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  1. Depends on the year and what they release. Generally I’m a fan of Ping Drivers and hybrids but don’t get along with their fairway woods or irons. Titleist right now seems to have the best mix of product, but they have always suited my eye. Mizuno irons only for me. Srixon is interesting, love their woods and the rest doesn’t work for me - I’ve tried several sets of their irons and nope. Callaway nope. Used to like their fairway woods. Taylormade occasionally makes an appearance in my bag but overall I don’t care for their designs or their stock shafts. Never owned PXG. Cleveland wedges are ok. I like Bridgestone a lot but their strategy in US is perplexing. My bag is usually a hodgepodge of a few brands: Titleist, Ping, Bridgestone, Mizuno, Srixon or Cobra. Doesn’t keep me from trying the others but that’s how it ends up. Maybe once upon a time each brand had their niche but equipment has come a long way.
  2. Just gonna throw this out here. Adams Idea Pro Gold PVD irons with some Titleist sprinkled in (and a Ping driver, sorry OP - but the Anser is a cool driver )
  3. Good for you, I have not yet met a Callaway iron I get along with. Different strokes. The comment I posted to was talking Titleist 716/718 v XTD Forged.
  4. Not true. A good bond is just that, one that will not fail.
  5. I’ve owned both Titleist and the XTD forged and I would consider it a push as far as “forgiveness”. Currently playing 716 CB/MB combo because I like them better, feel wise and results wise. ymmv
  6. Hmmm. Eyeing the TA845’s sitting in the corner of my basement in need of new grips wistfully
  7. Most don’t. They play a stock shot and work it that way. When they feel forced to go the other way they often cannot. Working the ball both ways on tour under pressure is the most overrated part of the game attributed to pros on this forum. It’s nonsense. They score well when they can manufacture a shot from trouble (that suits their stock, I should add) and putt well. That’s what I’m saying.
  8. Azinger doesn’t understand why Lowery plays the 3rd shot. Because he can Paul, that’s why.
  9. That’s poppycock. How times did Cantlay double cross himself with driver while winning the Fed Ex? More than a few. Tiger was special because he could do it on demand. I don’t care about your game, not one bit.
  10. Not all. Not even close. Sure many work it both ways somewhat but not all. And certainly not under pressure. How’s Jason Days fade working out for him?
  11. If you ever have the opportunity watch the pros on the range. Not all of them can move it any way they want, that’s a fallacy.
  12. While these may be national retail stores I like to remind myself it’s local people running the store. Having the opportunity to hit a few combinations just to get the feel is a pretty nice option.
  13. Tiger just wouldn’t give them an interview if they pissed him off. He was certainly good at disingenuous.
  14. It looks perfect at setup to my eyes and it’s as forgiving as it needs to be. Rapidly becoming my all time favorite. Tried TS2 and TS3 as well, the 4 is just better for me. And I’m definitely not high swing speed, lol. Seems my golf game gravitates to clubs that shouldn’t work for my metrics. I guess there’s a counter intuitive element there that needs to explored further, but I just roll with it.
  15. Funny, I have found the same. I cannot hit the TS4 crooked. I picked it up thinking great backup driver and it didn’t take many swings to figure out it was really my new diver, lol.
  16. The course I grew up on from the tips it was pretty tough, probably the toughest I’ve played. Scorecard ca. ‘77, pretty pedestrian 18 for me back then. Par 70/74.4/7180 (Thunder Hills was an insane asylum for golf)
  17. Ok, good finish by both. Pedestrian tourney.
  18. This whole format needs a re-think. Two man race virtually from the start could’ve been an exhibition.
  19. I have owned all versions through 2016. There are iterative differences so it’s really tough to say for any given individual. Have not hit any of the newer versions. I was most consistent with the original 2008/9 AP2’s so that’s what I have now. They aren’t the longest, but I can live with that. I just like that model the best. I am also very impulsive, so take it fwiw.
  20. I like watching the Euro tour with their announcers. Much better than US coverage. It’s not just Azinger. It’s the production.
  21. Wow. Cantlay finally got one to the cup and Bryson couldn’t answer. That was fun
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