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  1. Would prefer not to split, but would consider $700 for the irons 5-PW and $150 for the 21* X-Forged UT.
  2. Not in any rush to sell these, but have played very minimal golf this season and if they can go to a better home they should...have plenty of sets lying around I could use and these should be played! This is a $1300 set + tax new direct from Callaway. These are as close to mint as you are going to find without being new. $850 OBO 2019 APEX COMBO Set Composition : 5-PW Head Loft : Standard Lie Angle : 2 Up Shaft Flex : Stiff Length : + 1/4 in Shaft Type : KBS Tour $-Taper Steel Shaft Material : Steel Grip : Golf Pride - New Dec Align Plus 4
  3. Cleveland Launcher Comp from the top/face. Callaway FT-3 from the sole. Cool!
  4. The driver reminds me of the old FT3 driver from Callaway
  5. Is the T the old MD2 Tour Grind? Looks almost identical.
  6. It’s actually the “Tour Driven” driver shaft. category is the flex rating. 4 is X and 5 is TX. Mid launch, mid/low spin.
  7. > @Titletown said: > those raw wedges are perfect Agree, the patina is great - only get that in a place with humidity, my wedges would never look like that here in Colorado!
  8. > @joey3108 said: > Thanks Greg for taking those pictures, especially my precious wedges! FYI guys, I build the black tape 6 iron are only a practice club for getting his tempo/feel correctly before doing the real full shots swing. Let’s go son! You can handle this like a champ! Wedges look nice but you need a heavier hammer (or more strength...grrr!!) for the stampings. They look shallow!
  9. No raw/vintage/oil can finish so I’ll likely pass. Also no 56X which is money in my MD4 Rae’s. They look pretty good however.
  10. Don’t see anything here that would make me want to move from MD4 Raw. I’ll wait to see the slate finish.
  11. No weight in the Epic flash driver. Epic Pro thru the 6-iron now, MBs are out, X-forged in the short irons. Wedges are all completely different and never seen him have an MD3 56 W-grind in there before. This is all sorts of nutty!
  12. Thanks for posting. Will be curious to see/hear the tech story on these - not sure what else they can do with a wedge and looks like a slightly updated evolution of the continued Mack Daddy line. MD, MD2, MD3, MD4, Jaws....no different than Spin Milled Titleist evolution. Personally, I'd prefer a slight tweak to a proven design then a total revamp like TaylorMade tends to do.
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