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  1. As long as they aren't on the third tier, I can't watch that let alone do it. Keep "thinking this is the shot he/she goes over the edge."
  2. That's because they don't have Bryson in their lineup of endorsements. This is pretty uncommon, lol. Maybe Patrick Reed v. Callaway? That's the only recent memory example I can think of and it was after he left them. So, Bryson and Patrick. Of course all of this is way overblown, but still it's just weird he chose that time and place to vent.
  3. Videos on YT from am days definitely TM woods, irons tough to tell.
  4. I follow a very few golf accounts and signed up with a private account during Covid to keep in touch with our daughter who moved to Cali. She posted there more often than she'd return a call or text
  5. Oh no. Go out on Instagram follow a couple golf accounts and watch your feed get spammed daily with new golf gadgets, gear and "influencers" golf related. The only cap is how many people have internet and that grows daily, lol.
  6. True but his streaks were glorious. Collin's iron play is fantastic. His putting will make or break how many more he can put up. that was a really strong final round, just like the PGA
  7. Morikawa gonna go on a Johnny Miller tear.
  8. Cannot figure out why CM changes his putting style so often. This is working
  9. Srixon Z785 9.5 set to 10 4W Epic Speed 16.5 TM Sim 19
  10. This getting good. Was hoping Conners or Hughes would sneak up there and keep the Kent State connection going, not gonna happen.
  11. Forgot to add I needed a gap wedge to go with the Cobra CBs. That was in the trade too. Went back in time to a design I really liked and forgot about. The original Cally Forged 50. SPC sticker under the original grip. Long time ago already. Chipping in the backyard today it feels great. Update: searching ebay for pristine 54 and 60 Cally forged wedges.
  12. Pics or it didn't happen 2
  13. Pics or it didn't happen, lol.
  14. TLDR: Long layoff due to injury so I do LOTS of experiments as therapy, ha. Follow along and chime equipment junkies. I know you're out there, ha. Setup scene: So I was laid up all of 2020 with age related stuff, only way to keep my hand in the game was to step up club experiments. Mostly putters then, cause ya know. Slowly recovered to the point where a small bucket or 9 holes is manageable now. In May I purchased a set of Srixon Z565 4-A with Miyazaki 8S - the premise: these will be my forever irons. Or at least last as main irons for a year. Driver is Srixon Z785 9.5 with Hazardous Yellow HC 6.0 purchased early 2019 new and it quickly became the stalwart replacing a Ping G 10.5 which enjoyed that totle for 3 pkus years. Everything else up for grabs. That said it's been a pretty manic year of trades, club work and testing, lol. Rather than devoting many pages of 2021 continuous improvement projects-some good, most not- here are this weeks entries. Purchased: Titleist TS2 11.5 with KuroKage 50g A. Result: no go, too inconsistent. I had hopes on increasing launch and potentially distance to match the 100 foot apex bombs I see others launching on the range. Conclusion: 45 years of low launch fades cannot be solved with an A shaft 1 oz. less than bench mark setup. What was I thinking Trade: TS2 driver for 2008 3-P King Cobra CB forged irons S400 shafts, 8 grips (SS Soft Wrap grips, my new favorite grip) and store credit. Why irons you might be asking yourself? See tinkering. Tinkering: So my swing is still erratic based on pain management and a year layoff but dammit I have not cracked the code of the Srixons. This week bent them weak 1-2 degrees and upright 2. Added lead tape to bring up swingweight to D2 from D0. Premise: I am intermittently regripping these irons at the top to locate where the face is, I simply cannot tell and on course I will hit 2 perfect shots followed by the ugliest stubs ever. Loft up tricks my eyes to see the leading edge via hand position closer (reducing offset slightly) to the turf. Moving them upright? I knew they were likely too flat when purchased. The extra head weight should give better sense of where the head is. Trials: Nope, still intermittent re gripping at top. BUT ballflight was truer to what I expect and solid contact more frequent. Forward action: regrip with SS soft strokes. I like the velvet 360 grips and these are tight to the shaft which I prefer- but I can feel inconsistency in each as if there are labels or out of rounds. Drop the lead tape, didn't make difference in overall feel and it looks fugly. Current Bag: D - Z785 9.5 no change 4W - Epic Speed w/ Smoke im10 6.0 recent pickup new, like it. Hybrid- TM Sim 19 - stock Ventus Blue 7S, recent pickup really like it. Irons - tbd filling it out is SM8 54/10S and Cleveland 60 Precision Forged with Newport 2 Studio Select ( unsure of authenticity but i like it). Extra: it was raining pretty hard this week so out of sheer boredom I sharpied a well worn TP Mills t.p.m. 3. I live that putter but I can't bring myself to replace the orignal TPM grip which is slick and cracking for fear of changing the feel. I'd play it save for that conundrum. Up close it looks meh but when soled on ground it looks so much better Whatcha all been up to this week?
  15. Then there's the outliers. Whatever works
  16. Saw this golwrx post on IG but not here. I'm pretty consistent with my setup. Group 4 for me. I've tried many other configurations with more hybrids up top I and always end up back at group 4. D 10, 4 wd. 16.5, Hybrid 19, 4-P 23 to 45 and wedges 50, 54, 60 with putter. What's your set up?
  17. Every time I buy a challenger to the incumbent it proves out that alas, my driver does not suck.
  18. Speaking of murdered out Sharpie marker is the most underrated tool in the bag. Great for on the spot fix of those sand scratches and dummy marks.
  19. Just picked up a set to fiddle around with. Chrome with blast finish in the cavities.
  20. I think it would be fitting if Louis won this major.
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