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  1. Double Gee, He teaches a reverse overlap grip with the left index finger straight. He told me to have more convexity to the wrist which makes it more inline with the forearms as my wrist were concaved at address. He also discussed about the "pressure points" which I should feel within the fingers of both hands. TV
  2. After reading several reviews on this forum, I decided to make a trip to North Carolina and see David Orr for a two day putting lesson in August 2009. The experience was worth every penny. We first started on the putting green and he evaluated my touch/feel with a putting game that he thought up a week before the lesson. Then we went indoors and he adjusted the loft on my putter to get a better roll on the ball. Next, was the SAM putting lab, where he evaluated my aim and putting dynamics which lead to adjustment on my address/posture, grip, stroke and lastly TIMING/ACCELERATION profile. Near the end of the first day, we went back outdoor on the green and worked on the short putts where I learned to keep all the junk in the front of my brain in the trunk and putt with the back of my brain. The next day, we spent half the day on green reading and lag putting. Finally, I got back on the SAM putting lab and probably went through another 4 hrs of training/practice to refine my stroke. Overall, I have improved 10% on my number of putts/round over the past 5 months since the lesson and this is because I have less 3 putts. Thanks David!! TV
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