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  1. your thumbs are very small, but hats are very big. gwls.
  2. BTW, Bryson just won the US Open and collected more than a mil. He had one bite of a cold slice of pizza, then unapologetically placed the partially bitten slice back into the pizza box. I wonder whether Pat Reed hoovered the piece. BTW, has anyone noticed that the tour is hating Dechamp? Apparently he's taking advantage of the rules in place? I don't understand.
  3. can anyone here discern the difference from the TS generation?
  4. Not sure about your source but Covid killed the golf season. Take a peek at ELY.
  5. BTW, In my bag, I still have the TM supertri w/ a badazz RIP shaft. I will not capitulate.
  6. I have a ton of respect for Titleist. However, over the years my loyalty to the brand has diminished. I'm exhausted because of the more regular equipment refreshes a al Taylormade. I expect the minimal tweaks annually from TM but not from Titleist. The industry is hurting, so I understand that this strategy is a way to spur sales. Though the diehards will keep on buying.
  7. OF is such a bad Word not allowed course. Love these set ups. This brings me to my next comment - I hated watching the USAm at Bandon. Terrible. My disgust is indescribable.
  8. td10

    Craft beers....

    Sorry meant to say “craft putters.” Any case, why is there a plethora of putter makes? This just complicates an already very difficult game. Circle Ts, Motos, Toulon, Evnroll, Artisan, Kingston, Piretti, Bettys, etc. The list goes on. This begs the question - What differentiates these putters? They all well made to tight tolerances. Materials are considerations GSS, SSS, Carbon. Ultimately the golf dictates how well the equipment performs. How does one rank these? I can build a custom GSS for $700 or pay $10k for a Scotty. What gives?
  9. I can appreciate OP sitch. Life happens. I play fewer rounds now, and will jump at any chance to get out. Playing with randos is not as fun as with your pals but what’s worse? Playing with a pick up three some or not at all? I always had fun teeing off with strangers fortunately. It helps that I’m pretty good at the game.
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