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  1. Can you give us the mailing addresses to the PayPal account and the one you shipped to? Would be interested to do some research and identify the real person.
  2. I hear The country club of Orlando recently did a very nice renovation and is accommodating for reciprocal play if your home club pro calls.
  3. This is a very good cart if you don’t mind the foot brake.
  4. I have had none of the issues you mentioned, sorry that happened.
  5. I want a set of Wilson fg tour V6 irons...hopefully Wilson has plans to replace them.
  6. Unacceptable lack of communication by the manufacturer.
  7. Amen!! Wish we could find another Lamkin UTX sale - my favorites.
  8. Played Stoatin Brae two times this week on my annual trip to Michigan, and it continues to get better every year.
  9. Played Stoatin Brae two times this week, and it continues to mature and become better every year I come to Michigan around this time.
  10. Have you tried to call the golfnow phone number? You can’t get anyone on the line, it’s just a lot of automated prompts that tell you to use the App or website only.
  11. Worst customer service of any company I can remember. They literally have 1 Star on Yelp and hundreds of reviews. There is no way to contact them if you have any issues or need a refund - please try to prove me wrong.
  12. My rankings, having played each of the courses 3-5 times: 1) Stoatin Brae 2a) Stonehedge South 2b) Stonehedge North 4) Bedford Valley 5) GLV West 6) GLV East
  13. Brand New PXG Closer Putter PXG SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 Grip Magnetic PXG Leather Headcover 35 inches Ships TODAY. $299
  14. jarederco


    I agree they are frequently running promotions - but how is it sneaky to sell a good product as a lesser price than your competitors? That’s capitalism/economics, not sneaky IMO.
  15. jarederco


    These are my favorite golf balls, and at half the price of the “other guys” I just love it
  16. All items are brand new and ship USPS. PXG Driver cover (leather) - $39 PXG Putter cover (leather with magnetic closure) - $39 SOLD Rose & Fire Putter cover (digital camo with Velcro closure) - $39
  17. I recommend the Shedrain Vortex Pro. It can be had at Costco or from TGW, rebranded as their in house Tour Umbrella.
  18. New Rose & Fire headcovers have arrived. Definitely recommend this company.
  19. I have this same bag and have had no issues at all.
  20. Anyone use one of these? The reviews are excellent.
  21. NEW Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Set 56 degree, mid grind 10* bounce, S400 tour issue shaft 60 degree, mid grind 9* bounce, S400 tour issue shaft $169 including shipping for the set
  22. Big Max Autofold push carts are again available on golf galaxy website. Only 8 in stock, these will sell out within 1 hour. Promo code METAL2020 gets you $50 off. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/big-max-autofold-ff-push-cart-17bgxutfldffcrt/17bgxutfldffcrt
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