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  1. Gonna give these guys a try, thanks! Golfworks doesn't have much and I try to avoid Golftown as much as possible.
  2. I am a lefty...sorry I should've said that. I have come to similar conclusions though, not only is my path part of the issue, so is my face angle and FTP being too closed. Going to keep working on a more neutral swing and play around with my ball position.
  3. Thanks - this is definitely starting to resonate. I do hit many too thin, too much off the toe due to my path. I know my path is a huge part of my issues....working on it. I would love to continue to improve my AoA....any good drills to get a steeper AoA while still presenting enough loft? I think that's an issue I see here, how do I hit down on the ball more while still presenting enough dynamic loft?
  4. Hey guys - wondering if anyone knows retailers to buy driving range mats in Canada? I'm in Vancouver, either locally or online with shipping from Canada to avoid customs charges, etc. Thanks!
  5. My 7i is a Miura blade, and my 5i is a 0311T Gen2. Same shafts in both (Steelfiber i110cw) Regardless of the mats and spin numbers, height in the long irons is my biggest issue. Doesn't matter if it's mats, grass or on the course I can't get the ball up the the air with my longer clubs
  6. 5 iron is 26*. You don't see it in the chart but the peak height is my biggest issue. Even at 26* with that much speed I should be able to get my peak height up close to or above 90ft but I am not even close
  7. Hi all - looking for a bit of help/advice with my game. just finished up a testing/fitting session today with a local builder on a gcquad and am trying to decipher what is going on with my game. I'm a 8 hcap, stock shot is a draw with a path is anywhere between 5-10 in-to-out depending on the day. My AoA is consistently down, usually -1 to -3. I've been working hard to improving my path, I still want to play a draw, want to get to a point where I can be consistently <5 in-to-out, but I'm not there yet. I can do it but if I just roll out of bed my stock shot is what it i
  8. I've played Steelfiber 110 for years, but have lost some speed due to injuries. Tested them against Recoils (never liked them/nor do they fit me), Steelfiber 95 still felt great definitely an option for me, OT110 felt the best very nice and could have been a fit. Accra, KBS, lots of good graphite options out there right now. NV felt good, not softest or most explosive but stable and they were the most consistent/best fit for me.
  9. Bumping up a slightly old thread - curious if anyone else out there has done any testing with these new black Aldila NV shafts? I hit these at a fitting earlier this week, and they came away to be a potential winner for me. I found the 95-Stiff to be quite stable, I'm moving down from an X to an S due to age and loss of speed, and didn't notice the shaft to be loose or whippy at all. Dispersion was the tightest of all the shafts I've tested. Feel was good, I thought there were other shafts I tested that felt a bit better but marginal at best, these were up there. Given the pri
  10. Modern Golf doesn't build clubs locally, everything is shipped to Toronto. The guys in Vancouver are great guys, definitely better than Golftec/Golftown, but if you're looking to work with a builder locally unfortunately they won't work for ya. Razer's custom shop (check him out on Instagram) is a private guy who has a shop in his garage, he built some stuff for me and definitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. I believe he does all/a lot of the building for Haywood. Titan Golf is also one that I've heard recommended recently, they are inside Birdies & Buckets
  11. Just curious if anyone knows when we can expect to see Golftown's annual regripping sale?
  12. Just playing around with some things. Added a 6 degree angle to represent my average path on my dispersion chart. Kind of a nice visual representation. Makes so much more sense now why I hit my short/mid irons well enough but have struggled for years with the longer clubs.
  13. Found a couple individuals shots. One is a 5 iron that was a perfect draw (by my standards). 1.5R FTP Other was a 7 iron from the same session, that I absolutely nuked. prob my best shot of the day which is why im sure I took the picture. 3.2 FTP
  14. Thanks - yes the majority of time my face is closed to the path, but open to the target line. My shot shapes are as follows Probably would help if I posted the dispersion chart. The red was my pxg 5 iron (blue is the 5 hybrid - both are 26* loft). I deleted a couple shanks that were complete shanks. I would say this is actually a pretty strong showing for me. On the course my miss is an over-draw/hook that happens more frequently than the above data would suggest. My less common miss is a straight block left where face is square to the path and it just goes de
  15. I dont have spin axis, but my FTP is almost always closed, but it's not consistent (like my ball striking, very inconsistent). But generally its usually closed as you can imagine. Totally agree with you my core flaws are what need the most work with my path being the biggest issue. I've done videos of my swing the past several months and definitely I've build a decent foundation from where I was 6 months ago. Think you hit the nail on the head with the low slingers too and too much side spin vs. back spin, that's exactly what I see and it's all starting to make more
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