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  1. Agree 100% on that...how could I have missed it!! Thanks!!
  2. Xander is in denial mode and I don't blame him one bit but if he was trully being honest ....he choked!
  3. My take on the whole tournament: ..the atmosphere was a nice break from the usual ..a lot of players COULD have won with just a bit better putting.. ..a big lead is never safe in Augusta ..Xander choked on 16 ..Hideki Matsuyama was a most deserving winner and long overdue. ..Jordan Spieth will win at least 1 major this year and more in the future ..Will Zalatoris will win a LOT of tournaments on the PGATour. ..Conditions in November vs April are apples and oranges ..When all is said and done Hideki Matsuyama will be the winningest Japanese golfer on the PGATour.
  4. no matter what happens tomorrow I'm pretty sure Jordan will be in the mix come the back nine ...
  5. I'm very happy that Jordan is definitely on the way to regaining his game back.. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the way to his best year yet!!
  6. anybody shooting even par today will do wonders for their final position!! Yuka Saso is +1 today after 8 and has already jumped 8 spots from T32 to T26!!
  7. As a Filipino I have high hopes for Bianca & Yuka to do well.. Yuka is the runaway leading money winner in the JLPGA tour this year with almost $900,000 in winnings and the individual & team gold medalist in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. She also tied for !st in the Asia-Pacific Women's Amateur but lost in a playoff and was also a former World Junior Girls Champion and is only 19... Bianca was with Yuka in the gold medal team in the 2018 Asian Games and is the individual and team gold medalist in the 2019 South East Asian Games(SeaGames).. She is 23.. endless to say they are both my dark horses to win this week!!
  8. I do not know how the majority here felt but I absolutely did not enjoy watching the coverage of this years Masters.. Without the spectators and the noise this was not only unappealing but no amount of great shotmaking and announcer's verbose articulation the the action and history of the event could make up for the lack of a gallery. I guess the best thing I can say about it is that it was better than nothing but if it is going to be the new "normal" I wouldn't be surprised if everyone involved in the the tv coverage better look for another job.. Sorry for my gloomy remarks in light of more serious problems the whole world is facing but as someone who has faithfully watch all Masters coverage as far back as I can remember I just can't help it.. ...I will however congratulate DJ for winning his second major and wish him the best in the future..
  9. The announcers better practice pronouncing Bianca's last name cuz they'll be saying it a lot pretty soon.. They'll probably give her a catchy moniker soon enough... ...."Bianca P" or just "BP" seems the easiest for now..
  10. jmvargas

    2020 US Open

    this is still wide open.. I honestly feel the +1s or better still have chance depending onhow they do tomorrow.. my personal dark horse is Matsuyama..
  11. there's a 12-hour time difference between my country and Boston and 7 hours difference with Scotland .. TV coverage for the Women's British Open 4th day is 8pm-1am tonight while the Northern Trust is like 2:30am-6:30am tomorrow my time.. will try to finish the women's event till the end but am iffy on the men's...
  12. ..66(-5) & 67(-4) by Ally McDonald and Danielle King respectively among the early finishers far.. Low scores can be had today.. I'm excited !!
  13. I used to be a guest TV announcer for the live coverage of major golf events held here like our National Opens from 1975-1994 including the 1977 World Cup, the Johnny Walker Skins Game in 1990 ,the 1980 Marcos Invitational won by George Archer and the 1976 & 1977LPGA Colgate-Palmolive Invitationals.. As a hole announcer in the beginning my style was never to describe what the audience can see but rather what they could not--trying to describe their shot options, direction of the wind and putts, and other things that may have been going on in their minds, etc..... I was never one to read the scores flashing on the screen unless there was an exceptional like one with 2 eagles, several birdies or a hole-in-one! A hole announcer's job was rather easy compared to the anchors. As a rather accomplished golfer already with a career low 2 hdcp I could imagine myself in their position when playing a hole specially with the ladies who I could probably outdrive by 20 or more yards then-ie-Carol Mann's 5 wood was equivalent to my 5 iron when I played the same par3 from the same tees the day following their event. The anchor's job was much harder as we had to rely on a lot of data being fed to us thru our headphones or even runners during the early days specially runnning updates on current scores of various leaders.. So having said all that I can mute a whole tournament now if I feel the announcers talking too much and not miss much.....and I do!
  14. after 2 events which I watched sporadically except for the last day I'm still kinda ambivalent about watching live coverage.. I guess my TV watching gas tank is running close to empty and can only be refilled by a Tiger sighting and the Majors !!
  15. good for Berger ... bummer for Morikawa and xander. very disappointed with Jordan, Justin and Rory....
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