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  1. We wound up booking a round at Grand National Lakes on the way from Atlanta and then a round at each of the courses at RTJ Capitol Hill. We're staying in Montgomery next to the Montgomery CC. Do you have any bar/restaurant recomendations?
  2. We’ve changed our final destination to Montgomery. The extra drive time didn’t seem like much compared to the opportunity to play new courses. We may have a chance to play Montgomery Country Club. Is it worth it?
  3. We'll be in Auburn from March 5-8 and had planned on playing at Grand National. It looks like the Links course will have been aerated shortly before we arrive, so I think we'll probably skip it. What other public courses are nearby that are worth playing? Should we make the drive to Prattville to play at Capitol Hill? Of the three courses there, which would you recommend?
  4. Newport National says they're open as of Thursday.
  5. For us cheapos, what's the word on Wailua and Kukuiolono?
  6. I'm planning on playing Bethpage in October so I'm checking the system now to see how it works. I'm not a New York resident and I'm registered in the system with my out of state address. I don't see any option on the account screen to select residency. When I click on Reservations from my account, the Non-Resident Black Course reservations screen comes up. If I change to another course, I'm brought back to the information screen. When I click on Non-Resident on that screen, a message saying, "You do not have access to that booking class," comes up. When I click OK on that, I'm brought back to
  7. Back from a long weekend in Charleston. We wound up playing Shadowmoss, Osprey Point, Stono Ferry and Westcott Plantation. All of them were in good shape, Osprey obviously being immaculate (we managed to get on before the Spring rate jump). Thanks to whoever suggested a drink in the Ryder Cup bar. Spectacular view. Shadowmoss could have used a little more cleanup around the greens but was a good starter for us. Too much time wasted trying to clear debris out of putting lines. Stono Ferry was second in condition to Osprey, a really nice take. Westcott Plantation was a nice finisher for us. Wide
  8. I have a soft-sided hard-bottomed Samsonite bag. It's pretty huge but at least you can fold it up when it comes time to get in the rental vehicle. It's also bright blue so there's no missing it when it comes off the carousel or is sitting with a bunch of other bags. I'm a cheap bastxxx, so I just have a piece of 1x2 cut to be longer than my driver that I stick into the bag. I wrap my clubs in a towel and bungee them together. Never have had a problem so far with either damage or theft (knock on wood).
  9. Dupont Circle would be a good location in DC. Check out the Fairfax at Embassy Row. Looks to be less than $100 a night, which is pretty good for DC. You'd need to Uber or take the Metro to get there from Union Station. The hotel is about a 25 minute walk to the White House, another 15 to the Mall.
  10. We generally like to play a mix of places, a muni and a couple of higher end public courses, maybe $100 at the top end. We don't have any private memberships that could get us an in anywhere. Shadowmoss looks fairly close to the airport. How would that work out? Of Shadowmoss, Coosaw Creek and Wescott, which would you prefer and why?
  11. I'm thinking of a weekend trip to Charleston either the first weekend of February or the first weekend in March. What kind of conditions can I expect? We'd probably fly in on a Saturday and back on Tuesday. It looks like we'd only be able to get in three golf days, with the round on the first day preferably close to the airport, since we'd get in a little after noon. We're looking at staying in the historic district. Given that, what courses do you all recommend?
  12. Highland Links is an old-school nine hole beauty. It's on the bluffs overlooking the ocean and is very scenic but rough. Don't expect ideal conditions or fast greens but it's more than worth the trip. Another, similar, option would be Chequessett in Wellfleet.
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