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  1. That's a sensible plan. Good luck with them!
  2. OP has 1 post dropping vague info of failures, a couple fixed no charge and now has discovered same issue on other clubs, one of which was fixed by the oem already. Seven year old clubs. The failures as described could definitely be caused by user habits. Or they could be an indication there are inherent problems with that model of shaft. The OEM historically has exceptional customer service backing their products. Posters asked legit questions. I don't see them as cynical. I'm quite sure a pro shop or a rep might ask same. No further info from OP.
  3. That's atypical. Any chance you hit range balls on mats? Cold weather golf?
  4. That was 4 years ago, lol. Things change.
  5. The JNP forged series produced '91-''93 to include the VIP. Here's the specs. I still have a set of the JNP cavity 2-P pretty well worn at this stage. Don't play them anymore. Really nice sticks ya got there.
  6. Definitely the early '90s version. I had a set.
  7. I've never been asked this question outside of making friendly wagers on the course. These day I just show them my grint.
  8. It seems like my unicorn drivers are those others shun or overlook. That doesn't keep me from challenging them, but the clear winner usually stays in the bag for a couple three years. Not due this year, but who knows?
  9. You can never have too many wedges. or putters. Options for the short game are good.
  10. ESPN had some of the best segments about current events this summer and I didn't mind Tony Dungy this a.m. ymmv
  11. I mentioned the MNML to my wife in early December and sure enough got one for xmas. I won't have a chance to take it out for a few months but it sure fits the bill as far as looks and function for me. I had been looking for quite awhile for a clean looking stand bag. This one stood out. It's a well thought out design with solar charge for phone or device. I like the pocket designs. First bag in years without individual club slots. And I'm good with that. They can tangle clubs too and are a pain to keep clean at the bottom. Look forward to using it.
  12. No. I don't think you're crazy. Outside of this site there are plenty of golfers playing 8 year old irons with zero thought of replacing them. Having a backup set gives you the luxury of playing your favorites for a very long time.
  13. It's a fair question. Not every swing is built the same. I focus on sweeping it.
  14. Short game to me has to include making the putt, right? Right now Reed is as good as anyone.
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