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  1. Once I have landed on a good one it takes a few years to get me interested in newer. Current 3 wood I picked up mid '19 and though I have tried others on the range won't be changing this year for sure. I am waffling between 7 wood and older 19 hybrid, but neither will be going anywhere - it's one or the other.
  2. Xander finished higher at Augusta than Lee ever did. that was my point. God gawd. RIF
  3. LOL, so many on this forum want tougher courses with tough pins that challenge long hitters. Lookee here. That's exactly what you got today. And y'all are hating. Too damn funny. I thought it was great win and the finish had plenty of drama.
  4. No he didn't. If you think you're teaching me something you're wrong. You brought Lee into this, not me. Lee never liked playing there for a lot of reasons. A big one was he hit the ball low and the course didn't fit his game. Xander is better than Lee in the Masters. Thank you good night.
  5. On head to head Masters finishes, yes I did. I loved watching Trevino play, but Xander's already got better finishes at Augusta than Lee ever did.
  6. Trevino won as many Masters as Xander has, lol. Palmer choked at least one away as did Jack. It happens. Go Hideki!
  7. That is essentially what I am saying. They make a choice and stick with it.
  8. The disagreement isn't whether a tour pro can hit SGI or GI clubs well, whatever that means. It's that many choose not to. Having stock shots you can repeat under pressure are key. That requires trust in the clubs. You think pros check into the tour vans and tell them " just give me a stock set"? Generally saying every tour pro could play any type of club successfully on tour is a blanket statement that doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Tiger went through how iterations to get his set just right?
  9. Not sure what your point is. Because no they wouldn't. Well enough for what?
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