).
  3. What’s are your thoughts on picking your short iron gappings? Seems like some big gaps and maybe a 50 vs a 52.
  4. Heads only 18 F2 and 13.5 F2. $70 Each Shipped to CONUS. Pick 2 weights with Purchase. Will trade for 58 degree M/C Grinds. And 62/64* Wedges Choose two weights. 2 10g, 2 12g, 1 14g. Wrench and Extra $10.
  5. Enough room to hold rain gear?
  6. $275 Shipped Trade interests: Vokeys, Diamana Blue profile shafts, Cameron putters 4 - PW You see the PW is ported. I had this set MOI matched with 3/8" differences in length. PW was very heavy and had to take some weight out.
  7. If find it funny he hits a TX. Every around me won't put a guy in an X unless they are 115. He probably has that shaft grooved and doesn't want to change it but I wonder what the reasoning is there. Accuracy? He still gets a really high launch off the driver with that set up. Play what works
  8. Willing to accept GOOD trade offers. I'll entertain any offers. Scratch FIT 1018 Forged 54, 58, 60 degree wedges in Driver Slider grind. Used 1 round. These have sharp lines and I'm looking for smoother edges in a wedge. $55 each. Bridgestone Tour B XD-7 9 Degree with hosel adapter. Head with adapter and with NO WEIGHTS in the head weighs 187.7g. I have many weights and I can try to get it to a weight you would like. The winner will get to pick from the weights I have ranging from 2 to 10 grams. I have two 10 gram weights so max I could get to is ~207.7g. Goes too low. $250 shipped to
  9. Does anyone here have experience with the Tour AD IZ and the Diamana BF? I hit the Diamana BF on Trackman with pretty good result but would like to bring the launch down a touch more. I currently play the Aldila 2KXV Blue in a 60 S. Ball Speed 160 Spin 2650 Launch 14.5. I wouldn't mind bringing the launch a degree and spin down a few hundred. I'm curious if the IZ is a bit lower launch in experience. Whats odd is GD calls it a high launch low spin. Mitsubishi calls the BF Mid Launch Mid/Low Spin. Russ Ryden's site showing EI curves make these two shafts look nearly identical but the IZ has
  10. I have a #3 100 and a #6 100. The #3 is 101.4g. And the #6 is 98.6g. Kim Braly also said that there is a separate mandrel for each taper tip shaft. I believe this would mean it is not a single run converted for each shaft.
  11. I have a #3 100 and a #6 100. The #3 is 101.4g. And the #6 is 98.6g.
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