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  1. He has been doing it for a good number of years. Seemed to instigate it with quite a dramatic forward press as well. I remember tweeting him asking about the loft on his putter at the time and he said it was 7 degrees to allow him set up like this without any problems when it came to strike, etc.
  2. More often that not, he has been in Greyson but with the odd piece from other brands.
  3. The TSi line definitely gaining some traction amongst the guys who are able to play what they want to play:- Horschel Rose Casey Reed
  4. It’s not ideal OP but have you tried the little mats? I am not a huge fan but if it is soaking wet underfoot then they can at least be a little better than constant mud balls.
  5. Looking at this, my honest answer is I honestly do not know and now I feel bad for not knowing. Trying to think about it, I am coming up with my 3 holes in one. Other than that, I know that they have happened and think maybe around a dozen or so (I play quite a bit golf to be fair) but they only specific one that I can remember is a holed 4 iron from 190 which sadly enough was actually for a birdie 14th hole at my home course is an uphill 460 yard par 4. I pulled a drive into the trees and could barely hit my second shot forward. I was able to pop it onto a section of
  6. It’s always been wooden for me. Now if I can pick up some bamboo ones I will. Means that I can claim to be better for the environment that all you guys with your plastic
  7. I have never been anything other than left hand low. When I first picked up clubs that was the way that I gripped all of them and whist I changed with my other clubs, putter never seemed like an issue. I have used a mixture of putters over the years. It’d say that it is definitely worth trying something with a little less toe hang but by the same token, I think the most well known LHL guy at the moment is Jordan Spieth and I think we can say that generally, he putts pretty good with a blade style putter.
  8. We head back to Bay Hill. If nothing else, it will be great to see some highlights of Arnie! The field is not the strongest (as seems to have been the case the past few years) but from a personal view point, I think we would be in for a great tournament if they have similar playing conditions to last year when Tyrell Hatton picked up his first PGA Tour win at -4 for the week! Defending Champion - Tyrell Hatton Notables in the Field - Paul Casey Jason Day Bryson DeChambeau Matt Fitzpatrick Tommy Fleetwood Rickie Fowler Max Homa Bil
  9. He has been a great addition. A breath of fresh air in amongst the usual stale fayre that we are provided.
  10. Good win for Grace. The past few seasons have not been his usual standard, this win and in the circumstances it comes in, will hopefully be the spur that he needs to get himself back to where he should be.
  11. Through 9 holes last night, it seemed inevitable that Morikawa was going to win. After a long day, I decided that I didn’t need to stay up and watch it. As I type this as well, I realise just how impressive that is for Morikawa. I know, Major winner, etc, etc but for it to seem so apparent that he was going to win and for him to go ahead and do that, is a great sign for someone so young.
  12. Just wondered if this was becoming a little boring - 50 minutes without a comment and I am thinking that perhaps I was right...
  13. Definitely an interesting one - there are some guys playing their this week whose name I have not seen come up for sometime. That said, I guess these guys should still have the opportunity to tee it up.
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