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  1. Hmm good question. Talking to Taylor, just ask for the Ancer grind. In my case, Ancer grind with more leading edge grind
  2. Though folks confuse on the high bounce, it works so well when opening up the club even off the tightest of lies. If I remember correctly, Ancer got that grind for Australian Open couple years back. He was godly around those greens and fall-offs
  3. Artisan Ancer grind is so so sweet. You can play it on any type of turf and lie just works so well
  4. Always thought Callaway sold more they have more lines and cater to the high end Japanese market
  5. Is the 20 yds with the AF in the Stealth? Be more curious to see how the AF works with the lower launch and spin head of the Stealth
  6. Call or email discount dans TM will not adjust for swingweight. now ordering direct is different than ordering through a shop. The shop themselves may adjust to what you want after they get it from TM
  7. Huh? you know your carry and spin rates on the course? Folks aren’t gaining 20yds especially if you’re coming from the autoflex
  8. 9015d was amazing too bad TM acquired Adams
  9. If you want to and have them. Sometimes the collared ferrules don't sit how one wants. Just use a regular ferrule, epoxy will fill in.
  10. Rahm playing that cut and stinger with it, sure didn't take long for him to get it in play. 450cc is such a great size, reminds me of the Epic Flash TD. Unless sitting next to another 460 head, you really can't tell.
  11. Whatever works go for iT the more birdies eagles the better
  12. Yeah Plated finish for me tend to be more softer, muted - especially with any mill where as raw carbon flat (min milled) are more clicky
  13. At first you’ll going to use way more epoxy than you actually need. get a torch there’s a lot of “professionally done” things you’ll shortly see really aren’t much more than hammering, stepping/twisting etc… hahahaha
  14. It’s always the arrow find a straighter arrow
  15. how’s the click on it? Looking at getting one and like a click
  16. Uhhh at 83,84 mph - expect more 155-160 avg (dependent on lie) You're not going to hit 180 at those speeds unless downhill/downwind or flyer lie.
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