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  1. Club pro guy and the stack n Jilt method says to have the weight on the back foot. Seems to work well for him
  2. Maybe try a focus band training aid
  3. Could someone please DM me the pics? Thanks!
  4. you really own that finish! Congratulations!
  5. Hackmotion wrist sensor up for sale. Sold Download the free app and you are good to go! titleist u510 3 iron ordered with smoke 6.0 stiff shaft. Custom order that is 3/4 long and 2 degrees upright. All work done by titleist. MCC plus 4 midsize blue grip. Club is in fantastic condition. Sold
  6. My journey has been roughly 6 years in the making. Took about 10 years off after college playing minimally. Technically was a +1 when I started taking lessons 6 years ago but I was not a tournament plus 1. And my anti handicap was probably a 6 if I had to guess. as of last revision, I’m a +4.1 and probably a plus 2-3 tournament handicap. for me it’s been all about improving mechanics in the full swing and short game. Gaining 30-40 yards and being able to practice all I want with no pain has lead to more confidence and some decent tournament results. No wins...yet But a few second place finishes and quite a few top 5, 10, etc. If you want to get to deeper plus, you have to hit it better. Period. You can’t have glaring weakness in any part of your game but to compete on tougher courses in tournament conditions, improve your swing. It’s easier to improve the mental game when you are confident in your mechanics. I know some in this thread will insist you don’t need a coach/just improve your short game/know your swing/improve your preshot routine...I don’t totally disagree but I simply had to improve my mechanics. My old move was too hard on my body and I wasn’t long enough to compete at 6800 yards or longer.
  7. Like new LAB golf directed force 2.1T. 35 inches and 68 degree lie angle with upgraded stability tour shaft. This putter is $700+ new. Not looking for any trades. $525 shipped. Sold
  8. Wipe your hands with a damp towel when it’s really hot and humid. No need for a glove ?
  9. How do you flight it down? More club. Less speed. More shaft lean.
  10. SOLD Taylormade sim max 22 degree 4 hybrid with graphite design tour ad di hybrid 85 stiff. MCC +4 midsize grip. +1/4 long. Club is in fantastic shape. Hard to distinguish from new. comes with matching headcover. No trades please. $300 shipped.
  11. Mike Granato from AMG is going to be live with Monte at 3 pacific time. Monte and Mike should be really fun to listen to. The Jake Hutt Martin Chuck ones were amazing. Enjoy!
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