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  1. Did I see some wrx’ers are viewpoint today? was at the range when two younger snowbirds set up shop, one of them had a track man lol!
  2. It’s a really really fun course, don’t let the short yardage fool you, it’s not driver wedge all day. Probably one of my favorite places to play golf, variety of shots and you’ll prob use every club in the bag. Winter the place is usually slammed with snowbirds, but this year it’s going to be different, 3k units are Canadian owned and if they don’t or can’t come down, the place will be much more open for play
  3. There’s no way the new paako ownership and rate structure is working out for them, right?
  4. The putting green on the 18 hole is always empty, the chipping green on the 9 hole is awesome too! Reopens the 17th
  5. Son of a B now it’s back on the radar!!! I need to hit this and cochiti, how late in season can I play them? Would love to get out for a day or two while we overseed
  6. I love how Apache creek doesn’t even close, they just scalp it drop seed and reopen the next day haha
  7. i live right up the road, trust me and go hit balls at viewpoint. New range balls and grass only(and the grass is great) and its usually empty. Youve also got greenfield lakes which is turf but they are lit until 10pm those are the best practice options IMO, trilogy has yellow balls and you cant see them hit targets lol
  8. its funny when I hear people rave about the views at seven Canyons, it’s like hello you’re in Sedona, the views are literally everywhere haha
  9. Are aluminum shafts .370 or larger? I want to pull a shaft and try a modern steel shaft, these irons just look so good at address
  10. When the bird guy crashed Webb’s trophy ceremony, or cigar guy from the Open
  11. Im already almost banned but it’s nice to see pepper still up to old antics. All these people have too much money anyways lol
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