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  1. They look sweet! They look sweet!!!!
  2. Surprised the wife lets you raw them in the house
  3. If you build them up donate To first tee
  4. Single graphite shaft is relatively inexpensive to send but now that Shippers have continued to raise prices heads are def cheaper to ship used to ship a full set of iron heads in a small priority for $5. Now it’s like 8? Lol
  5. Been on WRX a long time and it’s always been heads prominently sold Just like shafts since adapters can be changed and tried into a head
  6. Just change the team composition Jack recommended it back in 79 because the US was dominating Someone called here already, combine the Ryder and presidents, it’s all an exhibition anyways
  7. Go back home to floridA, Texas, Arizona do some fishing
  8. It’s by already in the Open rotation they wouldn’t want a RC
  9. Didn’t they just call it when it was over? Last I remember folks just walked in and called it
  10. Martin Chuck Moe Norman but Martin when he swung, the ground shook.
  11. We all wub Rors and sure he still has fun just like any pro But probably can pinpoint he stopped having fun when he had that lead at The Masters and sniped it off of 10 such a brutal game
  12. Watching the Wolfpack upset the Tigers was a lot of fun now if we can only see the Crimson fall too
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