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  1. It looks perfect at setup to my eyes and it’s as forgiving as it needs to be. Rapidly becoming my all time favorite. Tried TS2 and TS3 as well, the 4 is just better for me. And I’m definitely not high swing speed, lol. Seems my golf game gravitates to clubs that shouldn’t work for my metrics. I guess there’s a counter intuitive element there that needs to explored further, but I just roll with it.
  2. Funny, I have found the same. I cannot hit the TS4 crooked. I picked it up thinking great backup driver and it didn’t take many swings to figure out it was really my new diver, lol.
  3. The course I grew up on from the tips it was pretty tough, probably the toughest I’ve played. Scorecard ca. ‘77, pretty pedestrian 18 for me back then. Par 70/74.4/7180 (Thunder Hills was an insane asylum for golf)
  4. Ok, good finish by both. Pedestrian tourney.
  5. This whole format needs a re-think. Two man race virtually from the start could’ve been an exhibition.
  6. I have owned all versions through 2016. There are iterative differences so it’s really tough to say for any given individual. Have not hit any of the newer versions. I was most consistent with the original 2008/9 AP2’s so that’s what I have now. They aren’t the longest, but I can live with that. I just like that model the best. I am also very impulsive, so take it fwiw.
  7. I like watching the Euro tour with their announcers. Much better than US coverage. It’s not just Azinger. It’s the production.
  8. Wow. Cantlay finally got one to the cup and Bryson couldn’t answer. That was fun
  9. Where’s the heart rate monitor coverage? We need to know
  10. No, she’s watching with me.
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