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  1. I’d always take some of these commentators words with a pinch of salt. It could be totally correct - TM have new woods and new wedges out. Add in the regularity with which Rory seems to chop and change his putters then that would leave us with irons. Can’t see a completely new, never seen before set but maybe just a fresh set of what he had been using before.
  2. Based on some of the names that they would join, yeah, they are absolutely in there.
  3. Knows what he likes and likes what he knows! Nice to see some AP2’s still going strong.
  4. Agreed - if he can get himself into a driver that he likes he has said himself that the rest of his game usually gets a boost from there. Off the tee last season was the only category in which he lost strokes gained. Everything else was positive. If he can do that again this year and improve the driving, he will definitely putt himself into contention to win a couple of times.
  5. I think relatively speaking, they are both poor putters - the odd good week from Matsuyama is all that we will see, he has had good weeks before and then disappeared. Scott is around the same with putting these days. Although when you say that Scott’s putting has never been on, look back to 2004 - Scott finished 2nd in SG Putting. He used to be able to roll his rock quite well. Still he is good enough to pick up another couple of wins before he is done I reckon.
  6. I’m Scottish, so for me, Monty has and always will be a legend. When I was first getting into Golf he was already into his prime and what a prime it was. Sure the European Tour back then still lagged behind the PGA Tour but in the 90’s it was still a case that most top European players played the majority of their golf outside the US and not only did he beat those guys week in, week out, he did it for years on end. The consistency that he displayed was remarkable. He was better than the rest of them over here, he knew it, they knew it, it was just the way that it was. That said, he was his own worst enemy. His British sensibilities and sense of decorum did not sit well with the fans in the US and whilst I won’t blame those for his lack of wins Stateside, it certainly didn’t help the situation. Yesterday the European Tour (still not sure I can get with DP World Tour) posted a video on social media with him “bombing” driver. The ball speeds he was getting was 149mph max. Sure he is now closer to 60 than 50 so no one could expect much but it was shocking to see such low numbers show up on the Toptracer. Thanks for posting the article @Forged4ever Monty has been in some magazines this side and saying similar things. I think it would be hard for anyone to say that he was wrong in what he says. In saying that, I am still trying to hit it further and want to get longer and wouldn’t mind if it were easier to achieve that
  7. A Masters, a Players Championship, Tour Championship and World Number 1 is a pretty high ceiling.
  8. The Japanese Adam Scott. Got his Masters and will have weeks where he putts well so he can barely do anything else other than win.
  9. Heard a few on these boards say that Competitions are relatively quiet. We are the exact opposite. Some form of competition every Saturday during the season and they are almost always fully subscribed.
  10. Not sure that I have ever lost my passion for the game and thankful that that is the case. Sure there are times, like a stormy lover, I might not like it very much (like the time I finished, bogey, double bogey to shoot 72) but the love was still there even if I didn’t want to admit it
  11. Interesting to see the formant of Club Championships? Seems like most are a couple rounds of strokeplay to then qualify for matchplay. Where I am though (North Scotland), most clubs around our way go for four rounds of strokeplay. Closest I have come myself is 4th a few years back. It was actually the year I met my now wife…remind her of that whenever she says I play too much golf
  12. Must be annoying backing tee shots up when they land in the fairway?! In all seriousness, something must be amiss with those numbers. Just cannot see how it would be possible.
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