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  1. That and I believe others have said it. PXG is simply discouraging non standard buys. If you want it, we’ll do it - but it’s gonna cost.
  2. Original Heavenwood. It’s a natural fit.
  3. I was down to one set last year. Man that was scary.
  4. Just delivered. Final piece of the puzzle. Got this one in 5.5 Evenflo Riptide as it’s lower spin. Should work. Now have Maverik Max Driver, Maverik 3W and this. Right down the line. My thought exercise says this will work.
  5. Look what just came in! Oops wrong thread lol. Guess the answer is nope.
  6. I’ve purchased 3 sets of 13 grips in recent months no issue. They are definitely real deal.
  7. You do know know that Dr. Bob is known in many circles as partner with Bill W, right? (If you don’t that’s ok) Anywho, I suspect the upcharge is a combination of efficiency and supply pricing. Lately I’ve been buying grips off that auction site, not the 360s but GP cord decade and last buy was MCC Aligns for less than four bux ea. I like to keep extras around. Even with the $30 per upcharge the irons are reasonable.
  8. I went through this last year trying older sets I had passed on new. Started the year with NOS 765s and traded backward because I really did not get along with them. Lots of regrips and trials later I have two new sets. Mizuno 921 HM by trade and 0211 DC from a smoking deal at PXG. Other than giving me something to do during dead time I wouldn’t recommend it.
  9. Not me. I didn’t care for the lower loft SM8 so went back to SM7 for 52. SM8 at 56 & 60.
  10. Without specifics you’ll just be churning. You need to identify objectives. If you have someplace to put numbers up that would be the start. If not find a pro and work with him.
  11. I would add PXG 0211 DC to this list. I have the 921 HM and the DC’s are smaller overall. From address they look very clean and have good feel at impact. Glad I took a flier on them during the November sale and there are still great deals on them.
  12. I predict this setup will last until April. Coincidentally that will likely be the month of my first rounds… Maverik Max 9 Evenflo Riptide 6.0 50g Maverik 3W Evenflo Riptide 6.0 60g Maverik SZ Evenflo Riptide 5.5 60g X2 Hot Pro 18H Tour Green ATX 75h S PXG 0211 DC 6-G Elevate 95 VSS S Vokey SM7 5212F S200 Vokey SM8 5610S S200 Vokey SM8 6014K S200 SC Select Newport2 35 The 5 wood is in transit due in 1/20. Things that will tempt me already in house: TM SpiderX Hydro 35 w/ KBS ctour120 Mizuno 921 Hot Metal 6-W Project X IO 6.0 110g. Might add a hybrid after the X2Hot and drop a fairway or wedge. I am definitely playing the first round with the first 14. And that’s what I know for sure. Went all in on Cally at the top (really like the Maveriks w/riptide combo) and omg I have PXG irons. Who knew?
  13. Just ordered a Maverick SZ 5 wood off Cally Preowned. Should be last piece of the puzzle.
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