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  1. the parking lot has cameras by the dumpsters
  2. Dobson has a friday skins game might be hard to find 4 Groups unless you play the game
  3. Is it just you coming solo? what time of year?
  4. we went in July and I played Princeville, it was nice but I found the course to be pretty easy, nice views but you have them literally everywhere on the Island. The muni looked AWESOME though and next time I go, I will play there
  5. Dobson Ranch today, hadnt played it in a year or so. Course is in great shape, greens rolling great, just showing signs of heavy play. Music from the range is annoying as hell, but theyve done some cool stuff with the place. Really good shape though, tee to green.
  6. Hey guys just seeing if anyone wants to join for the final summer skins game over at viewpoint? $25 covers everything, no green fee just buy in to the game. Every par 3 pays out for CTP, and the course will be set up firm, fast, and tough pins. Post here or shoot me a PM.
  7. You’ll be fine, it’s not great but there’s grass and it’s maintained , greens faster than 3 for sure haha
  8. 1. City and State? Gilbert, AZ 2. Handicap? 2 3. Current irons? srixon z765 4. Current Iron Shafts? KBS C-Taper 130x 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). 100 Gram please 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? It would be my pleasure!
  9. Aguila was great on wed, you could see the punches on the greens but didn’t throw anything off. Southern dunes on Thursday , great shape minus bunkers(ground under repair), greens rolled nice, mosquitoes out of control as expected. All 18 open
  10. Alright, sorry for the delay! I was interested to see if the books would offer any additional insight for the greens at Aguila golf course out here in Phoenix, AZ, a great muni that is one of my favorites, as echoed by like every post i make in the southwest sub forum haha. I have never used a greens book, but consider myself pretty good at reading greens/putting. So, my initial thoughts going in to the round were "how could a book show me anything more than what my brain has processed over thousands of footsteps over the course of hundreds of rounds?" Scanning through the book, I saw familiar contours to the greens, breaking just like I can see them moving in my head, hazards marked clearly, clearly defined yardages for quick estimation. But what I didnt see was all of the local knowledge , marking lines off of the tee that are safe, and sides that are dead etc etc. But the margins offer plenty of room for player notes, which I added the night before my round. I will say that for the first 3 holes, The book didn't really come out for more than just a brief look, only confirming what I already knew. The 4th hole is the toughest hole on the course, really the only fairway where a left and right miss is dead, and a bunker on the left edge blocks the safe side of the fairway, and just to the right of the bunker, the fairway falls off to the right and narrows into the desert. There's always a doubt as to which line off the tee to take, risk a bigger carry down the left and be rewarded with a wedge into a 460+ par 4, flair one right and now you've got 220 out of the desert to a bunkered green with plenty of awkward slopes and angles. But I never knew exactly the number to carry on the left(weird bunker shape) or have a really decisive game plan for that hole. But something about reading the book, seeing the exact numbers of what my approach shot options are via the distances off the tee, it kind of gave me a real solid game plan vs " hey I'm gonna just try to hit the fairway," and I found that it really freed me up to play some golf, being decisive, etc. I've got a pretty major problem of just tuning out on some rounds of golf, just going through the motions, worrying about my swing, all kinds of stupid stuff. Reading my StrackaLine actually changed my focus so much, reading the green breaks for my approach shots is something ive never really considered outside of the obvious giant slopes and stuff, but it really increased my focus on where I wanted my irons to land into greens, and not just a blanket "hit the flag" swing. Reading the slopes across greens really made chipping a breeze, lag putting as well. It's a really neat product, but I don't think I realized the impact it would have on my overall approach to a round of golf as much as it did. It 100% improved my focus and was 100% helpful Strakaline allows someone to gain all of the knowledge of the crusty old dew-sweepers who've been playing this course for years immediately in the palm of their hands. I really wish I had a book for every course I played, and it would be an incredible asset to gain course knowledge for a trip or tournament, but the price is steep enough to be off putting for most people that Ive shown the product to. I would LOVE to see the green information incorporated into a GPS system of higher end courses or perhaps having a course order them in bulk to bring pricing down to the $25-30 range, I could see them selling like hotcakes for courses that get a lot our tournament and tourist play. I am playing aguila again tomorrow with someone whos never been, I will post back with his thoughts on the book as well.
  11. toka sticks yesterday...recovering from heavy storm damage still, lots of BIG fallen trees, lots of mud, lots of turf issues with the greens, LOTS OF MOSQUITOES!!!! id avoid it for at least a month or two
  12. feel bad for the private courses but hopefully I can get on now haha
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