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  1. Has to be The Open. Just ask Jean Van De Velde, we all know him and he didn’t even win the thing
  2. He’ll be hurt come tomorrow
  3. What we have seen from guys going on a tear, getting to number 1 looking invincible and then slipping back is what makes me think that the same will happen to Morikawa. With the exception of Tiger that has been the way of it for the last 25 years. Duval, Singh, Kaymer, Westwood, Donald, Rory, Spieth, Day, DJ, Koepka, Thomas, Rahm they have all ridden hot hands to get to number 1 but the the sheer quality of the guys behind them means that if they slip off a little they soon get passed.
  4. You think that that number of guys have committed to the event and it has been announced that they are suddenly not going to go. My view is that there is no way that that happens.
  5. I think this year, when it comes to FootJoy I have seen more Premiere’s than anything else. Before this season I would have said the Pro S/L was king here for a a couple of years. Heard that FootJoy don’t tell the players what from the range that they should wear, they just let them pick what they prefer. I guess so long as they can say that x amount of players are wearing FootJoy in any given week that they will be happy.
  6. Yeah he has been a free agent since mid-2020 after splitting with Honma.
  7. Good to actually see him, really properly, smiling.
  8. Sad news today that Lee Elder has passed away. A trailblazer for African American involvement in Golf. RIP sir.
  9. Not quite the same but I had patellar tendinitis a few years ago and basically had to shut it down for a couple of months. Was a complete pest at the time, I was honesty playing the best golf that I had ever done up to that point. I could get myself around the golf course but by the following day I could barely move my leg below the knee. Not worth pushing it, particularly if you have not had it assessed - any short term gain will be outweighed by long term pain. The season is done. Take some time off, see how it feels and start to slowly build it up from there.
  10. This could be totally behind the curve and someone may have posted this already but with content needing to be approved by a mod, I do not know. Anyway, Bunkered (Scottish Golf magazine) are reporting this morning that confirmed as participants for Saudi International are the following:- Dustin Johnson Bryson DeChambeau Phil Mickelson Xander Schaufelle Tyrell Hatton Adam Scott Bubba Watson Lee Westwood Paul Casey Louis Oosthuizen Abe Ancer Shane Lowry Jason Kokrak Joaquin Niemann Ian Poulter Henrik Stenson Harold Varner III Jonathan Vegas Kevin Na Tommy Fleetwood
  11. Would have to stump for it being the current line. Just can’t see Titleist risking letting the world get eyes on a prototype in the hands of a non-staffer, whilst a Taylor Made rep is about pushing their product at arguably the most meaningless PGA Tour event of the season, 7-8 months before they are likely to start the marketing buzz around them.
  12. Do you think he is being given these exemptions if he was not Brook’s brother?
  13. I popped my 975D in my bag over the weekend. Weather meant that I was not even able to head to the driving range but I wanted in my bag for my next range trip. Just the thought of hitting it felt like a treat.
