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  1. I just don’t get it. It just seems like such a left field idea. Let’s encourage people to watch Wimbledon by hosting the premier league transfer deadline day live from Centre Court.
  2. Ban then from using anything they can’t make themselves - clubs, balls, bags, shoes. Let’s get some artisan spirit onto the PGA Tour.
  3. Easy pass for me. Like the matches that included the Battle at Bighorn or whatever it was called, initially there was some interest but after a while that fizzled out. Looks like this ‘series’ is going the same way.
  4. I’ve not been to St Ives, I am up between Inverness and Aberdeen. I was down to King Acre a couple of times when the Scottish centre was there before it moved over to Craigielaw. Even that was cool though!
  5. The most important tip for winter golf - lower your expectations for everything and be thankful that you are able to get out and get some fresh air. If you need to have 3 or 4 layers on to get out there and play without freezing over then, there is no way that you are going to be able to swing it the way that you would want to so there is no way that you are going to be able to play the way that you want to. I also think that a warm up is more important than ever when it is cold out. Speaking from experience, having gone out there a little stiff and not warmed up properly, I have
  6. You are not wrong there! I will never forget playing behind a guy who had obviously gotten to warm and decided it was best to take of the jumper he had on top of his base layer. Seeing a guy with the physique of Tim Herron sitting in the clubhouse later with still just the base layer on is an image I will never be able to rid from my mind.
  7. Yeah definitely, I have the Scottsdale page saved on my favourites (I know, I am cool). I seem to think that they have had them on there in the past but not for very long. The Golf Shop Online still has the custom orders on their page (my other regular check for Titleist gear).
  8. I would by lying if I said I could remember. Basically weighted the shaft with the grip on there and added until I got to the point where the two that I made matched up with the light and medium weights from SuperSpeed. Seems to have worked and made much more sense to me than spending £200 when I didn’t really need to.
  9. He seems to get very loose at times and then fairways and greens come hard to find. He won at St Jude but he won there because of his chipping. If it hadn’t have been as good as it is, he would have thrown that one away as well. Definitely something to pay attention to going forward.
  10. MattyO1984

    Bad look

    Couldn’t really care less what type of socks someone wears on the golf course. I have all types and will wear them as I feel necessary. Summers, I would almost always been in short socks whether I am wearing trousers or shorts. In the winter, there is no way I am wearing the short socks, getting a gust of wind rattling around my ankles is not something I am keen on. On really cold mornings during the winter, I have worn kilt socks which go up just below the knee.
  11. I had some real encouragement this weekend. I played in a local open. There was some pretty decent players out there including a former Scottish international player and some other plus players. I managed to finish with the 6th best scratch score and that was after playing horrendously on the back 9. I finished 3 over but I had been 3 under through six. I just lost my driver on the back 9. That together with a couple of lipped putts left me losing some oil on the way back in but everything before that was really encouraging. Having had the time to digest things afterwards as well, I am pretty
  12. I made up my own. My friend in the Pro Shop gave me some old driver shafts they used to use for fitting. I wrapped some lead tape around the end until I got to the right weight and away I went, it was really a no brainier and not difficult. I am sure that there will be those that say that they are junk and won’t work but they are driver length shafts with proper grips and the same weight as the SuperSpeed stuff, I can’t see how they can be that wide of the mark.
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