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  1. Haha, so your avatar is a selfie? I hear you. Don’t get me wrong, here in Scotland there are definitely things that come up but we would tend to just rant and rave to our playing partners about those that had “wronged” us not he course
  2. Never seen a fight on the golf course. In fact, it’s been extremely rare that I have heard what I would even consider to be harsh words between different groups. The odd argument but nothing more than that.
  3. I don’t actually mind Norah too much, just pretty clear that the only reason he is where he is is due to his Tiger connection.
  4. I totally get that they should be looking to have something in there but I can also see why they don’t. With the major schedule that we have now (and I will add in the Players as well) they have five months of big big events. Between The Open and then the playoffs, I can see why having a relative down period is something that the big name players would want the Tour to build in.
  5. Yeah my thinking is post Olympics. Everyone knows who has won the Gold medal, surely the increased exposure from that would result in players agents bringing it up with sponsors and partners when it comes time to renegotiate.
  6. For me, there definitely had to be a lowering of expectations when playing into the wind, particularly the strength of wind you are talking about (and adding into that how bouncy our links courses are at the moment). Any mishit is going to be exaggerated. I am not sure that these things are massively technical but when I am playing in the wind, I am thinking ball further back in the stance, 3/4 swing and a shallow divot. It can be easy to think putting the ball back in the stance you will need to take big slabs but that means being relatively steep and steep usually means more spin
  7. The things I would do to be able to watch World Matchplay at Wentworth again. There was just something about the West Course in Autumn, players rocking up in turtle necks and matchplay golf. It was a great combination and sorely missed.
  8. Singlehandedly providing Norah Begay with a life time career in PGA Tour golf?
  9. Obviously the Olympics is unpaid but have there been rough figures for how much extra sponsorship money winning a Gold medal would have. In saying that, I get that someone who competes in fencing and wins a gold is unlikely to pick up much but in a reasonably popular sport with plenty of money flying around, surely an Olympic Gold is going to increase your worth to sponsors.
  10. In terms of a singular achievement, winning the Players has to be more challenging that winning Olympic Golf. Beating the majority of the Top 100 in the world vs beating a handful of them, there is barely a comparison. Add in the winners cheque, the exemptions, it’s a huge huge win. Plus if I won it, surely that would allow me to proclaim to all and sundry that it is not a major and never should be - win win for me.
  11. You just are correct. Duff information online that I then used…who would have thought that the internet could have been wrong?!
  12. Renaissance seems way more likely than those other two options. Turnberry whether right or wrong, is causing discussions that they organisers just won’t want and Loch Lomond completely defeats the purpose of getting the guys over to play a links course before The Open. That said, it would be great if they started rotating it around the country again. Castle Stuart and Royal Aberdeen are sorely missed. Dumbarnie Links is an interesting one as well. The Ladies Scottish is there this year and that might help inform them whether it may work for the men.
  13. I think that the Deere might actually make out OK from this. For as many that would want to come across and play the Scottish, I am sure that there would be a high number that would be just as happy to have a week off before a major.
  14. Seen it reported via a number of different outlets. One which included mention of how his wife is in the process of applying for her US citizenship as well. I don’t know anything about the process but I have no reason to doubt it.
  15. With only 5 weeks of the 2020-21 season left to run, the PGA Tour announced it’s schedule for the 2021-22 season. The main news coming out of it is that the European Tour’s Scottish Open will now become a co-sanctioned event between the PGA and European Tour with a new sponsor, Genesis coming on board to bring up their tour events to two. In addition to the Scottish, the Barbasol and Barracuda Championship in the States will also become co-sanctioned opening up 50 spots for Euro Tour players (not playing in the Scottish or The Open) to tee it up. Other items of note is that is look
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