  14. Always enjoy reading these threads but always glad that no one seems to come back and revisit them at the end of the season/year most likely because we are all so comprehensively wrong Masters - Justin Thomas Bones on the bag and the course knowledge that that brings with it, will be the push that JT needs to get a Green Jacket draped on his shoulders. Hits it plenty long, iron play is up there with the best, letting him find the right spots on those greens and the Bones X-Factor means that JT is going to be our first major winner in 2022. PGA - Rory McIlroy Not the one that he wants but, the one he is going to get. My memories of Southern Hills are that it is a big boys ball park, shorter hitters are not going to stand a chance. He seem to have a chip on his shoulder since the Ryder Cup, wants to show that he is still the best of the best and whilst there is too much pressure on him to win at Augusta he will freewheel this one. US Open - Matt Fitzpatrick Surely, this is going to be an old school US Open. Narrow fairways, thick rough and Pro’s complaining that is is all too tough and unfair. Fitzy is a plodder, hits fairways, hits greens, putts well and just gets on with it. Add in winning the US Am at The Country Club and this is his tournament to slide under the radar into. The Open - Jordan Spieth Genuinely thought that he was going to win it last time out at St Andrews. That putt on 16 This time around, he will be getting a handle on dad life, be loose hanging with the boys on a Scottish golf trip he will go the extra mile and become the 150th Champion Golfer of the Year. Collin Morikawa I imagine that more people that not think he will be the next World Number 1 but I am predicting a fall back for can’t miss Collin. His ascent has been startling in how good it has been but I think he will fall just short of making it to the summit of the rankings. He more than anyone benefitted from 7 majors in 11 months but it seems that top players come and go like waves and the tide is going to go our for Morikawa in 2022. Bryson DeChambeau There will be 2 or 3 events where you wonder how he doesn’t win every times he tees it up but for as much as he thinks he is a machine, his mind will not let him forget how average his short game and putting can be which will stop him from taking advantage of his prodigious hitting. Dustin Johnson Will pick up a win here or there but seems like DJ has taken his foot of the pedal from where it was. He will have another year where he floors it again but not in 2022. Jon Rahm He will have a good first half of the year, a poor second half of the year which is just fine as it will give him some down time before coming out hot in 2023 which Europe will need him to do heading into the Ryder Cup in Italy. European Golfers Another year of slipping from their previous heights for many European golfers. Westwood will wave goodbye to the World Top 50 for the last time. Casey won’t win on Tour, Fleetwood will play well in Europe but not in the US, Stenson won’t get into the any majors bar The Open. Justin Rose might have a slight renaissance. The youngsters are not going to step up to the same plate - MacIntyre, Hatton, Wallace, Pieters are all good to very good but not world class. Please no one come back to this in November 2022 and tell me how wrong I was.
  15. Huge JT fan, so hoping this happens. Feels that his ceiling is just as high as anyones, I just worry that is floor is lower than others.
  16. Honestly, the longer this has gone on, the more dislike for them both has increased. They are welcome to one another but I’ll definitely not be watching.
  17. Can’t agree with that - he has spent the last 5-6 years telling himself that Golf doesn’t matter that much to him, there are more fulfilling things in life (and maybe he is right). The Ryder Cup was a turning point for him through. Realises that his skill set is above and beyond his peers and those have surpassed him results wise in that time. From playing some of the worst golf we could imagine him playing up to and at the Ryder Cup, he has come out and managed to get a win in Vegas and post a solid finish in Dubai which could of and should have been better. The frustration at the finish was evident but I would rather see that him coming off the course to tell us that it was OK not winning and he was away to juggle and do some meditation.
  18. The conclusion I am making - the RSM Classic is not, in anyway, moving the needle!!
  19. Genuinely forgot about the 5.5 iron before clicking on! What a man Webber is.
  20. Good move by Srixon getting someone like Brooks to sign up. His stock is a little lower than it would have been coming off his fourth major in two years in 2019 but well enough known that people will be interested to see what he has in the bag particularly having been the poster boy for free agency for so long.
  21. Head over here, you will find a treasure trove of information:- https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/148-great-britain-and-ireland/ Congrats on getting tickets! I will be there a few days as well. Can hardly wait! Answering your questions:- 1. Waterproof Bag? No; 2. Top dollar waterproofs? Get the best you can, they do last longer; 3. Shoes? If you are playing every day and wear traditional shoes - two. If you go for more modern styles, one would be enough.
  22. Watched about 20 minutes last night…don’t feel like I missed much. Honestly, my indifference to watching is starting to become a concern.
  23. I do not, fortunately WRX is one of the few places where I still feel young
  24. Agreed although if they drivers were coming out to much of a muchness, you bet a few thousand dollars to put one in play is going to become a consideration.
  25. Normally by now, we would be seeing some of the Titleist/FootJoy catalogues for 2022 making an appearance. They always seemed to show up on a website, that was something like NKCB or something like that…somehow else will remember it properly I am sure.
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