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  1. Autocorrect - should be Seve but seemingly Apple are not a fan of that name!
  2. For me, Alex Evans’ channel is the best on YouTube at the moment. I guess he could be a love/hate character but the stuff that he puts out there is well thought out and explained. The addition of Biff makes the channel gold.
  3. Ooft, he was definitely someone that seemed to fit the mold that he was in - Titleist and Hugo Boss clothes. Nike was a strange fit for him both apparel and club wise. Has never been anywhere near the same player again.
  4. Wondering the same! Seemed to be announced with great fanfare (relatively speaking) and it already seems to have disappeared down the pan. Strange one! Everything with Castore seems to be a bit stop starty - sponsored Andy Murray just as he was entering a nightmare spell with injury that seems like it has finished him, Patrick Reed (stand up guy), Thorbjorn Olsen (still awaiting trial for an alleged sexual assault) and sponsoring the Rangers FC kits and selling thousands of faulty tops to fans.
  5. I see that they have signed up Scott Stallings which I guess gives them a bit of a crossover seen as he seems to be better at CrossFit than he is at Golf these days but in what is already a market drowning in options, I am not sure how much of a foothold (no pun intended) any new entrants to the market can get.
  6. It might differ in the US but I know here in the UK that RL are very strict with their pricing. Basically, if you stock it, the RRP is not a suggestion but an instruction that you will sell it at a certain price. I don’t know of any Pro Shops around my way that stock it but an upscale store stocks the stuff. The price there is the same as it is online and online every site that sells it has it at the same price. When the items go on sale at the end of a season, they end up all at the same price. I can’t imagine that that makes for an attractive proposition for pro shops..
  7. Excuse me whilst I scrub off the L marked on the bottom of my 60.04
  8. That’s a good way of putting it Hank. A massive green space with some nice views over the ocean. All I can think of is the Par 3 hitting back to the ocean and the pond in front of 18. The rest not so much.
  9. Does this mean that DJ and Bryson are now bros? No wonder Brooksy and DJ don’t get on like they used to.
  10. Good to see him mobile, to an extent. More than happy to be wrong and as much as I can hardly ever having imagined saying this before now, I kinda hope that golf wise he is finished. This flame might still be there but it was flickering long before the crash. From a fan point of view, I don’t want to see a pale imitation of Tiger Woods, I want to see the real deal. Seve became a tragic figure in his later golfing years, I don’t want Tiger to be the same.
  11. Just the messenger here Suspect that Brad Faxon might know what he is talking about though.
  12. Brad Faxon indicating that the USGA approached Bryson and his people regarding pairing him and Brooksy…Bryson said it was not of interest to him.
  13. I definitely think his attitude is shown by the fact that there were 19 years between his first and last major wins. Given everything that he achieved in that time, the money that he won, the family ties that developed during that time to have the tenacity to keep grinding to keep competing against some of the best to ever play the game…people might not like him but his golfing achievements speak for themselves.
  14. Must admit, I am in the camp with those that are not overly keen on Torrey. I did think was it a case of familiarity breeding contempt but that doesn’t seem to work with Augusta or the likes of year in year out courses on Tour like Riviera. Not sure what it is but it’s a US Open so I would watch if they played it at a dump or even Erin Hills again
  15. They definitely do. Totally get that it was not the best PGA Tour field but DJ was still there. Beating the World Number 1 over 4 rounds shows what Higgo has to offer. Certainly offered more than Higgs who they seem to love.
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