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  1. I’d have to trial a lot of clubs before committing. So my answer is I don’t know. Functional v aesthetics is a bit of a red herring these days. We can have both.
  2. I purged most of this summer. Still have a few putters but that’s due to me being a sucker for old ones on the cheap. True backups down to extra set of 6-P. I have two new sets. PXG 0211 DC 6-G and Mizuno HM 6-P. Leaning towards PXG being set #1. Also have a 5212F SM7 that may be a gap filler depending on how the rest gets set up. No putter backup plans but there is a Spider tour laying around if I spit the bit with the SC Select Newport 2. Honestly don’t see that happening. No backup Driver, a new concept for me. I do have 2 3 woods, may carry both depending as they are a strong loft and standard loft. And I did put together a classic set. The ‘73 Wilson Adjustabacks are too sweet to just sit around so I picked up 3 Mac drivers and actively looking for an old Mac 4 wood. R90 for the SW and an old Titleist forged putter. 2022 will be more about playing some rounds than messing with clubs. hahahahahahahahahaha
  3. Critical accessories. Proud owner of a tour towel, very important. A generic range finder, which is all I wanted-should be able to triangulate w/Grint . A new massage gun so I won’t have to steal the old one back from my son all the time. And Neil Young, just because. It’s been a great lazy holiday.
  4. If you make golf clubs you are A-OK by me. Because sooner or later I will try your brand and find something that works really well for me. I have searched search high and low (mostly) for years and every brand I’ve tried has had winners and losers. It’s a push with brands.
  5. Yes! That’s the spirit. I had a very restless 2021 but going into 2022 I am sure it will not approach this year.
  6. You set your own. That was just me. Good golf mostly is about enjoying it with good company. Edit to add: Just chipping alone will help you find the bottom of your swing for more consistent contact. You might surprise yourself.
  7. That’s an excellent reason. Bigger is not always better. Good luck with the setup. You can play good golf without practice. For many years during our kids active summers my schedule was just like yours. Subbed in a traveling league on Saturdays when I could. Only practice I ever put in was chipping in the yard and putting on the carpet once in awhile. Just gotta manage your way around the course and trust the muscle memory. Never was above a 5 in that time, which I thought was respectable. All depends on what your goals are.
  8. It gives you other options by going 22 hybrid. My gaps could likely be covered with 12 clubs as age has slowed the swing speed. For me it’s extremely rare to think about going for a par 5 in 2 but I like having a low lofted wood for certain tee shots. So less a wedge. For me I won’t miss it. May be different for you. With a chosen base of 12 you can pick and choose what might come in handy the most. If you are good with a 60 then you obviously have some short game skills. So work it back from there.
  9. So you plan to play the forged instead of the HMs? That’s an interesting move. Mizuno have less bounce than most of the OEM irons which can be good or bad or nothing. Depends. Have you hit the forged before? I have a set of the 921 HM 6-P and plan to go 48, 56, 60 with a 52 in reserve - depends on what I use up top.. D=9, 3=13.5, 3/4=16 and 18, 21 hybrid. When I play them. Still spanking new because I am currently pretty fond of another set I just picked up, PXG O211 DC 6G. But that’s just winter plans, we’ll see what happens in the spring. No reason your planned set up couldn’t work.
  10. I’ve had every type of setup you can imagine over the past two years. The one you proposed would work fine but you didn’t say what you have now. While there is no such thing as a point and shoot golf club knowing what you play now could give some clues.
  11. Looking through 2021 pics, just realized I could make a nice calendar with the different bag setups I tried this year, lol.
  12. TLDR version. 2021 I blew up everything frequently and ended up building my set around a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, SM8 5610 S & 6014 K and a Cally Xhot2 Pro 18. Do not ask me why, that’s just how it happened. Looks like 2022 will start with Maverick Max driver, 915f 13.5 and Maverick 3 wood. 816h1 21 and PXG 2021 0211 DC 6-G. I do have a SM7 5212 F as well as Mizuno 921 HM 6-P in reserve. May or may not carry 2 3 woods and realistically can cover the gaps with 12 clubs. But we get 14 so may as well put something there. Figured hi-low options on FW and Hybrid might be nice. Or drop one and carry 5 wedges hahah. There were many fails big and small but the end result is a much better place. I think
  13. I have never seen those but in US we don’t see everything Mizuno offers elsewhere. I remember Yonex in ‘93-94 doing composite. So I did some searching. Yours look to be Japan only Black Turbo or a successor/ predecessor. No years found but there is an auction on that site. Also Mizuno made all composite clubs in the ‘80s . Definitely rare birds. Here’s a couple pics. Auction and the 80s set, Vanguards.
