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  1. Golfworks had a batch of grip solvent and tape that didn’t work well with each other. Or formula changed something. went through it myself, couldn’t get a grip past half way up without fighting the rest of the way Personally use Brampton’s nontoxic cause Of tight spaces And intertape 591 and don’t have any issues
  2. How busy are the courses? looking at tee times everything is just about open. Hoping to grab a late tee time and zip around then have dinner
  3. It all depends on in relation to what standard? Each OEM has a slightly different standard.
  4. Didn’t realize all PXG are .370 lol Shims fiberglass tape billybobs has the caps
  5. Tuatin has a big assessment hitting that I’m not sure how they’re doing it But lots of folks bailed when they wanted to renovate the club house and basically add a sports bar. Though last I heard, there’s a waiting list to get in
  6. Collared ferrules? don’t always need collared ferrules
  7. Ventus is interesting, tipping softens the tip as that's where it is stiffest But overall stiffens up Ventus Black is already pretty stout. TM used to tip 1" due to 4" parallel sections of the shafts, though most OEM's should have shafts at 3" parallel tips. The Ventus Black is 3", unless requested should not be tipped. It is all preference, fine tuning Now the Ventus Red, diff story, folks are tipping 1", 1.5" 2"+ as it is not as stout as the black, but seems to be close
  8. Florence aka Sandpines is tale of 3 different 6's. Well maybe more 9's Have always thought the holes play longer than they appear. Been a while though ...
  9. New shaft Velocore (E) to Tip - 4" Untipped
  10. That's a bummer, newcastle looks great in the pics
  11. if you can't get on pebble, go play Pasa Tiempo
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