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  1. I think it is the Tour Chocolate finish. It’s a really awesome finish. Nice looking stick!
  2. ill take the Mavrik and ventus thank you pm sent
  3. jmc

    Mavrik Love

    Thanks for the info!
  4. jmc

    Mavrik Love

    Curious to know people who have come from a Rogue SZ as to what they have found works best -either the Mav or Mav SZ.
  5. What were the differences you saw in the comparison vs the apex and apex pros?
  6. What were you playing before? Are the Mav Pros more forgiving or just straighter? Does the ai face seem to have a real positive effect?
  7. was maybe thinking about soft stepping the KBs tour-v 120 since that is a free upgrade. Are you looking for more spin?
  8. Does anyone have a better picture of the sole? Does the face look similar to the rogue pro?
  9. Here are a couple of pics of the Mavrik SZ and the Epic Flash SZ triple diamond. And the Mavrik SZ vs Rogue SZ. Don’t know when I will have a chance to hit them.
  10. Interesting. Curious to hear how it translates but my guess is it will be a couple of yards. Have to admit the shape of the Mavrik SZ looks better than the standard. what are your thoughts on why you were hitting 282 the first time and 287 the second time? Hit the Rogue a second time too by any chance?
  11. That would be awesome; looking forward to your results!
  12. Any one compare against the Rogue Subzero yet?
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