  14. Pick up a Diablo Octane in Black, they are out there.
  15. Since this thread instigated my purchase it’s only fitting that I finally got to the range today with the DC’s. I have the 6-G with the Elevate 95g in stiff. I only took 6,8,P,G but my experience mirrored MtlJeff’s minus quite a few yards, ha. It was about 43F when I hit the range. They use the Wilson yellow range rocks. You’d never know it from hitting the DCs. Surprisingly I hit most of them center, I did smother heel draw a P and a 6 which resulted in less than perfect results. Otherwise the irons and shafts felt terrific. The irons are cushiony, just a nice smoosh when the head meets the ball. The flight for me wasn’t what I’d call flat, they just got up and out. I hit mostly fades as that’s the direction my swing has taken me. Age and associated back leg issues have changed my takeaway somewhat. The irons were very accurate, even the two I smothered were online, just short by roughly 10 yards. The thing I am most pleased with is dropping an iron with more sensible gaps. My yardages today (based on the yardage flags at the range): 6i 170 to 180 8i 150 to 165 P 120 to 130 G 105 to 115 The 165 yard 8 iron was the only shot I tried to step on and it flew with just a bit of fade right on the flag. I only hit 5-6 balls each iron, my sciatica acted up last night and I surely didn’t want a repeat performance today on the range lol. Overall the 6 is what a 4-5 used to give me bitd and just step it down from there. The yardages were what I had hoped given the strong lofts. Hooray for me, that’s a win. The Elevate shafts have their own feel. Not like a Project X PI or PIO, not like S300, not like KBS so I can only say they seem to do what they are intended to with silky finesse. My 6 iron trajectory today was slightly up from what I used to hit a 4 iron at. The flight today just kinda got up there and went, fairly soft on landing. I know these range rocks pretty well so should be good as far as descent and spin. Coming off a year where I played only a few 9 holes here and there I am extremely happy with how it went today. Pretty stoked going into 2022. Edit: I also got to hit several drive with my new to me Maverick Max and oh my I’m on a roll. Seems I remember a thread about it somewhere
  16. This was my line of thinking ordering the DC set. 6-G will cover iron yardages with one less club. Still have yet to hit them but I will have 14 in the bag. Twisting over one last slot though lol.
  17. Violation! Re read the rules. Hahahaha
  18. I actually have a chance this coming year - but- not ready to commit just yet. 2021 was redonkulous.
  19. I hedged my bets re Mizuno v PXG. For next year I have a new set of 921HM 6-P and 2021 0211 DC 6-G. Haven’t hit either yet but… I look at it this way, either way I win.
  20. Cite examples please. Otherwise this a wives tale. There is a world recycling effort because polymers DO NOT break down easily. If you’re talking face caves or other such things that’s typical weld or thin steel failure. The polymer isn’t going anywhere. I owned a set of Adams XTD forged for roughly 5 years and played in good, bad and downright nasty weather with no issues whatsoever. I’ll be skipping downright nasty these days but expect same from the PXG DC irons I just purchased.
  21. The Maxflis below were cast as were that model year blades and I thought universally loved here. Dont want dings? See 2nd pic
  22. I wouldn’t worry about it, that’s what I’m saying. At those temps the biggest impact to performance will be on the ball. If you play often in low temps and worry about your main set buy a backup set for winter golf.
  23. With multi material construction cast blades have pretty much gone the way of the dodo.
  24. Depends on what polymer and what temperature. I would think no bearing whatsoever in performance unless you’re playing in freezing temps. edit to add cold steel doesn’t feel so great either if you’re looking for comparisons. And it certainly doesn’t cushion mishits.
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