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  1. I kinda like the R15 at 10.5 with the Fuji TM Speeder in R. That and the Superfast are probably my favorites and I’ve tried them all through Sim. Actually picked up another R15 to noodle around with. For some reason that one sets up great for me.
  2. Are planning on leaving it there? If not I think you’ll find dragging it in ‘n out to be cumbersome. But then again I don’t stand and hit balls into the net for hours. It’s just handy to hit a few and move on to other things.
  3. If you plan on hitting outdoors just get a cheap mini mat and stand on the grass. I used one quite a bit this year with a net and it worked fine.
  4. Yes, they could that. Just bypass freight carriers altogether. I really have no clue what their supply chain looks like. You may very well be correct.
  5. If they did it was way way back. Air freight has sky rocketed in the past year.
  6. I always liked the MP Series. Oldies but goodies.
  7. Oh dear lord why do I read these threads. Just picked up new Mizuno 921 HM 6-P with the PX IO 6.0 shafts at a smoking price and this thread pops up. So I went in to PXG site to kick the tires. Came out the other with 0211 DC 6-G and Elevate 95 S std length 1 up. Just got the confirmation of order lol. Their strategy is working. Had planned to start looking for lightly used P790 local after xmas. Why bother when PXG has this going? Apparently I am all in on game improvement and heading to the dark side, bwahaha Looks like I’ll be hitting the heated range in December.
  8. Sharpie marker followed by a polymer auto wax. Won’t be perfect but it’ll do.
  9. Second set of new irons this year with many filler sets in between These will be it for 2022. Mizuno HM 6-P with Project X IO 6.0.
  10. Hahahaha. I love such practical advice. I’m just sayin.
  11. Not for me. A 3w at 16 bridges a gap.
  12. My best purchase wasn’t clubs. It was a practice net for the backyard.
  13. If it looks right to you behind the ball is it really ugly?
  14. Lefty taught to play RH at age 6. Nope, LH doesn’t feel natural at all. When forced to do it on recovery shots I’m a happy camper if I just make solid contact.
  15. Injuries kept my play limited but if I compiled a list it would be mentally taxing. Driver how it started: Srixon Z785 9.5 how it’s going: TM M4D 10.5 Srixon went sour on me early in the year and this became a major priority. So far so good with the M4D. The lighter White Tie shaft suits my swing. FW how it started Cobra F7 14.5 and M6 5w how it’s going Titleist TS2 15 Decide one fairway is plenty and the TS2 is a very versatile reliable club. Hybrids how it started Sim 19 how it’s going Cally XHot Pro 18 and Epic 23. First Callaways I’ve gotten along with in long time and they fit the bill. My son has the Sim, he hits it better than I did. Irons how it started Srixon Z565 4-A how it’s going TM RBZ tour 4-P. Well, we’ll see lol. I did pick up a TM MC P as hedge for short iron play. Wedges how it started SM7 50 and 58 how it’s going Cobra Trusty 52 and SM8 60 with SM8 56 if I go 4 wedges. Putter how it started Stroke Lab 10 how it’s going SC Select Newport 2. This may be my forever putter, seriously. Sets up perfect and rolls them smooth. it’s tough when my play is limited to just sit back and be satisfied lol
  16. Last time I shot anywhere near 100 I wasn’t yet in my teens lol. And no, the irons I put up are timeless classics. Dunno why you’d want to troll people’s favorites, whatever floats your boat I guess. kinda like a turd in a punch bowl
  17. Still have the Wilson’s from 1973, hit them on the range once in awhile and the 680’s I did trade in as I’ve move to newer stuff. My swing has changed with age but the irons definitely still hold up lol.
  18. What about scoring lines (grooves)? Offset? It isn’t about blades vs cb or gi. It’s literally knowing enough about your game to know whether it’ll work or not. And that means looks too. Doesn’t mean that definition doesn’t change over time.
  19. If I set up two drivers of the same brand same loft one is going to look better than the other. Same with two different brands. Same with irons. Some look better than others. If looks truly don’t matter then why twist over choices? Everyone has a preference. If that isn’t true they wouldn’t be on this forum lol
  20. Lie angle and maybe they are only 2-3 degrees apart. Measuring with an app is tricky. If you tend to hit the short irons high that could explain it. If that’s not the case then has to be the shaft. Do the steps look correct?
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